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Post by satanic alliance on Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:20 pm

Wow, yeah.. You know what I do (Tripper shit) chemical wizardry

(I'm gonna tell you a story of the most exciting trip I ever took.)

Yo, intellectual stone from the primus hermetics
Circulate a minus on that vegetable stone
Playing alchemy, panting out the trees, I creep like edible dough
I vaporize that soul soaked spirit, mercury current fractionist
Toothless balled up like psychedelic cactuses
I'll punch open your chakras and pour psychoactive reactants in
Addict brims get split from the ends
Get rid of my flesh in to wolves clothes like Nikolas Schreck
I transcend reptilian Godhood into insects
Up the air moisture like alkaline saltic strapped
That dissolve into liquid insects
On the seventh we study temperament stringents and hex
Place a glass jar in a cupboard
Alcohol poured, sort oil tinctures, filter the reds
The bloom pop, Drop two in the go
Whole room box purple cubes of blue in the go
Spit with acrylic tanks, two dozen blue, nitrous balloons with the hose
Rooms getting slow
Next winter I'll pull the moon down in the snow
You puff trees, I'll blow your brains out to make more room for the smoke
Leave you in the woods for so long foliage grew through your clothes

"If one could think so hard, what would happen?  You'd die."

Dismember hands or forearms like Syrian theft
And brand your chest with Lucifer's star coded in hexagrams
I'm revolting like Riki-Oh's Warden
Burning scotch pine
Rock Goliath as obsidian in case Nephilim unearth after rock slides
You get cut fast, cut slash that Mach 5
With a razor from a broken Mach 5
My body count like dead bodies of whales that wash up on shore and block tides
I'll put you in a box in the sky, like a boxed kite
I'm not right (nah)
Waving arms in a vest like a crossing guard by a stop sign
I'll push your wig lop-side
I talk about glock nines
Not to have a toy
I'm just a paranoid anarchist who hates handcuffs and cop rides
My knife act stuck up, it's a snob
It'll leave you washed dry, then cut you off like a poshed wife (get it?)

(Now your majesty, what is my name? "At first she asked: Is your name Tom?" Nope. "Is it Dick?" Noo. "Is it by chance..Jak Tripper [laughing]) [an excerpt from Rumplestiltskin]

Yeah yeah, keep it rolling. (from moon up) 12:07 AM (to moon down).  Make it that next day shit.  Yo, Blak Church Record (we slit her throat there, to hold that flame) J23 alumnus

Yo, yo
Six virgins suicides with pride get hobbled erectile
This world Earth mother raped us to make God's will for X-Files
My E-meter soaking in orgones
The sick lay half dead on beds filed
Greys in suits preach pestilence as Illuminati soap box reptiles
Synthetic angels draw razors on expressions to etch smiles
My veins running a red Nile
Vision quest, head dress holding heads rolled from necks to the feet of an ?? rival
Once the blood pumps, up chuck, pharmac insulin pumps pus
I'll punch up, ghost to the netherworld, crash em into the sun's crust
Ritual slaughter, I'll head hunt and cannibalize ship chambers
Blood drunk off blood lust
Carpenter, this carpet cutter tongue spun
Peel open his hyde, sun dried like a rug hung
You cuff sluts
I control and handcuff cunts to radiators
These haters need to go club with Reverend's son
Hollow tips, dump slugs
Stick in his head like dum-dums
In night shade, at night shades drawn
I get my sleep on before sun up

"Look c'mon, wake up. No stop it. I made you tea, drink your tea."
(......??......You can do anything you want to do.  We'll help you, don't worry we'll help you. "You will?" You can do anything you want to do. "Can I play my music loud?" [laughing])

I think it's time to (ah geeze).. it's called for (c'mon bro)..This time is calling for a redundant beat (uhh ain't nobody care man.) No one like (really) I'm just gonna put one of those on (aight. alright.)

"So they set to work in one of the big yellow rooms of the castle and worked for three days and four nights, hammering and twisting and bending and soldering and polishing and pounding at the legs and body and head of the.." [an excerpt from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz]

(All..All the rappers I slayed...)
(I bring the..)

Somebody sign this, that's the punchline and ender
Violent, two time offender
Check my psyche file record
I'm just wild
I kick it to groupies like "hi we can die together"
Still crush your spine, sex drive on child mega
I pop off, lop off limbs, pile members
I write rhymes that look like suicidal letters
My skin two-ply crocodile leather
Fuck seasons styles pepper
A thousand yard stare, this is 'Nam
They call me the hand of God, free toss sniper expert
Got them drugs like Walter White and Ecker
You all look like Satan just appeared in front of a bunch of Bible clenchers
I bring in bars springing in cars singed from fire
Spaced out like Don Berliner and Whitley Strieber
I'm gassed and I want to blow up
Somebody flick the lighter

(All..All the rappers I slayed...)
(I bring the..)

Yo, yo
Witness this kid get skinned to red meats
Since Trick Daddy's aids rumors you ain't heard nobody spit this deadly
Turn his crib to a mausoleum, he already in it dead
In his bed is encrypt Egyptian buried
I'm sick, I drop shit like dysentery
Cigarettes dipped in jelly
Spliffs piss and bombed like obituaries
They isn't ready
I catch bodies, it's the closest feeling I get to splitting cherries
I'm here getting retarded like all proceeds go to the kids at Jerry
(free shit)

(All..All the rappers I slayed...)
(I bring the..)

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“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:24 pm

Born With Horns let me know what u think.. I just wish this forum was still popping like it used to be.  Anyways here's an extra 1 I did earlier today. Worship The Animal:

"Listen.  Please listen.  If you don't, if you won't, you fail to understand, I'm the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike in you!"

I'm ?? out
Flossing like low flies
Juggling chainsaws at the audience
Seat belt them both in dead, and torch their whip
You getting clipped like Kostigen
Fuck the ?? shit
The recoil hit me hard with the horse's kick
The vault was hit
I want all of it
Book his coffin pissed
I'm drowning escorts in sinks
Tossing clips
I'm selling guns out the back of a trunk with ??
The coven called me in
You all get hit
Murks outside heavy on the sauce run in your crib, offer hits
I'll hang you upside down over a bathtub and gut your sausage links
Dipped in angel piss like dust blunts
Completed hits
I go on one for fun and brush up
A ruthless Sicilian goon like ??
I rap in ?? and rugs for Russia
And choke out my kid's mother
I go to the lab blood drunk
A black trinity, I snatch Billie Jeans
Take out rats with half a ton car bombs that collapse city streets like seismic activity
Nylon stockings bonding knots in hands
Applying palms to glands
I'm tying blondes in gags
I rock slaughter over flocks of lambs
Blue heaven sky flying is not the plan
I was at the foot of the cross, trying not to laugh
I spit like a new born crack baby, crying dropped in trash

I advocate violence and drugs, overdose and die rap
Formaldehyde dime sets
Assisted suicide packs
Shoot this dope shit up and lie back
Everybody fight back
Fuck ya life
I want my fans hanging live cats

Groupies talked into sucking lines back
Convulsion and film it
Filth, flow with emotional illness
Psychosis is brilliant
Demonic compulsion to kill it
I choke the vanilla skin, pulse is the stillest
Dead hitchhikers soaked in distillates
Supercoven cult, the goat's in the building
I'm so over this
People I live with looking like dead goats and some children
Depressed like Robert Smith
I wouldn't climb down off this rope for a million
I wait for the windmills to whisper
I spit enough bile to fill a blister
I'll kill your litter
If you front on me I'll kill your sister

(He didn't stab them, he didn't shoot them, he didn't hit them over.. He strangled them.. Why..Why strangle them?  When you strangle somebody that's close and impersonal.  You can feel their life.  Have you ever had a man who put his hands around your throat?  "Tried to.  I maced him."  You maced him?.. He could strangle her right there, drag her across here, pose her towards the east, put her face down, go back in the room, clean up his business.)

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
satanic alliance
satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:17 am

Last one of the night, I did this way too much today, fuck I need a break
Here it is Heatrock Hellfire Spitter [pt. 1]

Tripper shit..

Yo, yo
Heatrocks dope, ocher and brown
Black cloaks and a shroud
Weaving okra in crowns
Follow her home, broke in the house
Climax choking her out
Sucking out her ghost after I pried open her mouth
Buried the hoe under moats in a mound
Found in the totes by the house
Goons and vultures around
You get murdered by my cult from your town
I'm holding it down like rape and crucifixion
Elusive visions, humans skinless
Glue the spliff, fuel was in it
Circles drew with witches
Maroon Buicks scooping chickens
Dump em off naked at the nudists with the bluish pigments
Spewed in linen
I've adjusted not to puke when I return back to the dumpsite in June to visit
Ducking spooks in Plymouth
Violence and rap, I'm stupid with it
Spoons and loose syringes
Collapse veins under track saps shooting in it

(ah anyway, I just want to point out a couple of things here. Notice that it says, the church is saying having, you know past before the Council of Nine, Order of the Trapezoid. Now remember that, that's gonna be significant later. Ah also I should explain that I had legally changed my name.)
(The ??'s not just something that you study, it's something that you live.)

Yeah, yo
I flex like I'm roided
I hear exterior voices of my dead cancerous conjoined twin
Acid dose polo type
Alloy metallic coin skin
Ritual chalk salt circles joining
His flesh temple voided
Gut out that soy bitch
I get chicks in the ride
Sick from the high
I cut up that sickening pride
I look distant
They spif in their ride
I use her face as a pin cushion stick in the knives
Keep bodies close in my crib, living inside
Dinner for five
Watching TV not blinking their eyes

[Jak Tripper]

Looking at the sun rise, close enough to touch my hands
Triple tint window pane, sunshine tab
Cubensis fungi grand
Meditating indian-style on the tip of a bonsai branch
It's fun time peep the rant
I'm so high, I'll have to shoot up speed to land
Love trees so much I'll eat a plant
I'm eating tabs, on so much acid sheets my tongue looks like a sheet of stamps
You're at my show just watching me lean and stand
I'm on a far off planet and it's beachy sands
Leave entranced, I'm a trip
Literally I'm made up of LSD if you touch me it seeps thru hands
On a Persian throw rug I rise from gold dust
My skin melting off in whole chunks, like cold cuts
A-bomb that rap I'm US Furlough
Hydroxy Mexican mud bank ?? like burrows
Eating dots, lid popper
Incoherent destroyed my parents
Dizzy off inhalants
In all fairness, my tolerance impairment
Mainline a gallon of rubbing alcohol and die staring
Hit the ??, I'm floating in a haze clouded
I have Alzheimer's 'cause dolo I blaze ounces
Murder queen, rape countess
Stab myself in my eyes, watch my face fountain
Off this world I'm way out it
I'm from space mountain
Dope if you stay down with my vessel in the center of a circle flames surround it


Turtle neck on her chest, nothing above but a bubbling mess
On a roughly cut stump
My sounds cover heads in the mumps
Til they all run together at once then combust
Shit gets ugly, trillions of crickets are coming
Listen they're tripping buggy on mushies
Insects spitting sickness in tummies
Your stomachs are now infested with parasitic little grubblings
Laughing the tip's a chip
Ohh shit, that's your misses
What up princess, heard you love dropping the jaw
Cans of Jimmy Jam hit a bitch face like a jellyfish thrown against a brick wall
Keep popping your momma like anomaly
Yeah she got that hot gun, sloppy front bump buttery catfish cunt
Shit what, my song's always splashing the most ratchet-est cuts
Hip-hop on crack with some proper chump
Fat kitty cat get it rocked til it pop from pumps
Yeah prop them buns up and spread em
As I hit this little crush
With thunder, one what
Tame this rap city shitty slut
Whippin' it, but whippin' it rough
Since she said she's used to getting silly fucked
And really ya usually just rip em
I'm guilty, but will he climax rarely ever let the jizzism bust

(Hello. "Who are you?" An angel. "What's your name?" Satan. Hello, what's the matter? "Nothing, only it sure is a sorry name for an angel." Oh wow, please come in.)

Nylon mask, code tech nine
I'll blow wet dry on them O.X.Y.s
Oaks behind viles and froze french fries'
Phone dead line
Rob homes then go get high
I throw hex signs, occult wet life
Fuck a G6 I'm fly like OX5's
Broke, bed lice
Your crib is dope, scope the Rolex by the rose hedge-line
I dope den mine
I snatch out your heart, where the home is
I got this rap like it's rodive
You don't know what rogue is
I did random violence when I was homeless
I was the artist failed suicide attempts like Van Gogh did
Looking at modern clubs like orgies with the Romans
I swear my style has to be chiralas coded
You won't get it til you realize that you know it
Haven't seen me at a show that's because I'm multiphobic
Usually on some sort of psychoactive doses at shows feeling the voltage
Cult shit, riding this track to the ground on a horse with its throat slit
I'll bask and shark an LSD ocean
And walk the seabed like some sort of acid head Moses
I now spit fumes after being baptized twice in piss pools
Dismal, got my flow back from the gods, had to bring forth the head of Vishnu
I bite off fist rules
I piss like Don Rickle
With the raper's wit sharp like Kaczynski's sickle
Sip liquid anti-psychotic symbol
In the hospital bib and sit and dribble

This is for the one's half passed out
In the back, getting crazy like mad cow
It's a packed house, it's Jak's now
Everybody get on the dance-floor and black out

I'm up in the club on a raping spree
Like Ted Bundy on the dating scene, taking E
Odd ball since '83
Nobody wants to play with me
'Cause I rap about dead girls and drugs
I took the pills again after I hurled them up
My world is bugged
Where's the razorblades and porn
I got pearls to bust
I'm loony, I dropped acid up in Suny
Fans gave me tabs like they knew me
I'm not a noob
I put in work like Belushi main-lining a speedball into Busey
Yeah I owe a lot of dues, I'm not that cute
I'm telling gold-diggers I don't got the loot
I smoke a lot of juice
And take along my daughter while I troll for prostitutes
I skin pop her bruise
I leave cyphers looking like somebody just dropped a nuke
Broke blood one
Hot, my flow sunburn
I don't even know my own phone number
I've been tripping the whole summer, I'm so bummer
Kicking that dope shit like Cold's drummer

This is for the one's half passed out
In the back, getting crazy like mad cow
It's a packed house, it's Jak's now
Everybody get on the dance-floor and black out

Yo, I'll strangle a groupie til she turns ugly
Then start to ??
Girl's think I'm weird then dump me
Rappers hate or love me
I'm driving cross country in a punchbuggy
With your girlfriend strapped to the roof with bungee and it's bumpy
Labels can't fuck me
I'll be the first to drown myself like Jeff Buckley
Tripper, the herd hates him
Plus he's gassed cause the nerds payed him
I'm a creep, that's verbatim
I party hard like Farley and Earl Abrams
Spit parasite, his own words ate him
I only orgasm from merking off the ?? asians
I guess it's all about the place the birds take him

(Attention attention) nah I'm trying to be positive here (gather, gather 'roun, gather 'round children. It's story-time) I've got a..I've got a truck load of information for you.  Ahh, I just want, I want you to dance.

On beats I get mentally challenged like Radio
Crazy flows, tighter than precious and baby clothes
I'm sick the hospital gave me colds
Like them dead prostitutes gave me coke
Push nolex, pro death
Tripper, a street team of dope heads
I'm a paranoid agoraphobic
My house is like rose red
I'm at the spot looking like Gomez
I work for a suicide hotline having phone sex
Fuck a badge bash the piggy chin
Bubblegum rap, White House suit, half reptilians
Black Sicilian
Cult, branch divinian
I'll smash that snow globe glass that you cashed your city in

Drink whatever straight
Drink til you do the ape
Hunch back, grind, until your knuckles scrape
Drink whatever straight
Blaze to your face, til you do the ape
Hunch back, grind, until your knuckles scrape

Halloween, hiding from police
Red sea water codeine, and purple OZs
My flow beat bath salts OD
Bars are soapy
Free bars for no fee, don't insult me
Plus all the whores call me horse
I'm a ??, on syrup wylin out at the beach like Paulie Shore
On a raft at the deep end
Fuck raps on the weekend
I'm trying to shrink wrap Avril Lavigne's head (yeah)
I left the club and wasted
I got two cups, dump the K in
I'll kill you in your crib like newborn suffocation
Shhh I'm the ape man
I got pills that will take you to a candy made land
Marmalade sands, floating over the dance floor, I am a space man
When on stage and OD in front of my stage hands
I'mma train crash
I'm like go to the beatles on window pane tabs
Fuck the flames flash
I'm tripping for 28 days flat
I never came back
My visions like kaleidoscope over stain glass

Drink whatever straight
Drink til you do the ape
Hunch back, grind, until your knuckles scrape
Drink whatever straight
Blaze to your face, til you do the ape
Hunch back, grind, until your knuckles scrape


Maui Waui, hands swatting hot clouds of steam
Pound a surrounding scene til it shower in ground meat
Hungry and grouchy, stomach rumbling loudly
A bummy ?? lifted in a foundry of brown leaf
Dumb fried but fucking fine Guts is lively
Slimy cutting cuts with the grimiest unrefined grease
Sun shine, steel pots and pans in the microwave on high
Clusters of chum flies puffin' trees
Suckers get tongue sliced deep, spittin' lead
The yellow jacket, nest for a head
Piss is red, clammy sex in an oyster bed
Sizzle breath popping over stove tops
And party like your boy Arty ??
Chopping shit in the green kitchen hopping bread
Chomping the mess out of all the real heat that I catch

[Jak Tripper]

Real heroin dope, ocher and brown
Open her blouse, choke that dishrag
Suck out her ghost after I pry open her mouth
I troll for the prowl, so many prostitution visits, see ghosts circle over my house
Either an ocean or drought
I bleed deep artery blood
Incinerating bones every shrouds
Pig roasting ovary mounds
And I'm not new, I'm under your movements and scenes
I get stupid on beats, I'm a loser and creep
Misunderstood, he hung himself with the belt ripped from the loose of his jeans
I ?? you
Plus I mix shroom with the leak
I'm loose with the lu's and the z's
And I don't do them, I give em to cute little teens
Date rape bait, club drugs, sucker fish, Cupid's on G
I'm a mutant machine
With drives like Downey Jr. on E
In a club of vampires til sun up, I'll puke when I leave

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“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
satanic alliance
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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:20 am

And another extra decided to do half way thru completing Heatrock..


