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UPDATE 2013-10-15 Empty UPDATE 2013-10-15

Post by Fext on Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:01 am

We have had a problem, for a long time now, with lurkers and people only downloading without contributing or paying respects.
So we decided to set up some new rules:

ALWAYS post in english!!!

Be specific about what the thread is about.

If you post an album you should follow this formula: "Artist - Albumname (Release year)"
example: "Busdriver - Computer Cooties (2010)"
Also, please post artwork and tracklist inside if it's just for one album.

If you want to create a discography thread, please type [DISCOG] before title
And the year span it contains songs from.
example: "[DISCOG] Wu Tang Clan (1993-2013)"

requests should be made in the requests section.

To be able to download/request an album, you need a total of 50 posts on the forum.
When you have 50 posts or more you can request the link to be sent to you in PM.

If you want to share an album, you can make a thread following the above "rules".
However, you should NOT post link inside the thread.
To prove you have the album you must upload the album to admin/mod.
If it looks okay you will gain 10 posts per upload towards your privilege to request links.

Be polite!!!

If any other questions, just ask me in a PM or send an e-mail to herr.carlsson@hotmail.com

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