[DISCOG] Dungeon Keepers (???? – 2012) [DOWNLOADS!!!!]

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[DISCOG] Dungeon Keepers (???? – 2012) [DOWNLOADS!!!!] Empty [DISCOG] Dungeon Keepers (???? – 2012) [DOWNLOADS!!!!]

Post by LiveWire on Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:33 pm

This is a group in South Africa from Jo-burg called 'Dungeon Keepers'

The Artist such as ( Ben Sharpa, Hymphatic Tabs, Warmonga, Robo Tech, Gin-I-Grindith & a few of the other featured guys I'm not 100% sure who they are but as time goes on I will update the information regarding) come from all Other dark corners our land has to offer.. If you not into Grindy Underground then this is not for you! Majority of these guys come from the Rural Parts and you can hear it in there tone of voice and hunger for hip hop with the lack of Bull$h!T that comes with commercial!!

Dungeon Keepers - Groundworks (????)

Dungeon Keepers - Basemental Platform (2009)

Dungeon Keepers - One Times Copy (2012)

Dungeon Keepers - Concentration Camp Pavement Special Vol.1 (2011)

Dungeon Keepers - Audio Visual Not Say Shit EP (????)

Dungeon Keepers - Hells Kitchen (2008)

Just ask Fext to PM you the links.. And I apologize there is no album art & not all track titles'
This Is Deep from the Underground with really little or No trace* If anybody comes up with any other album or album art work from this group or solo artists, please dont be shy to add to the collection!

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