This is black hand, goat shit
No compressors over noses
So I'm holding heads under water and lighting mouths up like a glowfish
On acid I'm green and glowing, like a snap glowstick
No motors, no motives
I'll strangle an escort then go teach aerobics
Kaczynski cold grip like Poland
Icepick pushed through the whip head rest, DeSimone hit
Black massive occultist, hoodied out cone kid
Blak church cloaked, after pulping
I'mma squeeze til my wrists' broken
Head shot like a selfie if you posing
Punches longer than clotheslines
I'mma punch line you out your clothing
This shit blow up in your face like trick cigar explosions
1978 breech birth, feet first, shorty was the omen
What's a goon to a goblin getting oagrish
Hot sun devil bars, Arizonian
Fuck bricks, kicks, whips or chrome rims
Trying to kill a pig like Charles Ronin
Booths dig thru the dirt like moles skin
Era gener-x
Primordial olden
Luciferian hook print clothing
Under Gorgoroth snowcaps, throwback, ash and ogen
My clique good sports, clap like showmen
Crack packs in colons
Ice box Alaskan, the trap is frozen
I grave rob the track, hex cracked the casket open
Patterns broken, dead psychic, channels closing
Flashing voltage
Chrome waving black flag like Oakland
Twisted flag masked like old ships
Very last body dumped out in flag masked
My tongue Glad wrapped the whole stiff

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
satanic alliance
satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by BornWithHorns on Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:55 pm

awesome!...love reading this...you heard Jak's verse on Lodeck's album? Song is called Giants...killer.

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Sun Dec 27, 2015 6:35 pm

yes I did, im a big fan of LoDeck's new cd. ill eventually do that son too,it'll be an easy one seeinghow I already have lodecks verse from gonzo bling.  Im putting everything up on Rap genius, its by far the best site for lyrics cause u can add all the information u want.  ill still first release it on here because its taking me a long time just to complete Belial, but its up there now if u want to check it out. I put up belial, everything else up is from other users, here the link tho http://genius.com/albums/Jak-tripper/Belial

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Mon Dec 28, 2015 6:17 pm

a random throwback off of Divine Art

Forty Chops

Yes, Happy Halloween. Progresso the pumpkin king. Yo peace to Awal, Massive Thoughts, ??, Autopsy, Shiest, all the spooks and goblins. Move your face 101. Check it

When I died I thought I saw that light at the end of the tunnel
No it was the devil with a flashlight and a dust bundle
I swear to everything that's sacred
I can summon demons from loosely pages after 6000 years reawakened
Welcome to my psychiatric basement
Don't try escaping, this entire place was taken over by the patients
Is that boiler room vacant (why)
Cause I need a place to write my faces on female reproductive mutations
With the use of water chambers and basins
Spent the last of my life savings on keeping this alien alive in isolation
Freaks trapped in metal cages
Releasing my grotesque creations to assault commuters on subway stations
Ghetto, a walking hallucination
As soon as I hit stages, there's an unbearable stench of morgue fragrance (you smell that)
I support corpse raping as long as it's fresh
There's cocoons incubating in my chest
That's why moths fly from out my mouth when I release deep breaths
Behold my wicked thoughts on cassettes overlapping with spiral snaps
Ah yeahh you're creative (okay)
Right, as much as I'm into being polite and treating women right
I'll decorate my dining room with streaming lights
So bright this cannibalistic dinner will look like Christmas night
Now let me hold the mic (come here)
I'm on [steroid??] strength, can lift elevator flights while bending cast iron pipes

Yo forty chops
Wielding an ax hatchet to hit you and your cyclops
Forty chops
To the back, to the back
Check this

I snatch chicks that are asthmatics
So when they run out of breath I'll be there to catch up fast and rupture their back discs
I'll strap call girls to a mattress
Stuff rags down their throat and seal their mouths shut with candle waxes
I have another woman held captive who's an actress
She's been chained to my floor for twelve days covered in rat piss
My house constantly wobbles on its last bricks
Cause the foundation is entirely made from rotting columns of stacked sticks
Look kids, my leather mask zips
In a ?? that I swear I'll bite you if you don't go refill this prescription of Xanax
I'm destructive
I've been on a killing spree since I cut myself free from the other freezer tublets
My scalp was weather beated and rusted
Take shelter dusted
Crawling through sewer pipes covered in parasites and fungus
My head is humongous
Cause one of the water veins in my brain's main combusted

Forty chops, the cyclops
Trick or treat

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
satanic alliance
satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Wed Dec 30, 2015 3:30 am

decided to bang out b23, by far the hardest project I've worked on yet! these songs literally take me 2 hours or more, and theres 18 of em! 6 deep so far.

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
satanic alliance
satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Thu Dec 31, 2015 9:07 pm

First half of B23, this has been a goliath to take down, only half way thru..


Okay so the date boys is February 23rd i think, 24th, 23rd, if it's 23rd that's ironic. Um, I see many people today feel that they live in world that is predetermined and running along a fixed pre-established course. Past decisions have left us with collision depersonalization and urban glide. Somebody else makes the decisions for us, but we are stuck with the consequences. That attitude represents a childish and dangerous denial of responsibility. Everyone should recognize it for what it is, okay. Okay so we basically come to terms with fact that Jak made his about sporadic aimless random violence and glorify of chemical conditioning. An overindulgence is it? Yes. God slap my balls with a wet hand. It is overindulgence in drugs til they're running from me. Ruining of his.. of his life and others who follow. Like many of those perverse teachers and inebriated authors who came before him, Jak cans alter traditions of real white knuckle, punch fucking, desistant image, government kickbox. He sings square-dance music. Battles with the devil playing the fiddle down in Georgia, under a thorn tree. He ?? with a big stick. He tried double suicide and came back after traveling through several conduits. He's a real galant full bloated energy vessel wrapped in epidemic and fleshed cortex, disguised as one of the planet's paths. And that's what we've come to terms here. Okay. This album is called B23. It would whale fuck your girl in her brown starfish. Thank you..thank you.


(You have a history of fits, moods, black outs, hearing voices, we brought you here to save you from the irrevocable damage you intended upon yourself. You've tried to kill yourself twice!) [an excerpt from Woolf's Long Hours: Virginia Woolf's Temporal Lobe]

Oh this king is weary and sad (oh no the white boy) This warped gentleman (but I'm not trying to martyr anyone) decked out in seal skins (my life's great) musty and fearless

My mom called me a devil's child, the abortion she never had
Got kicked down the stairs for torching the house, couldn't pick a better dad
Met the tabs, at 14 before I tried weed, hash or whatever's bad
My better half's beheaded cats and brought it to school on a bike and a JanSport
But was late so I didn't attend the class
Befriended rap, formed a syllabus and styled the strength in that
I was a garage band drummer, ripped grunge pants, played lefty like Cobain
Surfer Nirvana fan, forearms scarred, so much blood dripped
Read Bundy's biography under lava lamp
'93, microdots and grams
Graduate C average, '96 dropped college plans
Peak skill winter, copt some land
500 a month, dog, Ford Escort, and piranha tank
Closet scamp, verilux bulb, potting plants
First time was no (fuck) male pollen plants
Then Honey Dreads from Big Mint brought the Holland dank
98' rolling J32 belt-drive Geminis and rocked the flams
Mom's piano had me in a gothic trance
Typewrite attendant
All work and no play makes Jak a dull boy
Formed a friendship, dad's righty guitar had playing upside down like Hendrix
Looking demented, razor edge rips
My first ex shot me up in the bathroom during an intervention
I dropped and woke up to medics
Paddles fairy boat me back to the ambulate
Vegetable head like lettuce
Stomach pumps turn turn my intestines, til they hit the gas like Zyklon-B pellets
Who shot me up (who) I think it was the one in the nurse clothes (oh yeah)
I'm the cuckoo bird who flew the coop
Flew loops and perch flows
Disturbed glow, waited for inertia
Got admitted hurt, clothes scented of turf smoke
Stood at the hospital longer than an intern though
I just walked out onto a dirt road, into the earth cold, lugging through first snow
Victim of a burnt home
Homeless, warming frozen hands over canisters of Sterno
Hurl coke, brain rush, crush buffalo herds on turbo
Perverse pros
Get in your stomach like vertigo
I bite nobody like newborns
I use to get so wetted when I walked across grass the dew formed
You ain't like me kids, I'm cocoon born
Hatched from an egg covered in goo and blue spores
At noon on June 24 1978 it grew horns
And left the womb torn
Family dinner, we ate with plates, spoons, forks but no talking
My mom use to call me an abortion
So I take inner pain out on my foreskin
Caught playing with a dead cat when my parents walked in
They sent me to Four Winds
Met a girl who shot up dope and showed me tracks collapse when she draw in
Love at first lust, comparing burns and who had the worst cuts
When we held hands, we sucked orgones from the earth up
Blood couple, shared needles, immersed trust, God nursed us
But once the uppers hit, I go from outgoing to introverted
Pervert tendencies inverted
Film my neighbor's daughter, she caught me
American beauty, the obsess worsened
It went further, dreams of murder
Um okay need to stop those thoughts (nevermind)
Human pot roast
My clock's broke like Alex but I'm not cloned
I've been in 'Nam since a demigod, tunnel rat and foxholes
Military sheet corner, t-shirts and socks rolled
In the box told what to do and what not to watch
And what not to stop so I ended up not ??
Lexapro, Dipricol, Remeron on the cot froze

Hey Sebastian, I need some coffee bro. Dude hit me up bro, I'm gonna sniff some lines of fucking tan greens man hahaha


Yeah this is the best press. It is not for anybody that's happy. This is for anybody who is locked inside a white wall

Ink blots and blocks built
Box office bunker bomb brunette, Satan fellas mock spills
I pop pills legally to wash cloths, stare at your clock still
Addiction is my dead ex, her lips the color of cold meat
After we kiss there's an odd chill
Temperature drops til my breath circles the house
Now I can rot milk
Causing a morning frost over to wash sod hills
Turning green grass to sickles of ice
Stopping this mother roses but the tops wilt from my touch
Who can lift this curse, maybe the gods will
Or not, I'm not well
I got gills and breathe through my skin like frogs on pond silt
Rain out, gray clouds on my coffee
Hands tremble from no play, all work
Tunnel vision is cone shaped
Fold space and time, no flight, gold flakes
Palm full of powder blue, pink pills control fate
I go graze and yellow blades and pastures of sulk and sadness captured
Who put your stupid feelings on a board and master
Sold to hackers, I'm that outcasted backpacker basher
Afterlife, dreamsicle tickle me with laughter
While you buck and smoking water guns getting jiggy
I back the piggy like Freud
I'm on Elavil milligram 20, vertigo dizzy
Numb as an ice bin, you get pit roasted quickly
'Cause modern rap utter milkers is brick cheese
I'm that first crack absorption split second hit tees
Unconquerable, ?? and honorable Jabberwocky constable
Unorthodox gallop gallant under flocks of Cock-a-Tzu's
I spy planets like the Hubble Telescope's real design
Don't watch the news like they want you to
I file stringed lines of dead emcees strangled
50 horses when a Scythian king dies
Rip butchery, pulling strings tight, as ratchet cords grip
Shrinking faces, spit out teeth like bullets ripping from wisped hymes
Ink line, words like calves kick human genitals to split sides
Spurt intestines out, bellies rolling back, pink eye
I was hit by the sun beam, tongues bleed from slits in it
Absorbing crystal bits, I am the lizard king
How many of you know you're really alive just a little bit
I love my skittles, drink scripts just a thimble sip
Sunshine acid vintage triple dip
I lost it already right, I think, unless you, maybe not
Or riddle this, under a cigarette smoke sprinkled mist
Past out on stage like Morrison leading a seven mile snake slithering
Slug-like in slippers on my front lawn tripping wig
Why talk about the same shit
It's for the idiots stuck in a bad trip listening
And I never gave permission for a jock to speak
On a mic stop and sleep
These new rap hackers internet, what are they laptop and beats
Overwhelmed frontal lobes with linked madness
Scrabble babble and bloggeries
These lambs kicking industrial strength attitude, not for me
I'm like Ginsberg salvaging a steel-plated moxie speech
Dipped in acid lake
Windsock breeze blowing trails set sail and pilot
My paragraph is Husky Boy section
A poster boy for failed diets
Underdark arcane radio pirate
Heart ice like Martha Pan on the forward deck
Bow hook, swing jealous steel plunges into the lower neck
Burn posters trend driven slick shape diction around fashion blab
Valley talk gangster ease idioms while cash is fad
Fanzine artist adopt one version of a geek speak bag of gas
I'm still sane, milk cacti shakes to wash down the acid tabs

(Allow your thoughts to dissolve. Relax your mind, release the tension. Let go of fear. (There is no phenomenon other than what arises in the mind...) (except the experience). Release your mental chatter. Go into pure presence. See seize the precision of the purpose. Go into pure awareness, infinity is waiting. Perceptions. Feel the intensity of the si-fi. You are gaining access to the infinite field of intensity. Presence consciousness has awakened. you are experiencing a reality of what is. look into the present. There is no past, there is no future, there is only now.)


(We are going to become one with God. We are going to have almost as much knowledge and almost as much power as God. Cloning and the reprogramming of DNA is the first serious step in becoming one with God.) [quote from Richard Seed]

"As the ?? I absorb these tense lights. Fly killer I am. I just fly kicks without wings, I absorb their soul."

I'm hallucinogenic, ethical stimulant
Dope-sick nauseous, morphine drone tranquilizer horse mix
Black tar magician, opiate dissolve dilaudid
My soul trying to punch through goose flesh but I fought it
Synthetic android, undoored like taking dog piss
Going thru withdrawals, I hung up like pork ribs
Split from my corpses, I stab my monosynaptic twin, getting off concordant
PsychCorp limbo, gravity room orbit
Lead belly aortic, devil in the mirror
My relection's got horns of an oryx
Raps fall off reported
Rap's become a phone-booth pact with cross gender, fake punk rebellion, Mummers' masquerading, fabricated rawness
?? palpitating chest pain, dizziness, paralysis absorbing
That's why I want to die peacefully after this next one's recorded
Oh life's also one thing stupid and chuck full of boredom
Once I go dormant, it's off to post-mortem
Hello loved ones, sorry for your loss, at least I warned them
My fan base aphobic, melancholic, poster of coke whores and sore lips
I got unleashed from a goner, cordless
Like some biochemical octopus sorting cloned fetuses in jars in some factory farm raising
Orifice of the sacred cannibal cow, beef eating gas plant hysteria dungeon prince
Rabbit punch rejective art, I'm not for the public's bliss
Intense pain care, repugnant blitz
Pound of flesh for blood money
Hit conference hall reptile republicans

And not even the new underground trends can shut this bastard up
From the self worship, Pangalactic Gargleblaster slug
Deriving bathtub hooch, no chaser will make it past the tongue
Groupies stick your asses up
Demons and angels, Jesus is gay
Saints and sinners, my fan's hippy communes
Testing electric Kool-aid lakes and rivers
Radioactive rodent in the basement killer
The shock and awe jaw dropper, your face will freeze like ancient winter
Mountain refuge (yeah), when the alunum comes
This new movement sucks
I chose to use paper like yours, but the ink is a human blood
Fuck your computer buzz
They think Pink E Multi Jeans is future grunge, I puke it up
But NYC fumes from slums, pollution fuel the lungs
I'll beat you to death with your diamond belt buckle jewel with stunts
Til your vomiting stool and chunks
These bacterial belladonnas get herded into flocks at shows and used as mules for drugs
Blindfold, sick filed flesh lines get disemboweled, binded Billy Towel tightrope
Rung out, ?? ?? ?? site flows, my human garment's tight yo
Stomach lining soaked through under white rope
On stage melting, I'm the black guitar man under white strobes
Skull fucking a virgin ??, albino
I look at her death row with the mic
Walrus came right bareback under white rhino
I count flows, lines spit at you, drug abuse, journalism with typos
I don't bite though, bitten by Xerox orgy overnight, drone flakes
They're on to you when the phone rings
Cyphers is more like fairies dancing in shroom ovals
My prudence stone rings
I hear supernatural agencies crowned with a sheep's head
Skinned, rush throat and gold paint
The goat king under the mountain
Colorless I drop DDT from probed wings into night shade
Deepthroat their stiffen bone sling
Spurting back atropine, ultra virus, this is the way us trolls stay
I sit in a center of pentacles chalked in basements
Penstick six spin, pentasticks from a pagan
Anti-Pentecostal agent
Basilisk sponge bathed in blood
Tubs of oxides fizzle flesh, souls baptized in barbital bases
Boil intestines form up peptidases
Deep peptic fumes erased from hog belly gastrics, dissolve entrails
I fight the establishment from a mountain commune
Adamant, passionate, anti-modernized, anarchic activist
Paper link battleship
Human head trip sitting on crystal palace steps
I don't mind like this for shock and awe
Applause, I kill Faust and ask the devil permission to marry death
Ever since I seen my termination date, appearing storm clouds passing and I haven't slept
I can't wait to leave this planet next like Spacey in K-PAX from a hospital
Before I leave I'm giving all 600 hidden tracks to 'Deck
Do something with them, and if you get my loot, use cash for ?? sets
Make sure not to expose them to water til they manifest
And melt the skin from your skeleton like hydrochloric acid bad explosion accidents


(Damn you, rabbit. You smell like fucking piss! You can kiss my ass! I hate the goddamned rabbit. Fucking rabbit! I don't like rabbits coming to my fucking house. I kill! He looks like a queer rabbit! All queer! That fag! He can kiss my ass! Rabbits are queers! They always got to shit on themselves! I hate fucking rabbit.) [sample from Harmony Korine’s 1997 film “Gummo]

Since um, (yeah so um) we're all in highschool, (blah blah blah) we're all gonna gossip and talk about eachother (blah blah blah), I figured I'd pass the note in class (yeah), 'cause I got something to say (bro, really, so, everything alright there) repping J23 (oh), Virus Crew word. So (here) check it

