Sen dog - Diary of a mad dog (2008)

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Sen dog - Diary of a mad dog (2008) Empty Sen dog - Diary of a mad dog (2008)

Post by belial on Sun Nov 17, 2013 11:12 am

In my opinion, this one is better than B-Real solo album. B-Real solo album is good too, but this one is better.

1 Fumble
2 Capo
3 Biggy Bang
4 Hard in the Paint
5 Graceful
6 Juggernaut
7 Backin' Up My Gang (feat. J-Killa)
8 Don't Sleep on the Streets (feat. Johnny Richter)
9 The Sicko
10 International (feat. Brad X, Slip Matola, Dirtball & John E. Necro)
11 Hell and Back
12 What You Wanna Do
13 Hood Rat Love (feat. Young De)
14 Stand Up
15 Curtain Call (feat. AK Bulletz, Young De, Viv, Kali, J-Killa & Mellow Man Ace)


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