Cute little collection of CD babies, these seats put together
I don't believe in vampires I create them
I'm blowing the calcium from the bones off these torso feathers
So angels don't exist any lesser
Symposium lectures where I don't throw out subliminals (nope)
Fuck fake Juice Crew Creative, hated with every syllable
They shouldn't even be considered a name in the matrix
Drinking spermatozoon minerals tossed from the broke lover's laying condom, saggy dripping goo
Thrown out car windows used
These words of a felony criminal
Poison testers, here's some black widow juice
Take that wasted breath, nothing new (no)
Look at me New York (look), I just herbed a crew (haha)
Wannabe ?? with spray cans and an uptight jersey dude
Repping BK I never heard of you (who)
Yeah I'm scum of the Earth
You got my impressions of cum on your shirt after the luminol
Don't ask me if I'm down with groups at all (yeah)
Let alone these young generation-Y, puke and gall
You got my attention, barely, Boxguts' forced me to check it
The side camera shot method's the best angle is my balls under phallus erected
Apparel is the only way you boasting off methods
Folklore, focus on presence, ??
When your swine herd's flesh is stretched and patched together like a cape draped from a lion crest
I'mma chest around the back, upon entrance (holla), howl back
I'm off probation 2010, I'll catch you tagging with friends
Look what I did, one visit influenced a sorry life
Doing shrooms and acid for trends
Get your own formulas, don't ask to get in
(bunnies, bunnies)

Happy little bunnies rap
Hopping little bunnies hop
Scattered little bunnies dash
Hanging little bunnies smashed
Skinning little bunnies hung
Gutting little bunnies guts

I'll bash the clock's face
I sleep on a razor, and crawl like fleas in a rut
I write to stop pain
I send intimate vibrations of the final cell to rock waves and liquid skies
I kick it like I was the mathematical god brain
I don't need hybrid pot strains to picture death
My brush strip and exquisite genocide of quasi-artificial Indie spitters dead
On the strawberry fields, snowing butterflies with wilted wings, which are passed out of a wizard's head
Flash card intervals of psychedelia
Anti-religious ??, anti-Wiccan pledge
Slaughter up innocent goth chicken nests
Unspeakable Satanic insistent of haphazard and different views
Of one who's judged and sick expressed
I crash societal tea parties brewing in government kitchen hex
Burn beards of moribund shrubs, intertwined with fines and twisted sects
Construct descriptive sex of intimate art positions
Suspended with cheap carcases breeding flies stript of flesh
Including slide show clips of incest, blood brother and sister sex
Fucking direct, I hate the planet
Tongue whittle thread, like lines hit veins
Intricate with hands of a watch maker with a syringe sticking pins in winding septs
I swallow upper torsos so the side of her neck has rib indents
I'm not stuck underground 'cause it's cool (no)
I'm ducking from burough traps
Neuros snapped, leaving your cute quaint little coloss of bland mural smashed
Fuck fashionable metrosexual rural puppet show host bureaucrats
Save that emo fad leather belt goth black gog for the eurotrash
I found the cure in tabs
I splash the biological blood, wash in urine bath
Entrepreneurial track
Wild shroom hunt, dig up your whole patch
Gulf down plural caps
My followers back my belief behind a balcony podium flowing with the furor's wrath

Happy little bunnies rap
Hopping little bunnies hop
Scattered little bunnies dash
Hanging little bunnies smashed
Skinning little bunnies hung
Gutting little bunnies guts
[Repeat 3 more times]

(Oh looking at the little fag bunny, fucking rabbit I'm sick and tired of him. This shitty-ass rabbit stinks! "I Know." He smells like an asshole! "Hey motherfucker!" Smell like a pound of bullshit! I've had enough of that queer ass rabbit.) [more from Gummo]


Feed off my pooled urine leak
I clutch generics and sponge up Sertraline
Peptides disperse from teeth
Verse excretes, I private labs like Owsley and ergoline
Slow drip on the couch I spit next to monitors with intravenous tubes nursing me
Jak's psyche exhausted, while supertramp converts the stream
Disperse in seeds til I die off like lysergic breed
Half life peak concentration in three hours
Ose dos, you can't write a verse with me
Mobile home, oil lamp novelist ponderers
Third generation burn-out commoner
Gypsy couch tripper, homeless settlement box squatter, no a college nerd
Throw-rug camp out supertramp wanderer
Grid wilderness walkabout, drug journal memoirs
Synthetic heavy polymer
Heart broke, catatonic, hungry for honest work
Before this modern birth I've been searching for self through chemicals since the condom burst
Seconal calm the nerves
I'm popping percs
Average C student gone berserk
Anton B-Boy non-new bomber herd
Busting shotguns at paint cans against the canvas like Hunter Thompson work
Sleepy eyed albino in an alkaloid whole sunk in a K-party
Crystalline launch pad blast off the car keys
Depart machine ridden, garden of plastic phosphine
Gypsy box cut drifter, tap fingertip to irregular heartbeat
Cold sweat, kangaroo gland black out on a drunk chick, glitter face star gleam
I woke to a wax purse of brown sugar cooked to a tar stream
?? ?? blouse, human wetsuit, shiver shot up the arm crease
I'm descriptive, sense memory loosen and work
I see detailed illusions from birth
I'm not a clone, I'm only impersonating a human from Earth
Surrounded by the newest robots with 1 billion synapses
Replica slave market fascist, star crosser, space crafted holographs
Looking for television screens to inhabit

I'm so talented, and you're so arrogant
They're all halibut, I'm the black sheep embarrassment
I'm so talented, and you're so arrogant
I am a claviset, the black sheep embarrassment

See my lifestyle isn't a fad
I kicked the addiction of sniffing up grams and sitting on my ass just hitting the hash
Plus I quit with the tabs, bodies like meat in a freezer, stripped on a slab
Arms slit, ripped up and stabbed
Wrap-nap me with a bad heart condition
Pockets full of lint and no cash
Pinched by the crabs, I'll end up lynched by the fans
Famished, and ripped by the critics and lashed
Judged by my peers keeping me hidden in back
I'm sick of the same rhythms in raps
Same equipment and crap
No talent MPC ass-clowns redundant, hitting the pads
You want to clone me, I'll zip-lock my spit in a bag
My daughter doesn't look forward to visits with dad
Her mother and sis are miseries company, frigid and sad
Even on prescriptions I'm imprisoned and trapped
Of thoughts of sticking my head in the stove in the kitchen
The tongue kiss with the gas
Off scripts my face muscles twitch
During sets I got ticks, like tourettes and think my skin's ridden with ants (oh my god)
Sick of didactic crowds of the same cities giving me daps
I appreciate it but my callous is stitched on my hands
I want to jump in the camper with the Virus Crew like Huxley ego trip in the map
I'm not a new Jak (no), Jak spun drum-sticks and rocked riffs in a band
I respect pioneers, I've been inspired in this pulling revolve like ?? systems from liquid to land
The way I spit is intrinsic, it generates off adrenaline like stimulated MDMA dripping from glands
I sit in a camp, zipped in a tent, distant, scripting the rants
You're just spit in the ocean
These underground sheep embedded in the game digging like clams

I'm so talented, and you're so arrogant
They're all halibut, I'm the black sheep embarrassment
I'm so talented, and you're so arrogant
I am a claviset, the black sheep embarrassment


(This is a news flash folks, we interrupt this program to bring you a special announcement: a new psychoactive substance has been discovered. A very powerful psychoactive substance. The most powerful since the discovery of LSD. A substance so powerful that 300 micrograms is the dose. That means that 1 gram will dose 7,000 people. Uh, this compound comes from a plant. The plant is, and I hope you're paying attention, the plant is legal. The compound is legal. You can possess it, you can manufacture it, you can transport it across borders, you can give it away, you can sell it, and you can do it on stage.) [Terence McKenna on Salvia Divinorum]

This former collagist sit in a Mexican mud-hut with an adobe roof
Hit by the adrenochrome chewing peyote root
Only cause the spirit world inside the desert cactus told me to
My tribe sit circular around cauldrons brewing
When I explain geometric patterns projected to a holy truth
Hypnagogic, evoking a dharma body of Buddha forming out spores smoke from shrooms
Told by a god-like omen, golden haired lion, and a White Jade Garden, I now know the truth
I hit hikes on assberry
I guzzled euphoric sedatives squeezed from ripened blackberries
Salvia king, puff hookah too, ?? growing hash cherries
I crash, summoning ghost of spirit planes of past Egyptian kings mummified and casked buried
The landscape, a great domed heaven
Jacket red crafts, Luciferian gothic, pallet of paint splashed heavy
Alkaloid hell-pit, saliva well melted
4 10ths of a gram dissolving green microdot pellets
In the lab I've tested more mescaline than ?? Havelock Ellis
I build worlds so listeners can taste or smell it
Underbody pipeline to mind through the valve and ego filtering engine
Aborigines dig my shit, and sell it to tribes of Yemen
I register vibrations of light through yellow tall paths layered in indigo violet and reddish
Shiny underground velvet, lidless, salt water solvent, desolate
Subterranean inhabitant shellfish, paraphonic

(The second period began; the idyllic, psychedelic, evangelic era. The psychedelic persuaders made the most attractive assertions that the experience would free us from life’s game so that we could enter into non-game ecstasy, that our mental abilities would multiply a hundred-fold, that our consciousness would be expanded out to the ultimate.) [an excerpt from Sidney Cohen's LSD: a documentary report on the current psychedelic drug controversy! (1966)]

Soapy lyricist, diversity is diverting itself from this game
Emcees become a ??
I project deliria's dreams that iron hopped to avoid influence
But my body is positioned at the apex of a pyramid
This weary prince splatter ??, limpen organisms
Shattering crystal liberty statues on periods
No imperialist, I'll detach the germs
I wanted to die in the worst way
Regret my birthday, they say I'm spaced out
When I took my own life and they brought me back it was ironically on Earth Day
I'm broke, who the fuck is actually into my music in the first place
Can't wait to be resting speechless
Famous in the cross of a rifle scope, check this attempt at Jesus
Any king of rap is a sardine, sorry
Any unstable spring breathes seas of shark teeth
Groups of phantom orchestras at pointless dialectic parties
I haven't paid any dues at all, hardly
Just burnt bridges and killed connections
I'll never be known largely
Famous enough for myself
Rap did nothing but help me destroy naive minds and starve me
I'm not marketable I guess
I don't make love ballads and rock garms by Ed Hardy
I pace my paddock
Outside it's a beach house and ??
I'm sipping green fairies, Larry's the mascot
Saturated pure lethargy I haze
Pleasantly hangs over the burrows shivering like mirages do, car engine steam
Dropping off rooftops in Gotham, microdots the size of lemon seeds
Come on the adventure please, I got extra sheets
Tripped over a thousand times and I remember each

(Now the third phase is upon us, in the past two years the acid head has taken over. Most of the takers are out for fun, an LSD high. The doses are up, the music gets louder, the lights swirl faster, and the chap who freaks out just hasn’t passed the acid test.) [more from Sindey Cohen's LSD documentary]

Ring around caps, launch ghost pixels from human freezer case
Pandering an eater, hooked up to an E-meter with acheron fever shakes
Sweat beads fever breaks, losing liters glazed
Germs on my body come out the detail
Forearm hair turn to feelers reaching for deeper space
Hatch a grin from a shit eater's face
Red ?? comes out from the ice skinned, spine tingling, creeper face
Fungus meets man-made paper page bleach parade
Acidic beast versus the alien spore kept in the cabinet, guarding nocturnal creature caves
I suck through a dream hole
My fingertips snap like snakes taught body heat glow
Deep channels of my flesh seep slow
Translucent hands wisped thin skin
Eyeballs burst, ripped jelly to cheek bones
Flows derive from anguish that'll punish brats
Like I was torn apart by ravens and put back together from scraps
Sun is black, commoner garbed in mocking bird capes
I'm rough spun and tapped
Paragraphs look like parapets and Loma's battlements
My visuals so large I build as banners whip in the wind
Kill off the herd, sheep clothes infested, flies hover
Cover, cattle sick, emo
Your fertile actress double ?? and egos
In my dream code, I feel radiant
Laughing til I droplet tears through two acidic peep holes
I'll murder prissy Prada bag birds who can't deepthroat
Tranquilly beat both til bloody sheets soak
Still lazy as fuck with no weed smoke

[outro sampled from Porcupine Tree's Voyage 34 Phase IV] (The LSD trip is a pilgrimage far out beyond your normal mind, into that risky and revelatory territory which has been explored for thousands of years by mystics and visionary philosophers..............Remember, the college students who are using LSD and Marijuana today do not comprise a criminal class. They are not drug addicts seeking to escape. They're your best educated, your most creative, and your most courageous young people, and like it or not, they're going to build you a new civilization - [Timothy Leary]... For psychedelics are stimulators of ideas and feelings, but generally these ideas and feelings would express themselves constructively rather than violently or destructively. If it were possible during a riot to spray small doses of LSD from a helicopter into the air, people would soon quieten, and not be hurt.)
(I don't know it's a weird, it's a weird trip.)


Clip clop clop clop
Alright uh, could you turn it up a little, I can't hear myself. I guess it doesn't matter cause uh there's no uh melodies or musical uh, fun and magic in the background. Um the day is uh May 29th. 29th, and I basically want to recap um what the uh album is, and it's very very, it's a very pigeonholed and a mirror. And it's basically drug abuse, uh violence, um past and present psychedelic use, hospital medication, suicide, uh praising of murderous idols, negativity, uh psychiatric problems and self-diagnosing, uh hospital stays and uh visits. Music, okay, beat pads, instruments, cadences, self-loathing, occult studying, hating on others uh in my peer line, and those I look up to and down on. Uh judging, being judged, uh useless critics opinions, killing uh cynics who try to do music. Narcissism and its rise and why it should be uh desecrated. Uh death, rape, anti-God propaganda and burning of uh suffragettes and uh vegetarian rally uh rallies. Viruses, viral words, viral strands, word butchery, hog farm uh processing factories. Pig slaughter, both animal and law enforcement. Uh politician cyanide booths, uh uh slitting cubicles and shooting dens. Uh breast sex and hand oil jobs. Eye sex and inappropriate ass touching. Ear deep f uh f-f-face plunging. Uh uh that's, uh spirit halogen readings and ghost static tent lights. Detox, rehab escapes uh and delirium projection, and that's just the basic things. See basically cause it's it's a false conception of property, uh for you love your own person and your income and your dog. Everyone and everything is equal and unimportant. And I just want to touch up on uh, on one more thing, uh these are things that uh that I would like to touch on also, maybe write books about. Like uh levitation for terrestrials, uh external genitalia of Japanese females, uh the Atlantis sex position, uh the sunny side of bereavement, sex after the death, the art of embalming post-mortem collectibles, do-it-yourself coffins uh for pets and people, uh inevitable destination, uh premature burial and how to prevent it, death education, how to pick up women in discos, uh straight talk about sandwiches and surgical penis enlargement, uh the erotic meanings of ?? beanstalk country on top of the tallest erection. Uh the drown-man's little finger, erotic umbrellas and sexually suggestive food. And uh I will get back to you guys towards the end of the album and uh I hope you all die happy, and uh that's really it. Thank you Sebastian for giving me some time to explain all that information. Take care guys

(That last bit of energy pushed us completely into uncharted realms.)
(When sufficiently stimulated during many of his public poetry readings, the sound is unforgettable. The blending of a sustained organ and finger symbols form the unusual background for his mystical chants.)


And these rimjob fairies circle ?? transcendental flux with overbites. My demons slept, but the lysergic awoke them each year. Every track, I wept salt spray. 'K kids. Thank you, thank you. Happy happy excited (it's another signature). I feel phenomenal right now. B23 project, Johnny23, Sebrox and Jak Progresso, and a seminar for you kids this afternoon, yeah.

Yo I'm a medicated elephant
I kill theories like suicide afterlifes filmed enter in, brought back and edited
Hemp stitched hurricane record spin
I fly furniture for sober embellishment
Crash house parties, spit back Haldol at a medic bitch
Fight the government til I nod off like legal replacement of heroin
Circling satellite lesson of like zoom in on Americans
Mic booth engulfed this hysteric fit, heretic
Geometry's dry, lets try to kill her brakes
Who's the iller fake
I look at the solar system like here's my fist to billiard break
Exaggerate imagery, magic delirium tremix
Like trips I cling to a blemish
Humanity, just a mixture of bones, flour, vegetation and senses
I drag a poison collection cart over planks with the scent of furniture resin
Death is the color of lead, leak renascent urine
Piss on your centrifuge
Rap tough guys emo, mmmm they're homosexual
Metro Pleasant, I'm in a tele sick
Spike plummet into vein
Opiate envelope wax black tar bubble antidote inject, then belly itch
I spit, drool string graceful as a dead girl's hair under water weaving like tentacles of a jellyfish
I assassinate ??, close range, bull dog, snub muzzle contract hit
Political gaudy umbrella mass market industrial artist selling discs
I'll kill emo only to end up dead and stiff like Elliot Smith with two stab wounds to his chest
Leaving the spike hanging out the trap with yellow drip
Melancholy comfortable, mellow shit
Late to class strung out and like "hello kids"
As I sink into my couch like I was jello
In the booth making you puppets like Geppetto's crib
I wish I was more known (uh), or no (no)
I'm not normal (nope), I'm not immortal, not a morsel
Morose, couldn't score coke
Went to mourn broke
Fake suicide forged no, not mournful
I'm in the ward cold, as the North Pole
Hospital gown the wardrobe
Light as a feather, stiff as a board broke
Absorbing orgones, two slit wrists with door closed, I slit a portal
I'm in hell with the head of a horned goat, on a horse with the horse throat
When the corn grows, inserting pins into cornrows
Torch glows preparing for the bore roast
Bloody ores row, shore is close
I dock at the port bearing scalps and flesh torn from a human torso
I wore both (look), thorned dome, like Christ hanging from worn rope
Covered in sores from scorned stones
Chemicals from morgues soak into gorgeous cloak of patches and tattered cloth sewn made of pork and thorn groves

23rd of this month July '08
23 bowls scraped, broke, taped
23 sold tapes, broke, no fame, doped out like Hole
23 sacks of soaked flakes
Blow, flows, 23 'dro 8ths, studio smoke breaks, toke haze
Once I spoke 23 crows came, probably got beef with 23 no names
Beef with the 23 known promotes hate (ok), no thanks
23 roach treys, spoke, baked
23 shows plus three sucked except for the hoes, a whole waste
23 trolls hate, 23 shroom caps, gold beige, I ate them and ??
Watch tower is home base
23 pink Peruvian cocaines
23 rehabilitation escapes with pulped veins
Overdosed 23 times on the road, phased
Cali two man tour, mustard 23 foam plane
Silver, Grand Daddy, Lemon Drop, Purple Kush, Afghanistan 'dro haze
Came home Christmas Eve, visited my folks baked (hey!), 23 snowflakes
Booked 23 times, barely showed face
Acid dose soaked til old age
Random Violence only 23 votes came, so lame
Next ones the gold, trophy

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
satanic alliance
satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Sat Jan 02, 2016 4:07 pm

Have u checked out the lyrics on genius.com
I finally have access to organize proper track listing and tagged artwork, I also have an mp3 tagged on each lyric page. everything looks good and organized now. what I like about this site is that it's not just a lyric site, but a full blown wiki too, and anyone can add any artist and song. I have 15 songs off B23 done so far, just 3 left to do. I will continue releasing everything on here too as it was my original outlet, and it can serve as backup in case anything got deleted off genius.com


“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
satanic alliance
satanic alliance

Antal inlägg : 90
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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Sun Jan 03, 2016 1:34 pm

Just finished the last of B23 , that was a goliath , glad to be thru with it

Heres the second half of the album:


Um this is for um the nobody show (where am I), Sound ?? Kill, Johnny23, LoDeck, Many Styles, Boxguts, Mr. Taubin, Complex, Sebrox. This is an envelope to you guys for summer camp after a nervous breakdown, it is July 16th 2009 and it's gonna go like this (really I'm insecure)

Yo, I got a myopic doppelgänger, he's in a black zoot suit
Agoraphobic locked in the booth spooked
And I'm like dude, there's no corporate drones who are really out to shoot you
I'm a sulfate spitter, deviant skipper, wait around to snatch the purse
Blind Tiger Cafe pervert, act a perv
Political ?? get hacked to nerves
The boning knife disembowles the belligerent conservatives down to sex glands and sacculars
I'm tripping, dripping from dust sacks, the shap is sherm
Ideas form in my mouth, my brain thinks too fast to work, my art's innate
Most of you had to learn
I titty-fuck groupies in their mouth, then put the muscle in their ass to squirt
I'm cock-slapping birds, I hunt humans for the cash and fur
Supercoven cabinet, black magic firm
Peyote cactus curse, afterbirth
Witchcraft, burning haystacks in a Catholic church
Sorry I've been absent, I relapsed on percs
Blacked out and woke up inside of detox intravenous fed by catheters
My feet drag and hurt
In hospital socks with the rubber traction, leather straps fastened first
Incoherent, snapped and attacked the nurse
But I don't rap disturbed, this face is a mask
Mood swings are rapid, frantic, volatile sporadic
Lash out in spuratic spurts
Parents don't even know me and that concern
'Cause I wasn't conceived, I crashed on Earth
Crawling among the crabs and worms, skanks and herbs
Backpackers in drag who write graph next to rapper nerds
Should of hired a manager
Instead I had to put my blood on word of mouth and loyal fans, after the wax returned
Fuck a talent search
Johnny pulled me off the mattress burns in some opium den to come back and work
My new syllabus drive the fans berserk
Like these new school Asians strutting tits and ass with girth
I chase the white rabbit, tie-dye canvas, LSD 25 brandish in a jewel studded 24 carat canister
Then I become this colorful character, with a mouth shut full of larvae farm as maggots squirm
Tickling my tongue so I had to smirk
Sick of the rap, demo, arrogant, work, ballad, merch, I'm embarrassed to say I rap
I rock headphones to drown out the parrot chirps
Rigor mortis horizon helix, drowning sorrow in eel piss
Some shrink attempts to help me define what real is
I'm a living downer, I hate myself so much my daughter feels it
My skin feels pins tingling
Took the blade to the wrist, but keeled over from the valiums first before I could peel skin
Hit my head on the toilet, ambulate came
All I remember was the squeak of the wheels on the gurney when I was wheeled in
My ears ring, looking down on my body, my ghost back against the ceiling
This is it, just stuff my in the black bag with the zipper and seal it
But I didn't overdose today, no rope or blade
My head's a gas bubble with a kite string that holds the weight
Connecting my neck to my upper torso, dragging my feet as it floats away
Prince of the ??
I'd love to have friends, but friends are not allowed around me due to this apparent mental illness
Arabic and Spanish girls approach me speaking their native tongue
I'm like what are you saying, I'm Sicilian
Other side rappers you tour and see millions front like I can't kill it
Looking at me like I touch children
I'm that dope fiend dozing off at the foot of the stairs at your building with more talent than you
You'll find out in the lab when I'm building
You and your alumni will catch the duck bill grin
I'm chilling in a drug treatment facility living off the land like a pilgrim
If I'm not spitting, my mouth's used for a deposit box to drop pills in
I'm from that Iron Age, Court of the Crimson King, steel gilded mic grip 500 a verse villain
The rest of the indie populace are scene posers, flamboyant, flaming in the village
I herd the sheep, I'm a mad cow worm on beef, you're on the verge of sleep
Cut yourselves out of your jeans and stop acting like you never heard of me
I'm about to use funds from doing scheisse porn to pay for a tour in Germany
In Europe I'm Ron Burgundy, you never catch me on commercial beats
Fuck a verse for free, sometimes I feel like it's the blue planet Earth versus me
Suicide doesn't work for me, they brought me back three times
I'm not worth it, it's up to you to murder me

(Wow) and I'm out (that's pretty fucked up) thanks. let me go take a train (is this song like thirteen minutes) some one dollar coffee and a hot dog. (six minutes, your up). "Jak you're dead." Really? "Yeah, you live inside your own head."


Lumen skulls, helium flow, ghost out chest epithelium. Animal glands, tubes, epidermis, stress. Lenses, tissue, nerves, vessels, ganglia, flesh

As crystal sea ships approach around my castle and palace gates
Panoramic talents make great for suicides by shotgun
Splatter brain against the wall into glowing ectoplasmic paint
Now my soul looks like work by Alex Grey
Tripper to the floor, as for my corpse, they'll have it hanged
From the ceiling, photographed as still life sepia, snap in frames
Addict slang, I'm boiling eggs in piss
Writing the people this verse as I speak sitting on mattress stains
Come out the blackness like it hasn't changed
I'm washing skittles down, heliophobic letting the gas fizzle down
I'm doing this whole album sitting down, spitting, wizard gown
I heard that they demolished underground living and built a Tinsel Town, I'll have no part of it
I'm broke ass rags in a bottle
Here's my passion masked in a motto: Patriotism's trash, I'd rather burn a flag than a novel
I'll throw a batch to the hollow
Like cop killing mags to your stoppo
Flashing strobes under blood splashed on a ponto
Smash selettra typewrite electric, you can't clash with the gonzo

There's something beneath me, it's living in between me
Ripping away skin and soul, there's something trapped under my skull
There's something alive trying to climb out of this synthetic hole

Slither through slug muck trail, sit in bile
The drip Hoffman raped acidics from from liquid viles
Intricate with it, descriptive vile
Bloodline Walter, human genocide, plap corpses into piles
Octopus cabinet, sifting piles
Split different personalities into synthetic integrations
Spit drifting into six distinctive styles
Touch psychedelic acrylic tiles
I got a frigid flow, torture under slow timer
Peel off your souls liner, dissect the vessel
Epidermis open, expose fibers
Supercoven toxic toad writer
Soaked in a sweat coat synthetic hole diver
I troll until I find her, after the rush I fold and bind her in telephone wire
Speak easy drone flow and blind tigers
I hold seminars with no flyers
Toaster the bathtub, razor at wrist
Bottle of scripts, open stove and lighter, explode
Leave this earthly plane, music, money, cellphone text and all
I kick literally nightmares like Berkeley undergrads pulling out uzis and shooting lecture halls
I don't leave the house ever, surrounded by blood of stacks and leather sprawled
I take Apache propellers up to the heavens to watch blood and feathers fall
My chest pressed to walls

There's something beneath me, it's living in between me
Ripping away skin and soul, there's something trapped under my skull
There's something alive trying to climb out of this synthetic hole

(I wasn't knocking someone's door down, I was running from that. When I got out, I was in that, I was already through that, I had that, I had the studio, I went to the studio, I went to Vox Studios. I had it all, and I looked at it and said, this is a bigger jail than I just got out of. I don't want to take my time going to work, I got a motorcycle and a sleeping bag, and ten or fifteen girls. What the hell I wanna go off into, and go to work for? work for what, money? I got all the money in the world. I'm the king, man, I run the underworld, guy. I decide whos does what and where they do it at. What am I, gonna run around and act like I'm some teenybopper somewhere, for somebody else's money? I make the money, man, I roll the nickels, the game is mine) [Charles Manson]


[Jak Tripper]

Yo isolation, implantation, domination, domination, meticulous, May 23, May 23

Yo please be seated
I flush region, polymorphous pearl on a pancreas island, deformed hormones secreted
And the green rush and often bust, aeraulic sack depleted
Drown fetus drown, ?? ?? sex
Can't wait for the next wack generation of kids to spit next, sick of this mess
That's why I stay isolated like polygamous sex
I died once there, now trying to dig the pills out from the pit of his chest
I write self scripts then spit flow delivered depressed
Adrenaline river send shivers and sweat
Trying to kick it like morphine addiction neglect
This house ?? sitter, Johnny ultra virus, left through the slits and the filtering nets
Flesh radiation wavelengths wither insects
LCD slither, vivid, vision and ?? ?? prisms and press
I'm in a gown like transplantation candidates
Head shaved, drugged and buzzing, eyes roll back 'cause the hospital staff pumps my stomach
Another overdose whiteboy close to dying, out-of-bodies betting than psilocybin
Starring at my body as I float beside it, visible eyelids
I'm 30 years old how come I haven't died yet
I should try death, the Westchester psychiatric center's most loyal client
My ghost freezer smoke fogs up the room, omen and drop the climate
The doctor looked over my folder and couldn't believe what he was reading like Christian science
Fistful of Remerons swinging at the sky pissed, telling the allegedly father to suck my dick
Normal guy spliced with a mic, a hybrid, technicolor patio chair pilot
Warn the world of the end, radio pilot
Toad tongue whip snatch damselfly quick
I'm the Geiger, I rhyme this parasite rhyme hits termite mic grip
Hype men is sect hyde, my throat like fly shit
All your albums are gonna be wack, I'm psychic
(Look) emcees colorful like dyed hair, rainbow headed dyke bitch
Depression cycle it, life ends without psyche meds
It's needles, powder forms and suicide threats and sliced wrists
I don't need a crew I'll rock the tour solo cross country
Dolo as a cyclist, naive not in the slightest
Who thought the sun ruled the Earth, it's all Hubble satellites and spy ships
I'm going out of this life with my prick stuck in a young dime til her cherry pie splits
Hologram black form view hospital polygon sided
Doors pads are what my pyschoto oculars bleeding through blinded, sideless
Hands out feeling for hallway walls as guiders
Blind sick hit with the spike like testing for hepatitis
Bedside covered in mosquito meshing fly nets
Wings clipped, I need to be fledged, I can't fly yet
I've fallen serofin flightless, hellfire
Help me Jenison or Flightdeck
My tongue whip, grotesque, conjoin beast your baby's breech when cunt split
Gored the cannibal wedding's feast, wine bowl punch from human stomachs
Swag-belly, flesh ?? veil, avoiding worlds of sunlit
This lummox cuts muscle from a young child's buttocks, then digest to gain supernatural energy from it
By ?? the envisages on summits
I'll scalp colleagues, from legends down to second cousins, for no budget
I cook animals in stew like Brunswick
Like Brother Jim dumping chum from buckets, bugged, wearing bug skin, skinned by cutlass
I'm a fucking Johnny funny farm raised onion stuck in a psyche-ward around dutches
With delirium tremens I gutted the wet nurse duchess, shaky hands, glands gutless
I flow confined in the dungeon, guts boxed in gunnage
Parasite mite in a dustbin, flying pinthouse Dutchman
Giving escorts the frog mouth, eyes popped out chewing fungus
Dust and animated like Æon Flux flick
Sharper than a dull syringe then flush it, then flush it


Hooks for hands, slap bars out of lines, ripping rhymes
A nice guy with word-play-smiths spit sick and simile
Watch me bubble on the spot, burnt hot Box melts your block
Guts will stay cold like what
Ice got the freezer while meat locked
Popping 'em now easy to breathe
Ox in the lungs will release oxygen free speech
?? razors stuck in between teeth
Cut gums and chop beats
Often I receive a decease a provocative dot heat
Then drop it on concrete, freshly dropped slooze
Lovers gotta hit the road like a pitiful hoe on a John Doe street
On a seed full of pitfall of hope
Heart attacks attack and hold
A triple bypass landing on massive plates of bones
Flat my tracks then stove, mask it home
I condone in a pure existence tasting each and every one of these soul secretions
The heat that fizz and foams, so that quill grease spill out all over my team ????
Spilling out, Johnny23, now piss drenching opponents
Indebting an ocean of us ever abandoning poach, down in a hole
Box geiser of Guts flow
Let orgones explode from every exit and entry hole as it squeeze by a troll


(I felt myself sagging under what was much stronger than I. First I could not use my ankles, and then I could not control my knees, and then my waist began to break under the strain, and then my shoulders turned in, and in the end I was compacted and fetal, depleted by this thing that was crushing me without holding me.) [an excerpt from Andrew Solomon when interviewed and asked to describe depression to those not afflicted]
(And I do this 'cause your so happy.)

I bleach rainbows with hopelessness, at show fixed tourniquet tight flows and a coke syringe, and close the shit
Quieter than a folded flag out the box when I broke the skin
My lines water birthed in a church blessed by me
It can't be studied by any rap scholar in NYC
How could the city forgive a wretch like me
I fuck with minds like Senates for cognitive neuroscience at MIT
My origin's not on OED, cyber geeks, I'm just a junkie in a petticoat
You can smell me broke, surviving off Little Debbies and jelly rolls
I carry tranquilizers like Laos platoon sleeping at telescol
I've done flesh to my flesh to make your belly fold
And stayed in the subways for transport and dodging a bright sun
Spikes plunge, lean up against tiled wall, slide down and write one
Pull out the blunt contaminated and light one
Walk into hospitals losing blood and sliced up
I'll murder the hobby horse, oxy snort, hair gel spikes in front of clubs forming posse dorks
I kamikaze doors til I pass out on the Euro rocky floor like opium den smokers and poppy stores
Pin pricks, razors slid and slit wrists
Soak bandages in syringe tips drip, seven day binges
Nerves switching, neurosis symptoms, muscles stiffen, skin itching, scratch to the bone, sinking fingertips in
Self inflicted, kitchen fix kits; needles, spoons, powder and kindling
Spinning head, exorcism, detox, spitting phlegm color of spinach
Remeron, Sinequan, then I'm gone to the magical land of sick in bed
Skin is sticky sweat, can't kick the meth, feel like I was kicked to death
Succubus sit by my bed side, I can't lift my chest
Met a girl her name was popular, she came with scars, A-list, pain involved
Year 2000 basement stars
Flood this genetic roulette with catapulted me into a velvet rope ???
Blatant snobs backpacking notepads with written freestyles and microphones taped to palm, blaming gods
Wish I was dead (why), first pull personal
Shotgun journal bursts skulls to sludge fertile, adrift I sit plural
Eating cancer asleep, euthanasia through spine epidural
Splatter mind on mural, thoughts drip down to ground in a mound of manure pools
I'll leave you beside yourself, you're left on my right like two lefties writing facing each other in the reflection of a knife
My darling, cut my arms deep enough to reveal the arteries' grape juice
Tell me I hate you in the mirror with me siphoning your wounds from mine, to sustain you
Life got boring, my own image in a glass was pain fuel
Blankets over blinds in a gray room, stitched up and painful
Sipped red wine in which the same color the green veins shoot
Took pills and came too, I'm invisible
No way to leave this planet, I walk it fatal
Study my life and compare to when I stabbed myself in my stomach to die slowly in my own blood
Playing with it, with my index finger drawing hearts to show love
Slit wrists, slip in a warm bath, lock the door and doze off
Too late for hindsight, drifting away from the white light
Looking at my body on my right side, died with the spike hanging from a pipeline
I sit in a den and typewrite, living dead night
Geiger, street fighter and high-time
My eyes sulk deep in a cheek bone scraping residue
I'm like a Czech hippy, dissident tribal poet heavy dude
Murder San Francisco like the I-580 killer waiting for priest to okay and execute
Destitute of sanity, paid venues, I pass out on stage, let them boo
Rap's corny, but I'm bored so I'm still selling legs in boots
When I get headaches the pressure can stir up dirt on a crescent moon
I'm saving my Paxil, Prozac, Trazodone, Endepricol and Celexa too
Then digest after morning meeting, drop dead the color of nice weather blue
Celebra and culture out the closet
I circle the globe like a blimp carrying heavily vomit
See lung, heavy sludge of ice under fog lift
A zinger spit oxymoronic cold comfort farm, weight cosmic
Smash mouth topics, Dow Jones melt down your album's stock drip
There's an ozone hole in my thinking, poison the airwaves
Wait I get like no airplay, unless pseudo Europeans supported my Harry Potter rise '99
It took me 21 seconds to tear space and fold time
Evolved in '05, quiet with no outside influence to hold mine
Wait for underground to nosedive, keep the goldmine
I'll sell other tenants for me to spit
Better than you, and boast mine
Punk creative, my juices flow like my climax after they pole ride
Fuck a biter victim, I call a ghost write
Thanks for the room and board, take my earliest demos and hold mine
Fucking bovine stock, cattle feed Paul White
Trash and battle geeks, simpletons, gas yourself, I'll hit the stove light
And support your glow for the five people that just show live
My dick bigger than your whole life
In the south for the winter, four months I wrote this before I got my phone time
Valhalla ghost, peace to the basketball court Muslims, Westchester throw signs
Gained weight, hit the TC and bench, putting in work the whole time

That's it, that's it. The end.


Yo life sucks, gypsy moths out my stomach
My life has 30 percent of life, it lacks arms, strings and a few buttons
I commit suicide at 65 percent, fuck it the kids will love it
I'm disgusted, art at the present is only self contained construction about which there is no more to be said of it
I drew mud slick, drop of blue tremor linked to the ground by a magnetized gaze
At dusk, snow over peaks of a summit
Cotton wool-like, in my narcon encrusted blood pumps it takes the page when I cut it
Catching inks with pots and buckets
Beneath root flower and stone, I group a coven
I lurk in fire damps and coal pits to canoe out the origins of your pungent
Vein weeping at the focal point where your guts sit
I diffuse elation and whatever sunlit
What is rugged, this ?? fertilize metal rusted
I post up a collection of my life's work in a gallery to make it easy for you to pass judgment
My tongue drip, low-tide polluted bay water, salt spraying aerial like seagulls spit
Eyes upon fisher, duckbill gullet
My happiness is a mask under it
I generate misery to sulk in, brilliant depression
Ascended to music like Scott Walker sullen, slow and sluggish
I kick Suffolks, oil spill tanker boat tugging
Diluted water propulsion before punch ins
The crowd nailed me to a cross
I am emotional numbness, nocturnal vampiric dust drift
In a dim lit cafe, this beating it downer, writing to the ludes tank
Punch rap's balloon face
I figure evolution before I lose face
Stone carving a new slate, digging is a mutate
And carry my two hemispheres in a suitcase
I told watch the nerves, like a paper knife endive in the noose frame
Me and this game as a razor blade in a fruitcake
They're all poets, writers, diplomats, and dress makers trying to move brakes
I kill future art with ease
Shit I'm on causes black suited narcs to creep
I drop cellular metals and of cryptograms hysterical paranoia starts to seep
Rush surges of melting face images under the bark of trees
I litter state parks with crystal meth shard debris
I'm sulked in depression with a pad, the artist weeps
Dead tired but off the charts asleep
Spider crawl filthy cerebral saliva, wash brain's harness leash


Yes, I'm the crystal prince, from the mountains with goat an antler scout crown, I told the people that the water is poison (he's gone mad) don't drink from the well (he's gone mad)

You don't rep radio pirate, go clutter links, anchoring fly kids
That veggie head dunce cap rap I digest
You clock me whether the iris by which you dispatch arrows of liquid sentiment isn't in face fly shit
My belly's eyelids launch tentacles out chakras with 30 moon system luminescence behind it
And blast the gastric hive, I smoke my own energy like in cyphers I pass the high
Nothing's original, everybody who looks into the stands can easily be classified
Sip chamomile I drink the wind and discharge and expanded mind
I secret San Fran ergonomy labs set up by chemists running underground, acid mines
Me and my social side can't coexist much longer
Rap blog radicals critique, so I pull out punk gauges on fellow song birds
I'm paranoid, I feel cornered, I'm starving
Give me tap shoes, a cup and a street corner, I'll rhyme for quarters
Witness the meltdown, crystal ship for fossilite's earth water
Heads on post warn the boarder
Applaud for the pauper, sober for a year and a half
Cases pending, beat writer type, weird with the craft
I'm in the tC '07 in corduroys
Summer heat, long beard and a stache
Your gaping eye holes just peer into raff
My new shit is personal, not geared for the fans
Take that sheep shears to the lambs
Club bunnies hop with bar crawlers get smacked out of that beer in your hand
For all those underground barrier air-head, fox terrier egos who tried to diss me
I lay sick and get busy, you still fix seeds
I fish souls from vessels and throw them into whirlwind speed
I settle spectral dust, lick creek, build an incoherent city
Remote, stubble covered in a Rhinebeck cabin noose and misery and mint leaves
Indeed the souls is cosmic (yup) the body political
I study hell using psychedelic visuals in my living room
Trying to figure out how disembodied spirits can feel pain physical
With fear and loathing tonight
My planet's energy sapping in animated principle-less flight
I glide over fantastic fabrics of the mind and plunge into gas flames
Came too at my cottage to find the roach in the ashtray
Moth silhouettes gathered behind lamp shades, 21 gram weight

(High above the city, on a tall column, stood the statue of the Happy Prince. He was gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold, for eyes he had two bright sapphires, and a large ruby glowed on his sword-hilt. He was very much admired indeed.) [an excerpt from The Happy Prince written by Oscar Wilde]


(How's everything? "Groovy. Are you here for some acid?" Yeah, I guess so. "Why?" What? "Why are you taking acid?" What are you doing, a paper? "Curiosity." Me, too. No, insight. I really think that I'll find out something about myself.)[excerpts from The Trip (1967 film)]

[Jak Tripper]

I depart six below, alarm clock link broke
Number dull inner glow, eyelids flicker, lava lamp indigo
Liquor whole, lithium slither, strips of coke, kitchen pros, opium jones
Wrist tracks, rigs exposed, plaid jacket and slacks ripped
Stripper pole, hitting home, suitcase gypsy, liver soaked
Whiskers grown and drip spittle, I kicked the litter, rigger froze
Germaphobic nightstand, dinner's cold
Polaroid clips of one of twin's sisters choked underdeveloped pictures old
Needle quiver and skin sticks to clothes
Business trip tickets ??
I left the house ajar, the skip hit the switch to ??
Six on a pallet in a cab ride and trip indulge

("Can I come? Well uh, I don't know.) [more excerpts from The Trip (1967 film)]


Master to the odd angles, Jak Progresso, LoDeck, turf of B23

Folded on a sketcher, audio provided by the hospital dispatcher
Lies, beauty, transparent, less merit
Following her light, angelic, pretty and fresh in a spring apron
Making food in the backyard for the sacred
Here's a life in case you want to retrace it
Why the loudest one's got to be so afraid to face it
INK got replaced by DNA
Beige flat out the ?? assemble, that's my VMAs
VMAs of crookedest writings on Earth
Still don't compare to the realer sightings on this curious turf
Death rebirth hypnotism fullest
The wind to transform marble tables into bullets
Faintness trembles into orgasmic sewage slot
'Cause the flesh folds weak but the world don't stop

("I've got this whole thing going with people on acid. I just like what happens, you know." Yeah? "They're groovy people." Well that's nice, but maybe I'll see you later. "Well have a nice trip." Yeah.) [more excerpts from The Trip (1967 film)]

[Jak Tripper]

I'm in the clams, mosquito net bed
Incense of citronella solicited poppies off the raft
Flying fish lids follow the alkaloid powder dash
Tight void air, flourishing a fever, girl tap the glass, avocado mask
Eastern opium savor a pipe, dissolve into hash
Heroin island oil lamp, sugar and rum twilight, white wash cubicals
Hooks slinging hammocks for the opium crash
Albino cat girl, American bitter boy grips the sugar cane
She's holding his staff
Blindfolded Vietnamese sweet flower tan
Asphyxiated the heavy pants seconds before the euphoric blast
I ride the trail and cling to the tabs
She's still bounded from shoulder to calves
Hanging fever hit me at last
Selective pestilence for the left handed stamp
Epidemic sweat covers the scabs

(In, out, in, out. Come on, breathe. Breathe! In, out, in, out. Just quietly, in, out. That's a boy. "I'm frightened to die, man." You're not going to die. That's just a thought. It's all in your mind. There's no fear in it. It's in your interpretation of it, "I though I was going to die." See, it's passing. Now it's passed. It's over. If it happens to you again, go ahead and go with it. Just go ahead and die. Whatever happens. Okay? You all right? Sure?) [more excerpts from The Trip (1967 film)]


Boric propellant amorphous
I orbit perimeters and smoke off pollen extracted from cultivated ghost dockets
Puff various orchis, musician populace corn chips
Rap infested with fraudulent parasites conforming like half of New York is
Suits came to my crib with warrants, just asking side sources
I learned love isn't worth the razor gash on the wrist when I was put in Four Winds
I turn animal corpus underground
Was explored so I built this other underworld underground like Pluto and Argus
This soloist doesn't utter choric, what chorus
I leave roses rutty around dead rappers heavily decorated ornate like funeral florists
Fry the white fiber fornix
Blood sucker, hunter ?? with the black ?? gorge it
You can't approach horse hyde leather draping grip
Split the protruding outward swarming with hornets and a bacterial with orgones walking
Walking to a store with sumac hands, empty a bullet box into the clerk running for storage
That's if I had a Bulldog .44 'cause talk is boring
Hooks in you deep tow trucking your ghost out of your portrait
Off the shore fear and loathing, Deck blowing the horn
I'm cloaked by the US flag on a rock like stork shit
In a K-hole nauseous I'm starring blindly with blurred sirens flashing til I see apparition light come out of slits and pork ribs
Bless the lord, roll a corpse let the frankincense burn
I've stayed in so many rehabs up north I might as well of become an intern
Dope head no more, loved acid but parents were redundant to twist herb
Instilled in me the genetically engineered sick urge
Got sent away, ended up fucking a split t-trick with hep C now my dick burns
Out of body load like I shrimp larvae under my skin swarming, transparent ringworm
Narcissist, this anti-conformist march against authority, anarchist, anarchic
You can't save the sheep herd oppressed trying to find anchorage in tar pits
I'm straight from the heart

Welcome to my depression, an entertainment lesson for you kids
And other humans who can relate to my mood or dark blue tint
Turned into suicide music, Comfortably Numb
I shatter the soul's windows with two fists
Seclusion, idiot box, diluted, glued to the TV static on channel zero
My skull's sweating a pistol to it
The two clicks blast, my face opens like the spring's sun hitting a tulip
My ghost a hundred lumens
The crew ship shoots out and starts to send through hell's blueprint
Doused in feded fetal fluid
Cuckoo bird flew the coop quick
Fire and flesh infusion, my bones melt to black tar bubbling as the fumes kick
Bed boards and broken broom sticks
Dark side of the spoon gripped
Yellow pool drip, the room polluted with syringes, notebooks and shadows moving over resinated shoe prints
I used to use drugs, useless trapped in a cubic prison of self loathing confusion and madness behind padded walls
Not lucid, I'm graceful as jellyfish tentacle movements
I'm wind blowing nooses and take my rations
I'll starve but slaughter the herd where they're fattened
Fuck bottom of the craft bin
My album's consist of me and that's it
Only Virus gets the cameo while you hiring has-beens
I hire assassins to clip mics in any wack human's mouth attached to its lungs spat at it
Back stabbing rabbits, I breeched the water with a whale's back, I'll take a stab at it
You wish you could think fast, even to think a fast wish
I write ill too, but lace off the radish
I couldn't think as slow as you if I tried even with brain damage
Get lost in a cave matchless, beard on my face matted
'Cause I sleep on the rat masses, occult maverick
I smell like shooting dens smothered in cooked base
Fuck hooks, fake Americans shooked
I'd rather watch a flag burn rather than a book page asshole


Burn this insect hive, king fly
Cocoon larvae last stage, shell cracked
Bat cave yeti, black face paint
Elk and antler scalp crown attached
Act strange, goat head down the cult
Idle pig and prince anarchist, ha fat strange
Roof cash rain
Cambodian river trip channel beyond military patch range
Smash 8 ball ?? 'caine
Isolate like Hemingway in a Floridian condo overlooking sand streams
Fur coat from bear skin, snap jaw
Bamboo constructed human trap cage
Tap, snap face, arm with Glade
Lawn chair pilot sit back slash space open star map
Spit fire grill like broken lighter tip for a crack flame
I skin wack rap snakes
And pitch during traffic light signals strobe light, flash frame
Drain venom sacks splash at Doofy
Sticker still stuck on the flat brim fitted hat brain
I'm gurney strap sane
This subway heart sip and snatches up backpackers
If out past 12 midnight right before they tag trains
Hell grip, my hand sweat smells like match tip sofa ash stains
Lion crest drag his scale helm cashmere patch main
I escaped the crash landing wreckage before government recovery hid the Arizona landscape
Moving narcotics is the invisible band-aid
I'll turn transparent before I self terminate
I'll incinerate my work and wipe out every last humanoid left at the fan base
I walk on water and freeze oceans to glass lakes
Ravenous in the booth, engineers have to encase my face in catcher's mask aid
Caterpillar that sat on a jelly cap and lit the hookah hash flame
What happened to imagination in the rap game, what rap game
I don't know, the well's tap drained
My last visit to the surface above the land clay

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
satanic alliance
satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:45 pm

BornWithHorns wrote:awesome!...love reading this...you heard Jak's verse on Lodeck's album? Song is called Giants...killer.

Just for you,

[Jak Tripper]

I'm Crispin Glover with rodents hung in his space bag
Remember I'm Theodore Bundy leaning on that rape van
Getting numbers in a fake cast
Selling killer buzzes to the teenage wasteland
Veins clasp, serial numbers losing their weight class
It's just a scene, we're all spinning machines and drug dreams by Maytag
We write burden rum journals of the modern insane man
Our rotted fallopian typewriters feed perversion and bang flags
Strange gangland, my rebel's Indian Parliaments playing hangman
Beige grants, we fire barrels like the homeless under bridges out in Graceland
Eight cyborg like 8 Man or Eighth Man
J23 lives on a fishing vessel off a burning mainland
Rigging algae for the bait cast
Rich rappers stay gassed
Sick rappers stay mad

[Hook - LoDeck]

I kill them all with this
They come and go enlist
Infuse my all in this
Can't deny my inventiveness
Oh shit, so sick, so sick, oh shit


Step into this, what you call business
Convict kindergarten
And frequent mic visits daring me to handle this
Holy scam like evangelist
Converting 72 virgins
Such a terrorist, please no cameras
I wrote this misquoted paragraph when telegrams were still buzzing
Getting head in Belvedere, my cock playing stunt husband
I held it in til I thought Evelyn Lim
Add another sin
The phantom chime's anonymous organ notes
I shine like J.P. Morgan's volts
Amongst the dull and comatose
Still kicking, blowing powder off wigs
I blow minds like Lincoln
Free thinking, free range chicken breast licking
Shit's complex like repressed strippers
I splash the money shot and write advice for the little tippers
Transform the g-spot under a sycamore
Do you remember
Fuck a thrift shop, I'll spend my last 20 at a liquor store
Then wake up groggy in a new Bugatti
Tapping on some politician's whore
Dude I'm so Illuminati
Lifting the curtain to a devil's orgy
I'm sure Picasso saw the exact same
Knee deep in slime, can you make out my name
Bitches make out at this party rocking Beliebers to the door of death
Your battery's spent, go next
I pass like Ervin
Fuck your head up worse than Jordan in a Laker jersey
I'm rarely heard like secret service thru the walkie-talkie
When it all hits, intense bliss
Asking who the fuck is this
During your very first kiss, inventiveness


“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:35 pm

Just a couple randoms


Another one for the president

My ill game known to kill dates
Guilt bitter as the broken pills taste
Moving Jonah Hill weight
Skill K smoking filled treys, trying to fill veins
When I'm on tracks like Band-Aids on dope fiends who build trains
In still frame, a honeycomb underground like military drilled case
Tabs with delta symbols serve the humans that work in farms
Murk the guard, shadow CIA I cut off the working arm
On that off the gurney cart, Berkeley charm
Look at the birdies, I kill everything, fuck mercy bars
Branch Davidians at the ranch hugging weapons, their summer wetted
Circle fans dust and bud the mess with
Like Hunter S. Thompson's drug collection
Cut tongue his necklace
My venom will stop your heart
This shit is art
Exhume cadavers on my bed spreading out parts
John Candy on the VCR
Broke and snuck into her room in the dark
Bashed in her braces til I saw sparks
That means love at first site I thought
Burying her arms
Strangle them peaking on gel tabs chards just to watch them depart and see their ghost float from their chest playing the harp
You want rhymes I got miles for you
I pop violets and blues
In the bathroom of a bar doing lines with the booze
I want you all to pile in a room single file in twos and set it on fire while I'm inside it with you

(Planet Earth about to be recycled. Your only chance to evacuate is to leave with is us. Planet Earth about to be recycled. Your only chance to survive or evacuate is to leave with us.) [a snippet from Heaven’s Gate Cult Initiation Tape]


4-4-4 Mix
King of punchings
A body seven heads
Check this out
Cobweb corner rap a spool
Insect world
Ant farm, rap spool
Bad Touch, on the track fondling
Check this out

Cobweb corner of the attic rap spool
Get your tracks pulled (give me that)
If I'm a sheep it's a wolf wearing black wool
Flash flood cemeteries til corpses flow
Deep like ?? bones
Household's kitchen knife slice across the throat
Witness lightning flashing behind clouds on jagged mountain rain
Seasons about to change
Wash blood and hair from the scalp, wash down the drain
In the basement bolted to rock wall bound in chains
What do you know about the pain
Wicked witch king with a crown of flames
No cold cuts, coked up
Fast slow strut, so what
Septum closed shut
Sinus tissue soak blood
My right nostril is froze stuck
Dicks surrounded by coke sluts
With a group appearance of crows plucked
After comedown roast bud
Picking partially digested tabs out of my throw up and ate them again
"Why?" Because I am broke with no drugs
Should of had my nostrils sewn shut
And stuck two straws on each side through holes punched
Boney like I had a stomach parasite, but I just smoke lunch
Hit bongs like I had chrome lungs
Possible robot, speak with tone bugged
Like I had my flow stuck into a phone plug
Bathing in blood red soap suds
Stone hut, leather mask's chrome studs
Slice chicken throat cluck
Choke bitches so loud in my house I woke my folks up

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“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
satanic alliance
satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:41 am



H-A-DOUBLE L-O-W-DOUBLE E-N spells Halloween [8x]

(Teenagers across America are playing with a new and frightening game; Satanism. Their school books are marked up with Satanic symbols; upside down crosses, pentagrams, the number 666. Their fashion's glamorize demonic. They are seduced by heavy metal heroes, many of whom features Satanic imagery in their songs and album covers. For some of these young people, the fixation on violence, evil and death leads them to commit abominable crimes including suicide and human sacrifice.)

Your kings holiday
Witching hours

Look where Hip-Hop has gotten me
Paddles blast volts to my sternum like somebody put one of Stonehedge's blocks on me
Blots and sheets of ergonomy hospital homage, hospice fiend
You fucking oxy freaks
Funeral parlor proxy leech
Stay in my house like a hoarder bordered in sloppily
It'd be a miracle if cops see me
Slacker collective hobby
Leave parents grief stricken
Beat victims in their face til their teeth sinks into the back of their throat with chunks of street mixed in
Silk flowers get strangled then disembowled soaked with white towels
Froms motels I rob with Charles Brown em
Get off faster when they're unconscious, eye checks looking for their soul deep down them
The emperor's dream, temper ??
Polaroid pictures of dismembered teens
Bad energy surrounding the remorseless sociopath incapable of guilt or empathy
But I can fake it like celebrities if a necessity
Seven scared virgins side by side buried deep
Those less worthy are scattered wide across lakes and under beds of leaves
I don't want to hear you beg to me
You can't trade your life for hopes of human forgiveness like Bundy unsucessfully
Feds surround my house with flack vested deputies

Happy Halloween, friends of me. Gather around, haha gather around children.

(Whether it's dying of natural causes, being crucified, being killed, bleeding to death, being shot by arrows. We can't deny that religion is one of the most powerful cultural forces on the face of the planet and yet it is full of death. Some people might even say that religions are death cults.)


(Still lysergic) yeah, cyclothymic king (filled with death) cyclic king (filled with evil)

I'll layer the class out
Call me ?? ball the class clown
I'm at the spot maxed out
Give me a budget, you could do a lot with a crack ounce
You could do a lot with roofies at a cat house
Rifkin pick-up, tennis shorts, bloody fingertips smudged by the beach resorts
I'm trailing the sixth one
Stop the hiccups, my eyes lit up
48 hours I've been up
Using truck stops to dump off pin-ups
My crib nuts, voodoo alters and rib cuts
My arousal levels during strangulation is compared to a cliff jump
After doing a stick up, degrout humans one handed faster than fish guts
Dripping baby spit up
Acidics licked up, I'm a sick duck
Trying to swim in an oil slick stick muck
I fixed up laying on my back now I can't even sit up
Rubber band arms holding the high with fists clutched
Cadavers of hitchhikers, crystallizing their nostrils from mixed cut
Inner thighs bit up
Go back to the dumpsites before the sex drive gets kicked up
I've been numb
I can strangle a waitress on a day off and go and get lunch

(Hey Jak I love your music man, you got some acid for me? I heard you like to trip balls.)

Yo chief pass the hash pipe
Yeah my shit is trash right
I'm garbage like a cheerleader dumped in the junk
Stuffed and gutted with both hands tied
This Syd Barrett got me mad hype
I don't set churches on fire, my fans try
I'm that scumbag a label can't sign
Pathetic wasting of mad time
But a real writer can't die
I guarantee I off myself before anybody by a fucking landslide
Off the block I push the van
We got a lot of kush on hand
You get popped chopped and put in bags
Dropped out operative entrance
Where's the poshed ones
I'll pull out a chakra through her clam
In social settings I'm awkward as an octopus on land
Fuck a road check
I pump the trees to soak wet
During sessions I'm shaking
Smoked out like flag burning protests


Yeah. Church of the black cirle. 8:00 AM. Supercoven. Wizard of witchlock island. Kingdom of Iz. Make believe.

I guzzle ox blood from barrels
My face spackled
I'm digging at my forearm with an X-Acto
I'm trying to get to my shadow
Perform miracles and sacrifice cattle
I walk on water like I was standing in the shadows
Lick a sheet, sit with me trip for weeks
Slip in sleep
I eat cactus like Incan chiefs
63 day walkabout aborigine
Straight out the dope sack
I came here in a toe tag
This planet can support no man
Wandering nomad
I'm wanted from a UFO crash
I just licked a toad's back
These woods are vast enough for any human man to go mad
Better go back
In occult mass, I meditate with a shaman in a goat mask
My head in the clouds like a boat's mast
Rhymes sound like arrows after bows snap
Or when wings of crows flap
Soak grass, [??vergina chrome sap??]
I can't see this with smoke lenses
Rose headless, roots deaded
I flow ??
Tight like a rope fetish
I'm so wetted, reptile coat shedding
Old legend, witch circle with stone edges
Green capture wool weapon
Open your intestines wide enough to put both legs in
I landed here in 1907
My alien skin looking like old lettuce

(You can be arrested for having this cactus, um I can never understand it, 'casuse if ever anybody wanted to have a psychedelic journey on it, for starters on that psychedelic. However it is very informative and you do get clarity of vision and it was used and is used for vision quests. It is actually a very powerful plant.)

Get this CD at your corner spot
Get one of your boys to copt then walk away shady like they bought some rock
Murdered all my exes, all were posh, all forgot
My motive? I did it all for God
The neighbors called the cops
Got committed like "So this is what it looks like in The Emerald halls of Oz"
Bleached all four in Clorox
I fall for blondes
Taste my first salt water tear when I saw them gone
I look like Syd Barrett with Leatherface intention
Severed face reflection
Whenever I spit weather change direction
Holding LSD lectures, followers take your ten strips
I've said everything in rap, should I say next I strap foes
Obesity fat flows over rap show
Give me five minutes and half of a Paxil
I'm the mushroom patch troll
Swallowing caps hole
Dark blue and black gold
Nightstand cut fingers from hands
Crack and cash roll
Casanova, I Glad bag, I bag hoes
I follow the wounded lamb home
I see the sun from under her skin, making the tracks glow
I'm like Oscar Acosta as Lazlow
Getting off the plane in Vegas smelling like hash smoke
Tell the promoters I can't go
Running my car in the garage sucking on the gas hose
Drop from the snatch cold
My mother cackled and said my six month sonogram look like a giant tadpole


Yeah ride it out

Satan worship, Satan's servant
Rainbow in the circuit, Ricky six verses
Let's fuck death away and burn wrists
Rappers turn shit
I'm cracked like burnt lips on hookers and turn tricks
I'm out of my turnip
Look at the sherm drip
I turn murk quick
Eat my throat out like Lurch did
Hands dipped in rubber like surgeons
After they die it's first kiss
The bird's limb in a bathtub of bleach, picture peferct
Wait til the percs kicks
Put the clothes back on the bodies inside out on purpose
I'm a pervist, another psycho like Perkins
Meet them in person, leave by myself nervous
Tucking the shirt in
This is deep like family pictures from their purses
The creep from under the furnace
Yeah I'm Koolaid server you Mondo Zombie peace out man
Sneak in your crib with the beads out and the breeze from house fans
Jumped out van
Smoking free base to breathe out cans
I smell like green house gas
I breathe out slag
Monster from the basement and the deep down lab
Black coven groupies beat down ramps
Creep out fans, junkie shit, creep out camps
Be out fam
Foor door jeep, task force tweeze out strands
Hellfire heat mouth leave towns ash
Jak fucking Progresso the scene's outcast

I'm really an artist, I feel fine
I want to kill myself, I'm real high, Im really a weird guy
I'm so very an artist, I feel fine
If I hung myself the record deal's mine, I'm real high

Who's this guy, what's his name mean, I thought he was bigger
Fucking figures, I spit and draw you a picture for six figures
I can't believe I still have a liver
I'm the new Keith Richards, robo-tripper
Codeine and scissor, wave to the solo tripper
My pitch works, pipe hitter
Bind, torture and kill her
Are strippers, runaways and drifters
The devil's right hand man by the river
Hands binding sisters
Long Island's sands hiding fingers
Oddly obsessed with your music in the sands buying stickers
Hollow a soul, empty temple
Swallowing ghosts at the Hollow alone
Condo is sold, colleges trolled
Telling the voices I promised I won't follow them home
Compost and mold
Prostitutes wilt into fossils and bones


When they all came around they didn't say anything

This car was stolen
Early August, skin's sticking to the [??armor's trolling??]
Parked in Cold Spring
Satanic panics hard to hold in
Gouging hearts out of harlots, discard in clothing
Blood frosting, pentagrams, and lipstick in the carpet soaked in
Charm to go with buying drugs with the charge cards and throw it
The devil slipped the dust in the cigar and rolled it
Despondent road trip, pulled over slowing
I had two blondes devoted, sacrificed wrapped in tarp, while being charged with holding
The cops didn't even know it, even after they towed it
Sick sitting in a marsh since the cold hit
October gave them red rope around neck, start to glowing
Ligature marks from choking
Stomach with holes like five carps poked in
Butterfly larvae goes in
You should see them under the sun facing the sky
It looks sparkled golden

I trap their beautiful ghosts in garbage pails at home
?? notes to feds explaining how I followed two but the trail went cold
Careless if there it's froze or compared to ??
But I'm not I swear it's old
In a medical school hair is combed, no life spared to hold
No light there it's cold
Bugs crawling out of a teared in hole
What was behind their stare is stole
Death wrapped as a blanket around them, tailored clothes
I sleep with the pale and cold corpse of Annabel Lee but her stare's like Poe
And I won't let the scamp dry
Snatch the upper half's line
The stash knife made it a fast fight
Even on black tar you won't catch me on half life
Hooker slash, slid naked dead in the back iced
Flick on Karen Carpenter as I watch that girl got strangled and stabbed die
That white van's mine surrounded by federals parked by the campsite
Cadaver dogs and MagLites
I splash dyes
Psychedelia flash lives
Testing drugs like lab mice
I leave him with internal bleeding from bashed spines
Came to slash rappers leaving the gash wide
Supercoven flag ship holding the mast high
Rolling the liquid in grass
Rolling holding the mast high
And collapsing like the weak veins my boy's needle went through
Lead doomsday cults ??
I am the people's temple
The leaves are yellow
As leaves are [??fenneled??]
I'm such an outsider for six years critics thought I was feralled

(James C. Dobson: You are scheduled to be executed tomorrow morning at 7:00, if you don’t receive another stay. What is going through your mind?---Ted: I won’t kid you to say it is something I feel that I am in control of or something that I have come to terms with, 'cause I haven't. It’s a moment-by-moment thing. Sometimes I feel very tranquil and other times I don’t feel tranquil at all. What’s going through my mind right now is to use the minutes and hours I have left as fruitfully as possible, and see what happens. It helps to live in the moment, in the essence that we use it productively. So right now I’m feeling calm, in...) [excerpt from Ted Bundy's final interview]


(I'd like to welcome our brothers and sisters. I'd like to propose a toast to some hits of acid.)
(Alright so where's this acid---What, yeah, where's the acid, that's a trick question. It's probably at a drug dealers house.---No no no.. Adam they we know, I told them, just it's in the safe---Yeah well let's get it out I guess and let's do acid.) [from the Workaholics episode "The Business Trip"]
(Okay I don't know anything about the business. I don't have a real job. I can shoot you right now but I'm not ?? my friends to you.)
(You're communicating with the alien overlords right now. You know these beings that have come on asteroids. Their spores have infested this earth, you're communicating with them through eating them.) [Joe Rogan talking about mushrooms]
(It never occurred evil backwards spells live {Crowd applauses}. Somehow that never occurred to me. It's never occurred to me until one of my disciples brought it forward. I imagine it's quite true that many of us..)

That girl Molly fucked me up
Those oxys made me lose my lunch chewing chunks, snub
Roxies made me itch my nuts and nod too much
My heart shrunk so I stay sedated like The Ramones son I'm a punk
I got shrooms bulging out of my trunk like hay bales
I smoke dutches and scrape scales
Beats harder than a statue in chainmail
Face veiled behind the shotgun that fame fails
I watched my brain bail out of its cell like airplane mail
Fucking bitches with faces laced in cocaine scales
Devilic fans blast off my CD case rails
On a sunken house built in a marsh deprived of sunlight
Feeding off mice, lived in the dark
Gifted, spit shit for art with pistons for hearts
Duel ignition system to spark
Telekinetics lift to the ??
Sizzling stars, my body's a planet
Standing by me's like visiting Mars
I'm a vampire, I've been around since 1730
I smell virgin and blood I'm thirsty
Fresh off the gurney, I'm nerdy
I walk around with a dead body like Weekend At Bernie's
The god's cursed me
I let the acid nurse me
Look at the birdie, I've gone batty, beard nappy
I live in the woods, hair long and straggly, I look Paki

(He was a long, thin, not very handsome, always very helping. So he stayed for a week at a time at the homes of each of his pupils.)


Hi kids

Hello children, is everybody high enough
Hi my loves, I'm out hard from psilocybin's buds
I'm floating Indian style on a yellow cloud of phosphorous catching stars like lightening bugs
I'm swaying like a cobra froze
Levitating in half lotus pose
And no one knows why dragonflies hovered over my body seconds after my overdose
Jak needs to start phoning home
Some got fans, I own a cult
I'm home alone with decapitated girlfriend posed
She's my headless rose I own
I just got off of that pink cloud now I stay on lakes smoking an ounce wondering how
Fishing with a cloud, he had a lantern on his brow
Lately I stand on the roof of my house looking at humans like they're stupid cows
Don't know if everyone here can understand what I'm talking about but I can see multi-colored soap bubbles floating out of my mouth
Fuck friends and cliques
Anarchy, anarchists extend the fists
I spit senseless shit
I rape girls then cry after it ended quick
I guess I'm oversensitive

("Helga." Hello stranger, how did you know my name?)

I'm left handed, I wasn't born on this planet I landed, I was stranded
Here's some acid for perception expansion
Oxygen's my canvas, run a cult from aunt's crib
I'm good with the girls like Manson
I see exploding July fireworks sky boarders
I'm right around the corner, on the right corner, around the right corner
Rolling X and weed pulling hits in
Sitting on Orion's Belt fishing line tied to a bamboo stick cooking the moon and pulling in
I am the lizard king, I can do anything you can do
A true geek, dooby-doo
Going on stage after huffing ether rags and fumes from super glue
I took a bunch of numbers
Virgin sacrifice, blood is drawn
A gifted mystic like I was Muggle-born
Tripping face sweating til puddles form
When I think of shapes, technicolor bubbles form
Picture me with no skin in laminated muscle form

(The music was so soothing it almost put Jak to sleep too. And he had to pinch himself many times in order to stay awake.)

08 918

Jim Jones: Someone had me very busy, needed to talk to me about something, so I just went into the drawer and picked out pair of shorts and put it on, and they had the needle fixed with some poison on the end of it, so that it would just touch the cheek and go in, and I knew right then what someone was up to. But I want you to know, I’ve not been off my feet

Congregation: Clapping

Jim Jones: At this time we will receive our offering. Would you do me the kind favor, because I’m not feeling my fingers or my lips, and I’m speaking somehow– I don’t know how [chuckles]. But uh, it’s a kind of a strange feeling that I went through. First it was vomus– uh, vomitus, and uh, enormous pain, gastric pain, but as I said, it never caused me to get off my feet. You say, well, why do they do that to you? My, do you need to ask why they do that to me? [Ministerial tone, voice rises throughout] They that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution, they shall revile you, they shall say all manner of things falsely against you, they shall do unto them everything that they wish to do, and even kill you, thinking they do God a service. And if you’re not getting persecution, you’re not living godly. So I have my credentials. What about you?

Congregation: Applause and cheers

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Tue Jan 05, 2016 6:11 pm



It said I'm an adult with a cult
Vincent Schiavelli look alike
Still adamant about dissecting containers and flenching hooker hides
I put in double work like the Gemini twins in a Brooklyn lounge with butcher knives
Crooked mind, I get praised for these bars like I took the time
I also heard my sock puppet hand chopped up and cook my wife's body and took it's time
I tear bitches' backs out like a ripped booklet spine
I'm rigid and stubborn as a screw pushed in pine
Cursed with art til I die
Still life sketch your head severed with insects crawling out of it's pushed in eyes
A doctor like Conrad Murray I'll kill a mic/Mike with cyanide batter on a wine platter
Shoot up gymnasiums and climb rafters
Dispatch me in any cypher, I'm a spine cracker
Virulent but not a vine rapper
Confused I'mma spook the spies after
Spit pissing over hissing puddles from acidics dripping out of spine fractures
I'm a megalithic Stonehenge with heavy over ?? and vine ladders
It's ironic I'm the bomb and look Hamas like a hijacker
Hits from the bong life shatter
Write to bind chapters
Feel like I'm in a shark suit around biters and signed actors
Murder then scream, cry, sigh, laughter
Let's the devil's hand use my idle mind to make the time fly faster

6-6-6-8-6 I was the ?? ?? bastard

(Does that mean there are people alive in this village who have eaten people? "Yes." Okay. Is it possible to them? Is it something they would talk about? "They talk, but it is possible." It is possible? "Yeah.")


(Nature draped one world in the greens and blues of life. While enveloping the other in acid clouds, high heat and volcanic flows. Why did Venus take such a disastrous turn?) [excerpt from the show Cosmic Journeys episode Venus: Death of a Planet]

I'm an expired vessel
Cease to malignant cancer sits in it
?? which kiss that moon goddess
Three face triadic deity
Moon triplet split my falace wax for flames
But this hollow ax decapitate the triplicate
Head off this reptilian
On uncharted cliffs
Witnesses partake in a Viking burial of Artemis
I'll fetch the kindling
Hilltop, one cross, hedge stone tilted
The sky cinnamon
I'm a simian, uncivilized ??
Silicate wisdom simmering
I'm a Scythian body on fire sent with a ??, heart, a boulder and a bog that you couldn't dredge with a tug
A white jade robe, she lays elegant on dead hedges and shrubs
Handfasted netting with tongue flown to skin
White as a powder of grinded dust from elephant tusk
She floats low stratocumulus 'cause in Seraphim blood
My heart's silted half empty it's pumping only sediment mud
I crush superior, break the interior overflow seminal flood
Her bated breath lured nights into a white worm laying drunk off a stench from the lust
But not this night, all night I slow the wound til then stomach distend from the plug
The blind sense she's sent from above
I see an ascension from slugs
She turns up what's under my flesh into slush
Wicked wench wrench in my gut


(Despair came knocking at my door and I let her in for awhile)-[2x]

"Let's see if I can get this. This song's a downer."

I'm on a fire lake hacking at dead hands in hell with paddles
I'm so dejected I kick rocks watching 5AM melt my shadow
Ignited by the metal, melt on gravel
This God-king put a spell on Babel
Word to my malformed conjoined twin
With the mic kin, extending hell like a rattle
Purple rain velvet, psychedelic tab coat
I'm yelling ??
My customers dying like I'm selling bad dope
Blak Church against Heaven's last hope
I'm stretching blackholes and undisclosing track codes
Building, digging into Hell's levels with ??
My house now a bunker with walls of rice sacks and stacked stones
Fly anarchy from flag poles
Trilateral filtered flags flown
Kidnap humans, tenants of households scattered on conveyor belts and backroads
I'm coughing up ash like Asian populations in black smoke
The monkey on my spine swallowed my back whole
Too rare to die like Lazlow

(Despair came knocking at my door and I let her in for awhile)-[2x]

"You never know. We're having a good time. We like to have fun here."

That loudest flame
I got Keith Collin on the tips of my body hair like feelers on outer space
I abduct minds and incise cellulite from
outer case
Scuttle, dodging Isis in tunnels out of state
Two burners out of case
Balanced, each metal a counterweight
You a broke water fountain
I spit a sea gallon spray
Til this art open for flood jets to the exit like school massacre crowd escapes
Who housed this place, the Hip-Hop crown is gay
My pride of dead hoes and a mountain face
I'm doused in paint
I leave body pile of empty aisles and ?? the gate
Walking from a cold dumpsite worn out, head down in shame
I am the isolator
You're mislayed
I don't miss veins
You love me you get disdained
I hate narcissist goddesses towards pool where I fixate

(Despair came knocking at my door and I let her in for awhile. Despair came knocking at my door and I let her in for awhile. She sat on the couch and began smoking. She said..)


(DAVID: I don't want to do these anymore.-PETE: Oh, don't be silly. -I'm not being silly, Pete. It's just demeaning. It's a load of idiots.-They loved you. -They didn't love me, they didn't care. If they love me, why were they throwing stuff? Throwing water, plastic bottles, underpants. One bloke threw a pair of Y-fronts, hit me in the face, yeah, and I knew it was Nutella or Marmite he'd smudged on the gusset. But it was still him going, "That's what we think of you mate. You're shit.") [from The Office - Christmas special]


Crash and splash brain waves on a surf board
Smash breakless stakes through face during turf wars
Machete swing at your king, my team murk yours
Your weak shit ain't cutting it with your fucking Nerf swords
Perverse thoughts gets lost, the work force
The industry needs more sleeze working these whores like a workhorse
Dirt poor is the floors the Earth's laws
Burst a chorus through their source like birth when I exert force
Surface is scorched burnt towards while they're curling nerves formed
Reverse the torch, march and alert cursed hordes with curved horns
Carved, invert and insert gourds
To cyborgs that curse thy Lord, pry in and insert forks
High on my high horse lost
This hearse long showing like first born
Sure these herbs strong, bomb, getting my swerve on
Chauffeur a fine pile of corpses around in a universe galore
Birds torn, absurd porn, it's pure raw while germs spawn deformed
??? gore and every serpent around here want to slither through the church doors

(Nothing. I was chained to a radiator. Boring. Next. And what's he done since? Nothing. I've got anecdotes. I've got stuff to say, if people would listen, but they won't.) [more from The Office - Christmas special]

[Jak Tripper]

Yo ascending Earth God
I got a Armageddon gas rag at the safest birth spot ready to burn the first block
I bird watch, fly over the benefit for Mr. Kite ringing out ergot
Bergamot suitcase to herb spot
This heavy as 9000 BC the first trip over the smurf tops
I'm on a couch, good for nothing like I burned pot
Nerves shot by the door watching apparitions turn knobs
I'm hay baling hooks behind bars
With shank pokings, spitting molten, occulted
Groupies can suck me stiff blowing
Stiff, I got a basement with dead strippers stiff below it
Shedding skin molding
Front yard garden of roses
Exposing hands sticking out emulsion
Write every verse claustrophobic like I was snowed in
A wicked omen
Big black barrel looking like a witch's cauldron

(Now if that's a waste of money "but it is a waste of money 'cause you didn't even get on top on to it." Good, didn't want it to. Next.) [more from The Office]

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Tue Jan 05, 2016 6:59 pm

Found a new random track on Youtube called Pig Slaughter


I'm the new Dimangro, I'm cloaked in a red robe
Bars are hot, shot from a Solar Temple, bi-polar mental
Wooly cap, hammer handle, handcuffs, shovel, stolen rental
I own a death cult
Hold down tents low
Hand rolled opium hall folded tent poles
Filled to ripping mortician liquid, dip in and smoking menthols
I'm a savage restless in the jungle with an ax bared
Cadences juggle fire over toddlers and snap snares
I'm dead lifting bars til the muscles on my back tear
I'll let that falcon fly with the mac hair
Or I can punch you death like Max Baer
I'll tap his head give him hat hair
The grip I named it The Zodiac, it clicks lovers
Barrel tip muffler
Lift his lid like a shoe box cover
The smoke come from under his wig like Raekwon on the Cuban Linx cover
Chem puffer, tubercular lunger, goon goblin murk, murderer
Self cutter, cut angles through liquids and skin like ??
As trust burns, stuck in the house is gutter
Passing blunts to a ratchet with tongue burns
This Sawzall cut through her bones like butter
I'm a made man, moving dust like butlers, weed buzzards
The reggie ain't reggie anymore, it's unburied and thawed, embalmed and smothered
Burning grass wet as suburban lawns in the summer
Adriana vampire high off blood from city clubbers

Yeah. Nothing but bars and beams. Magma hot yo. Boxdizzle, Jak Tripper in the hut. BK, Gonzo shit. Peace to UK, out the mist like London's east end cutting throats. Peace to Krypto. And that's it

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:51 pm



(Now if I were to sit here in a fit of anger and you saw me eating acid, if I were you I'd leave with all the equipment. That cranks it up even worse.) [snippet from a Hunter S. Thompson interview on why he does drugs]

Yeah, Owl Farm 2014. Tripper shit. Fear and Loathing, Las Vegas

My left hand catching tremors from delirium shell shock
Scratching shit to say
I'm metal like a crutch, shift my weight
I followed a girl home after I got off my shift today
See how I be switching page
When the reptilian's in the mist, I lift the K
Like ketamine dipped cigs, lift the flames
They imitate, I imagine like Mark David Chapman in a fit of rage
I'mma dip and scrape Earth to clone Mars after the spores shed
Punch force focus like a sensei but for the board set
He going ham I'm going bore's head
Apple gag ball, whore's head
Décor whore flesh
I'm where the tennis court is
Peace to Boris, acid stored in my back spitting boric
Occult historic, Father Divine, red robed, head of an oryx
I'mma spray up your house in a suit like I'm with Orkin
Hand to the Ouija board, I'mma write like I'm channeling orsin
I hunt down and hand gut game like an outdoorsman
Kick doors in like Biggie Smalls recordings
Playing door in a drug raid by law enforcement
I'm posted outside of your studio like a doorman
Rap Roger Corman
This is rap braggadocio, extreme gore, foreign
I'mma sink hole the Earth til everything falling
Blak Church falling

(But I was in no mood or condition to spend another week in Las Vegas. Not now. I had pushed my luck about as far as it was going to carry me in this town . . . all the way out to the edge. And now the weasels were closing in; I could smell the ugly brutes. Yes, it was definitely time to leave. My margin had shrunk to nothing.) [Excerpt from Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson]


(I'ts a smoke screen..Double blot. Look you obviously don't know anything about intelligence work lady It's an X-K-Red-27 technique {a line from Otto West in A Fish Called Wanda})
(Prince Valium..{scratching})

Yeah yeah, mister negative. I'm the Zoloft smiley face. Paxil.

I built a church and run it, teaching classes in it
Bars behind bars like writing raps in prison
I snap necks like pissed off ratchet bitches
Rap's religion
Strapped like masochism
Shit dope like I passed prescription
Anyone can catch a body but can they spend time laughing with it
I'm an Earth man, my head a planet
Hissing gaseous with gashes in it
I hate my life, I'll spit in your lunch, buzz off
I juggle plugged in ??
You punk's soft
Choke chicken heads get feathers plucked off
I'll pop like duck sauce
See me in the mic booth bugging, wiping the bugs off
You need a verse or a one off
Don't look at me, I'm looking for the highest building to jump off
I'll cremate you, you'll look like a pile of dump salt

From third person I two face
Slice halves on the right's left
Like two lefties facing each other with knives kept
Nine dead, mind read and burned like books spines under Third Reich wreck
This notebook my bitch's ex bitch
We just fucking fight friends
I fly heads like decapitated gold-diggers still rocking hoops and diamonds
Ax head connect the chest splashing fuchia reds
I'm single and looking for a future ex
I'm in the club using X
Loser, losing friends
Keep killing my own fans I'm losing ends


(Why do you eat people? "Not people. Brains." Brains only? "Yes." Why? "The pain!" What about the pain? "The pain of being dead." It hurts to be dead. "I can feel myself rot." Eating brains, how does that make you feel? "It makes the pain, go away!") [quotes from The Return Of The Living Dead (1985)]

As the hottest kid in the class
I can make metal objects lift
Not really a project kid
When I'm on it, your head is my science project kit
Everybody want to see bars, well I got steel beams like the ones they build projects with
I'm dumping twelve in you
Then dumping this well shell of you
In a dug well for you
Drop the magic down the well
I'm Belleville View
Surrounded by serpents skinning their shell nukes
Microdot pellets bloom
Confused tyrant, massacre cities
Ivan the Terrible
Jak Tripper, chrome the brow, pulling scalps
Podium bashes, occultist crown
Kicking that cult shit, we open the bowl skin house
Zoning out like Kurt's last days just mopping 'round, compose his drowse
Her last breath the only sound, it won't be found
Ted Bundy's death row interview told me how
Jack Torrance's ax holding
Skin a cat's clothing
Run in traps smoking after smoking a couple of Zax soaking
Big heavy barrel looking like a black cauldron



Care to cattle and far stock
Ham on the high car hand chop and spatter the smock
Arms locked like a gun jam
I'm just warming up like a tortoise kicking back on top of it's shell relax catching a sun tan
When shit gets real, it's like a little baby smoking a splif watching hardcore porn and shit, born in a drug den
Pouring blood red floods of ants from my mouth
When I shout I'mma spout of endless cop killers from Bugland
Speech unleash the beast I gleek alive beetles and feast on meats of crushed limbs
Black hockey puck slam fast into grills
Tripping ill for real
That's a slapshot to peel tops, spill and rot and punched heads
The dumb hot skills dumping lead, when I scribble something dead
Popping off on sharp pencil points flop and sop and plopper
What was not written probably have ripped to sloppily stuck then

[Jak Tripper]

Everything's been said let's hug the rope
I splatter brain matter to hummus batter running out onion slow
This mis-cut low five style in technicolor row
Eight millimeter rails with watermarks stashed on disclosed
Pour your essence and dim some, dim son saying Jak hung his coat
Fuck this I'll cut his whole fucking tongue and nose into chicken cutlets cold
I'm plugged in stuck in this puppet show
In the church like Rutledge
The second I get of sulfur in the wind I'm shooting and driving
Looting with goons and more rolls than Lucifer rising
Bright and psychic, I feel I'm due for The Shining
Every drop shake waters under the house bolts enough to loosen the sidings
This is a drug summer, moody control your sun structure
Literally drug summer
From in bloom on the roof snow crust covered I think hard

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:35 pm

just a random leak


(Nobody is going to stay an occasional user very long. This is one game nobody beats. If you use narcotics before long you will have the habit. About the hardest in the world to break. And the dope addicts say you're hooked. Well how does one become hooked? The simplest way to answer that is to talk to someone who has had the experience.)

(The only time I think I've ever been able to understand myself was on an acid trip. Then things really clear.)

This is filth I sputter pig headed
Pig headless, black trench coat, cigs wetted
Half sick from synthetics
Scalping domes like I sold wigs separate
The Skid system sim shredded
I'm a chimp with a microchip under a skin blemish
Acidic, bitter, spitting like I bit lemons
I got bricks at demolition tied to each limb for the big ending
A brick chemist, anthrax envelope slip sending
American Isis, lifting the ski-mask to hit senate
More hits than six ??
Six sects sit in secular cells
Symmetric, flows misshapen and decrepit
You couldn't see what I spit if I was on Quaaludes and you live read it
If I see a badge hanging off a pig's necklace I'm sending bullets from mad tecs like an angry bitch message
Spit wretched, I'm commercial like Comet Hale–Bopp by Nike rocking Heaven's Gate kicks dreaded
I'm in cyphers head butting and rib checking
I'll rip heads to shreds like I rip lettuce
I'll choke the flow of your disc pressing
I'll choke your oxygen flow so hard my fingerprints press in through the rubber glove indexes
A hundred percent Sicilian
Thick headed, get your face indented
I'll put your family's blood on top of yours, that's inbreeded
My patient's then thread rip
My method an acquired taste and sick fetish

(The drug was administered in a drink of water given at the start of each day's exercise. 25 minutes later, the first effects of the drug became apparent. The man began to relax and to giggle. But this man was more seriously effected and had to be removed from the exercise.) [from a quick film apparently taken by the British Armed Forces during a test on the effects of LSD on their men.]

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Wed Jan 06, 2016 6:24 pm

Two more randoms..


[Jak Tripper]

As the sun kisses the lake

I'm Oliver broke, picking at pocket wool
I turn Earth on the track, I put in farm work
Oxen wool, I got a locker full
I'm a cloud forest, I put smoke in the trees til my crib tropical
Acidics topical, abominable
Joints sop with rocket fuel
Bars horn locking bulls like Ecuadorian matadors spearing oxen skulls
You rock a full set trip
We set seizure, virulent
Caught the hanging red fever
These fans ain't royalty, a blessed dealer
They lizards fucking in the desert
Them snakes are egg eaters
My state of grace, drinking haterade
In the hater ticker-tape parade
I don't work sanitation but you can see me cough in trash like Flava Flav
Famous play (I don't know)

Pardon the problem, pardon the problem. I'm part of the problem, pardon the problem......

[The Buttress]

Make it through to lie down in green pastures
I missed the floor and ??, I don't wanna
It's not right, these places are wild and most likely not probably for life
Just the suffering
Looking for sustenance in the night
I been practicing, weaving bars upon bars into the most beautiful of yarn tapestries
And practically a genius in this shit, only 26 but can spit
Like I was born in BC century the fifth
I'm just trying to sit without fidgeting
To watch myself on the big screen TV like what did she say
There's no way, that's never been done before
While I guess that is not before today

(There are cases which cannot be overdone by language, and this is one.) What does that mean? (By perseverance and fortitude we have the prospect of a glorious issue; by cowardice and submission...) What does that mean though? (...the sad choice of a variety of evils...) I don't know. (...a ravaged country — a depopulated city — habitations without safety, and slavery without hope.) [in the parenthesis are excerpts from Thomas Paine's The Crisis]


I'm dreadful, holding my ex hoes
Head full of snakes, facing the west coast
I got a cycle, it's not incidental
I own a cycle, it's parked in my garage leaning on its pedal
During psychoism leaving petals after snatching bitches off cycles
I'm fleeing crime scenes hydroplaning on menstrals
I took the stems broke, digging in my lenses
Crushing my own two white eyeballs like eggs broke
Miss like Bushwick, left me petrol
Puffing petrol, sleep with the heat like a gecko
I hope I get heckled
I turn Julio González with the metal
And Plaza '87 the whole club from under a trench coat
Let off 300, I'll block the sun from the lead smoke
It's my time for the Shining, I'm Jak trapped in the hedgerows
Brutal shit, Kemper in Fresno
Ax head connected to breast bone
Splatter effect, gave myself freckles
With the chainsaw, gave my bathroom a fresh coat
I'll burn your trap down with you handcuffed inside to a bed post
The only record they'll have by you are your dentals
Punches leave you a walking coma in the dead zone

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:51 pm



I don't even know how this is gonna go. I'm in my fucking living room man again. I'll just go with it, I don't even know how this is gonna go.

Missilanious in the bubble. I'm in the living room once again, 2012. Early summer. Hot months. Difficult hours. This is for the sardines and the brood.

Metamorphosis, feelings off, transform
I ascend like holy light dropping through clouds of swarming flies like sand storms
This is a bad song
Ceremonial occult head dress, red robe and rams horn in a den clothed
I'll go to work on missing sorority sisters in a trance with the band saw
When she convulses it was something to dance for
I'm just trying to work on this art shit but I'm seconds from making a rope tied from some shirts
I'm sick dying of thirst, an earthworm surviving off dirt
My skin's paler than E.T.'s when he was dying on Earth
I've been inside scared of outside and the birds
I haven't had time for a word
I'm Jak, I'm like Jack from The Shining but worse
I'm so ahead of my own time there's overgrown vines on my verse
Fuck Hip-Hop, I'm like astonished I haven't like stopped yet
Profile me, I'm white
But I could be ??
I'll eat a dyke's omelet
In the woods in a small white cottage
I disembowel heroes like the white goddess
Prototype goddess
Gonzo, Owl Farm, Alkaline Lodging
IBM Selectric typewrite odd shit
Si-Fi gothic
39 follow my cult like Applewhite's comet
Will Jak ever blow, the mass will never know
I bet he won't
I'm gagging from yellow smoke
On a heavy dose
My mouth microwaves gel tabs and chemicals
Gag centerfolds
I'm so dope my flow comes in a wax envelope
Trapped in a den of wolves
Waiving anarchy flags and scratching pentacles
Heads on polls
I'll rush you like Apaches or Seminoles
I'm 90's like Randy West or torn denim clothes
I'll stab up a femdom hoe
Preposterous omnipotent noggin split
Psychedelic wizard lama
Former collagist
I'm at my concerts in a head dress giving out acid to college kids
I'll fly an airplane to Jefferson monument
Rape cities like Terry Blair
Asking Sub Pop to put me on the list
Mister downer, captain hater, a clever lad
There's a cult after me called The Greatest Loving Enemies A Friend Can Ever Have
I treated him like mushrooms, kept him in the dark and fed him crap

Yeah that's how we do it man (Mr. bright sky) Peace to ?? man. On that shit. Cross Space edition, new shit. I keep spitting man, til the heart seizes. I swallow your planet's fucking salt water with fucking baleen teeth, you know, I'm out.


(..In and around our great cities where the natural world has all but disappeared. You can make out streets and sidewalks, autos, parking garages, advertising billboards, monuments of glass and steel, but not a tree or a blade of grass or any animal, besides of course the humans.) [excerpt from Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space by Carl Sagan]

[Jak Tripper]

I'm on teradactal verse
Everyone get inside the shuttle, tap in and seatbelts strapped in firm
I'm from a different planet sir
My vessel's cabin burning entering planet Earth
I'm a planet turned
I'm on afterburn
Verily 24-7-9
Orbital period 12 years
5 foot 11 inches in diameter
Die amateurs, cartoonize character
John Cabot's learned
Passion burned, strangle and detach from her
And wrap the bird's body up in a black tarp soaked in Clorox and Lavender
Cry then laugh at her
Chemicals in the mass at church, crematorium powders and black magic erns
Batch of merch, soup ladling out baths of sherm


Five foot flies trying to squeeze through my bedroom door
Painting melting off of the surfaces onto the walls and floor
Forming foamy vibrant puddles of such colorful swirls
Burps churning up acid reflux bubbles galore
Neighbors knocking a hundred miles per hour shouting out audible panics outdoors
Floor tiles break with silver sharks thrashing underneath my bed while I snore
If my dream's are wack, your's thinks worse than working cameras on the set of Are You Hungry 4
Stupid jokers like we don't even know what to say anymore
Who got shit to spray
Standing in rain coats like they been waiting for it
Drenching 'em, this suit is tinker pours
Pure raw, you don't want to take this here up for sport
Here you go sport, take this rail of snort
Just a couple blasts of the cut glass will lace your face so warm
Stay banging heads til the brain is born, changing form
Coming all up out your mouth with that cranial pourage


"Serpents, kill them all"

The rep world isn't built up
Cotton mouth ?? throw with the time release, pills stuck
Start thinking of ill stuff
Vision of Joan Burney doll faces stepped on like crushing pill bugs
In cyphers I canoe out bodies and rejoice in the hissing steam of their spilled guts
Spitting like gills cut
Simple Jak ill dumb
My brain's the size of a milk dud
Suck my open heart
Feelings from stomach furnace melt any butterflies by the open smoke and hearth
Gullet slack ladle
Dump saliva ooze out primordial exposing art
Troll whaling ship bellies flense rib cages for the dead
Behold the modern Noah's Ark
New critics shoot the moves of government suits like black robes that cloak patrolling narcs
They know I'm smart so I flood warn the hackers with a blazing flow virus code of arms
Hoping their modem spark
You don't like the evolution, go gather friends to expedite wild witch hunts for ghosts on Mars
Freedom seen like dream sequences, we live in hell
Watch the TV it eats academic freedom shit
What revolution, politics strangle you before free speech leave your lips
From bell towers I snipe chancellors
Under the surface burns, the pentagram Washington magic, the serpent stirs
I murder firms
Freedom of speech isn't free if there's punishments
How could we live in peace when the White House den cloak Satan worshipers
Demons in senate seats, sheeps content in sleep
But wake up if you dare, disect the disturbing 9/11 scene
Turning stomachs nodding
I don't want proof of God, the devil or alien enemies
Boogeymen in trench fatigues
I stay subterranean to avoid think tanks of treachery
Await in the mountains of Northern Westchester deep in the hills
Hunkered down in a mobile home armed with weaponry
If they send for me I guess my psyche record leave
To make my music sound more like a paranoid acceptance speech
All of my family went for right and put their monkey hands over their eyes except for me
Sorry but free society doesn't make sense to me
Cause they cast and fratricide
In my flat, the voice in my own head on reverb trapped inside
This fad has to die
They heard the crack of spine
From a hunk back came flying ravens with parrots tied on ankles from arrow slits
On watch towers to send warnings to the nearest castle's pride
Bannerman catch a parrots glide
My lining saw spray and fade it cut like big belly carrot sliced
The highest of sea gallon tides
I'm famished from the poor crop and collapsing into my throne and haven't died
Plow horse over campsite cook fires from pallet smite
?? I stake heads bordering parapet's gallant
Intimidation for every battlements



"Swinging back and forth"

Fire retarded ?? fish swimming in lava
Looking through hungry heads, all up under my bobber
The brethren's whores man Ichaboded and brotheled
Empty pockets getting lifted hitting a bottle
Dip and tipping the top of a sloppy hog rocking swimming goggles
Off in the ponds, mud holes, stomps
Scatter lily pads all those little polliwogs boggled
Tripping in the lab, psilocybin scientist
Triangular irises, mighty giants irate spits
Fire pits with iron ships dissolving
Huge ass hood rats who grew too massive for blue traps
We came to cave your walls in

[Jak Tripper]

I'm on the bed spread dead
Spike deep in my arm like one of Zeppelin
I need a best friend
I killed my girlfriend and buried her on my property like a dead pet
And let the crowd know, I don't really be around hope
Sitting I count crows by my window and town broke
Wolf and beast cloaked
Walking around the underground dressed in a cow coat
Punch your clown nose
My beats are important
I got bad batches of brown dope
My pidgeon in a mouse hole
With the stash it look like ??
My girlfriends suck each other off and plow coke
I leave them stiff on the couch out cold
I keep having to drop EPs to keep the drought soaked
And what you talking about hoe
I'll cut your face off and wear it upside down so I can see out of your mouth hole
Holding it on with a clothes pin so it doesn't slide down
It's learning time now, I need a time out
I did pestilence after being discharged still wearing bracelets and a white gown
Raping hosp bitches pulling the wine out
Give me a suitcase of drugs and I'm out like Winehouse
My crib lodge worshipers like the White House
Come inside and find out


List of agent leaks giving everyone a gas face
Spit with fangs and gleek venom, we're bad snakes
Mush beats like crab cakes
Rip the pig freaking heads on some gash gate
This track lacerates
Hold yourselves together with rolls of masking tape
I know your chicks a pervert what we bout to do
I heard she's a squirter but not from you
Keeping shit dumb simple like a radio hit
Shamelessly repeated by the brainless idiots
Lazily praising amateurs scripts
Go eat a dick with Andrew Zimmer doing catheter drip sips
Dribbling in a bib, grinning on television
Slurping up the last drops of animal prick

"That's how we do, J23. Gonzoist. Modern Gonzoist. We ride the trails for real. No sleep, log cabins. No deal. Shit bag piss farmer."


(Why with the help of a good kind friend, you can be turned on, make the scene, blow grass, smoke reefers, or pot, joints or mary janes. Those are just a few of the cool, groovy names for marijuana. And if grass doesn't make it for you baby, and especially if you need to be in, well you can always drop a cap of acid. And that's the real stuff. Very very cool, very very groovy.)

Albany brew. J23 what up. Deck out in Vegas, yo Lenny, what up. Bad Touch, Box, Sebrox, Complex what up man. Supercoven. Yeah.

I just licked a set of stamps to lift me off
On this drug you couldn't piss me off
This shit is pure
The summer wind hit my face with sweat beads bigger than crystal balls
I am now the king of the crystal hall
I stay burnt like Tijuana laborers in paint
Just give me a gigantic bong hit til I fucking faint
I get up and write an album for my classmates
So I don't die from them stomach strains and hunger pains
Here comes the rain
Peace to Krypto for giving me beats hyper than shipments of bundled 'caine
I'm coming to London just to run a train
Smoke tons of haze, munch an eighth til I'm leaning on the wall like my uncle's cane
I'm not trying to self inflate
I'm sure everyone can make an album in a few days
Sell it, and barely get payed
But I'm not hearing shit so what's the fucking wait
Let's eat this birthday cake
I only offer death
I'm off the head like a strict Buddhist with honey frosted dreads
I'm bored to death, I'm doing more than mesc
That's why laying on the floor feels like a waterbed


[Part 1]

I'm at the podium, filtering poison to the town like Jim Jones in punch
I piss over this drought
Dousing rap's soapy tongue
Flesh fizzle from bones 'cause sodium
Groupies get pony punched
Lollipop dust bags sealed like pierogies dunk
But that was old news, this story's sad
I was dead in my crib called my ex
They had to escort me back
To the hospital cuffed to the bed
Happy and erona until the paddles had brought me back
Before that I found with a shotgun loaded falling off my lap
Yack bile foaming out of my mouth
Garbage head, body cold, poly-addicted, stomach doggy bag
Zombie skull maggot, motorized wet brain, torch the ash
In the lab talking to myself, myself talking back

[Part 2]

I typewrite better than my penman craft
Mechanically invented hands
Finger punch keys faster than sonographer tests in a session lab
Hold my interest? Nah, too busy shaving my head like pie in the mirror with a razor, carving my head up etching math
This resident is mad
I'll start a settlement, set up tents, feeling the residence
Off the 11 tabs with a tribe vibing off a seventh sense
Heaven sent conduits select dimensions stretch
Swallowing time til its sentence drags
?? extension like jelly-fish tendons lash
I ascend from a dementive craft
From orbit open vents and permeate the scent of hash
My presence infects the land killing plants
Turning green fields to reddish grass
Fuck a catch phrase, even sober I act strange
My mind's jungle is 'Nam
Since palm leaves can't be received, too deep for military patch range
On so many different sheets they call me patch face
Iron belly backstage, tongue spasm, daggers and axes hack the track's frame
Flow like silks from a brothel bed in a beated ?? tent
I shit on a cushioned ?? killing that bottled stench
Caterpillar hookah, cherry on the top, tar black as polished jet
Drunken tyrant, purple beard
Dangle the mic like a slut model bed
On the pillow house ?? ??
Flowing through heroin smoke at a shooting booth cottage den
I chill canopy, fanned with leaves, legs on an ottoman
Popping meds like grape squashing insects
Ill omened and contagious I'm not impressed
I walk over bompay and ash just to cop a goddess head


[Jak Tripper]

Mushroom diaries. I'm melting. J23.

What the fuck is this lunchroom chat
I hunk do rap with that basic head nod one two rap
Punk crews trash, I'll munch two tabs sitting on a gigantic mushroom cap
I'll filthier than a dust broom vax
Carnival funk balloon gag
Drug mule cunt balloon gag
Hold up this blunt is too fat
A dust wool past, higher than huffing a glue bag
High enough to huff moon gas
I'm gutter like face scars from cut soup cans


Drift away from BK to upstate
Split the dutch fill it up get the three of us baked
Hit a shitty chicken spot kill the guts with the upchuck waste
Puff grub puff again then go and blaze the stage
Hot rainy terrain
A slug covered ?? ?? ?? all on display
Feel the waves rock from the trops, plus this great pot of tape
Now we're all shot, ready to be off on our way

(If you don’t smoke cannabis, you may spend your evening balancing your check account. If you do smoke cannabis you may spend your evening contemplating the causes of the Greek Renaissance.) [Terence McKenna on smoking weed]

[Jak Tripper]

Yo Veto thanks for the beat, hippied out like the name Moonbeam
I use my notebook's loose leaves to do these or roll a brolic duby in two sheets
I'm a stoner like Montel Williams, stoned like pot farmers knee deep in pruned leaves
Headband hash plan dewey, maroon trees, Sour Blue g's
Water pipes and blue dream
I stay stoned and stuck, at home motor-boating bud
Ass worshiping get stoned then fucked
Not stoned enough, Indian style on a carpet of smoke floating up
Tripping and stoned with Guts
My ghost is by the lake skipping stones at dusk
You could call me Woody Harrelson when I sober up
Come to my house, my phone's unplugged
Sticks, stones and shrubs
Bundles of bones and drugs
Christian hope and trust
I gave your girl the bowling glove in her asshole
Four finger Vulcan glove
Choke bitches in a cobra clutch

This beat is Kansas City like that child network. The missing child network, cult. This style's burnt out, like news reporters with no pants on, under the fucking counter reporting news. This is stoned. This is burnt out pot comedy. And peace to Veto Mega. Noise, noise.


We're gonna do this experimental stuff. Rich made a beat. I'm a little bit beat intoxicated from the beat. That's not me. See these happen to be the, speaking about things that written all sorts of years and different time periods. Just almost finished them.

Last of the Makob masters, the king who crafts his poems
Casting stones, my spine attached to thrones
Her metal o-rings, leather straps, and robes
I used to make animal traps and carry them back to home
And skin cats to bone
And wake up in a psyche-ward stern from trazodone
Next to bonfires I sat alone
And trip sick when I spit shit my tongue lashes like tentacles of squids with tunnel vision and cliff tips
Telekinetics strong enough to bring down Mount Olympus
And cause weathersis to wind ships
I bring back virgin suicide chicks with their wrists slit
They're walking dead triplets, each birthmark with sixes
As God as my witness please don't talk to me when I'm tripping
You'll sound like a thousand compact discs skipping
Heavy trips and hit the road like Huxley
Switch to rogue elephant
Driven, don't just spit a flow
Dedicated to this shit, chilling broke
No six figure role
Stitched up the pigeon hole
I'll take cyanide and hang myself with the bed sheet after I slit my throat, pick and poke
Fuck horrorcore I'm just twisted, look God isn't home
I position sticks and stones around dead children set them on fire then pray to my reflection, far as religion goes
Stand over smoke stacks at the end of Queens and fill the gills with smoke
Did a show, puked up my dinner whole backstage when I'm tripled sick from dope
Put out close range pistol compresents and cafe leftists and ultra conservatives to Marxist Lenus
Tree hugging passive aggressive preps freedom fighting for a modern student movement, fuck that I'm at the feminist
Real underground like the ETA in Madrid
Melancholic radical resident
I bomb sessions like Operación Ogro terrorists
Intelligence work with technocrats who felt the shit
Assassinate linkage dripping with Kissinger penmanship
Well it's fly as a black trench-coat covers my back during a benefit

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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Supercoven, Sebrox, Jak Progresso. 50,000 lumens. Jak Tripper, semi-circular

Puking up raps, sputter utter repugnants
Disheveled old Vans with holes
Bed bundle of piss, buzzing
They put the tab on my hand shut closed
Eye on my forehead
The pyramid on my hand cut close
Now I see sheep, lambs and goats
Don't ask to go
Just set the extract and stand in rows
Mad man rambling rampant flow
Comedy stand up show
I stand up hoes
Eviscerated with their hands up hoes
Standing in their own stomach, acid smoke
Filet your man to cotes
XTC, drug blunt of circulating dust blunt
Fire arm tongue in the wreaths
A buck and duck hunt
Rum diary, drug run
Yellow tablet love buzz
Pain killer, dum-dum
Strobe light kids and numb sluts
Flea bags rung buried amongst dumps
Cunts stuck up, bodies sunk
Date rape souls lost in the rush from
In the mix touched up
Orange jug stuff the cotton covering Percocets
Perverted mess
Verses set kites like murks and bands
Write verse with my left hand cursed with hex
Miscursing left hand covered by a sock puppet that can burst the pen
Dope ocher shit, that heroin smoke
Crack fire, burning stem
Arm vein bruising, using impatient like my stomach hurts in bed
Trying to finish spitting verse, kicking the nervous sweat
Black mass service, Earth Day
I don't believe in the work of men
I go for the machine's circuit system serpent head
Simple if you vote you work for them


10-4 buddy Roger
Hit the bong first, rolling trees like a logger
In a studio by a lake in a cottage on the poplers
All by myself I'm a goner
Pot in the closet, crop dirt spitting Cannon Fodder
Lick the frog first
Shoot the sheriff and the coppers
Shoot the new synthetic operated E fiend teeny-boppers
Kill the modern club drug droids doing lines like Kate Bosworth or Cyndi Lauper
Banana tree flow bonkers
About 35 minutes from Yonkers
I filmed this in a drug locker
Easy riding like Dennis Hopper
Bad posture, evil doctor
Dust in my evil science lab, what a bother
I'm off the blotter, house bogger collecting dollars
If the slut's a slut than holler
But fuck a cum dodger
I'm the star, hot, car's trunk with the chopper
I'm odder, nobody's odd first
Party like the Donners
You eat boys bodies like Dahmer
I kill families and walk around the house in my boxers


(Do you think the doctor that prescribes you the pills knows you're addicted? "Yes for sure." Then why does he still prescribe you pills? Because he wants money, that's it.")

Yeah my is Eugene. I'm a fucking planet.

Spacey shit, paisley prints
Take these scripts, I ate 80 80 slip
I break 8 E chips
Weight 88g stick
Dirty Roxies made my stiff
Sizzurp sipper, crazy spins
Wavey swimming in condeine they bathe trees in
I am alien like a scaley veiny squid
Swallowing you baby fish
Baleen lips
Dumped them in wells, HG shit
You ain't me yet
OD's made me quit
OG grape leaves splifs
Bay leaves lit
Purple syrup, you make me sick
Looking like Limelight, lace queen's clip
I'm like me in '98, blaze three dips
I'll pass out, face feet quick
And wall flower the club like GHB chicks
80's like that song Stacey playing while my wrists was gaping slits
Hang like baiting rigs
Blame me for small town overdose, I made these kids
Gonzo, cocaine ki's flipped
Peace to Veto sun dried
We ate water on the KC trip
I climb up on bitches like a Cro-Magnon and cave teeth in
On enough downers to cave me in
And who are you dude
You can Google me or YouTube
He's gone cuckoo
Flew the nest like Jim Carrey in a tutu
My head blew up, balloon huge
Vandictive bitches probably stabbing my wicca doll like voodoo
What up boo-boo, I love cheeseburgers and Yoo-Hoo
I love huge tits and Asian girls are cute too
I love fat assed Dominicans and Cuban poon poon
Italian chicks I eat like a box of moo shu
Inhale nitrous, blue fumes
Taking shrooms bloom
In a patio chair on a blue moon
In tune my religion is Suku
I'm chased by men in black zoot suits and black ??
Gonzoist Johnny went pop glowstick with star gleam
Out of the drought like Harlem, got no dips for art seed
We're not so for the art scene, I don't have any friends
I follow chicks to parties
Toaster in the bathtub dropped so it can start me
My motto is misery, sorrow is and sorry

(One after the other, just Oxycodone, Oxycodone, Oxycodone.)
(My wife passed away right there.)
(They're shooting them, they're snorting them, they're selling them, and they're dying.)


Milk in urine, pasta in my tea
Oysters in ice cream, jelly in eggs
Peanuts in mayonnaise, hamburgers in whipped cream
There's milk in my urine, come and get me

Pennyroyal sit by the ?? for warmth
Meditate to rock accords
Ingesting Ramen salts
Eating good, not at all
Sliced bread, beans and rice, cheap pasta sauce
Rolling goblin moss
Dumping Guts by Box with Vodka Cough
AM zombie spit a few joints for the brood, rocks are off
Bed head 70's like The Commodores
My body's sweating the trip out, and seeped in sacked
Breathing deep, heaving crack
Being me is like being trapped climbing head first into a zipped sleeping bag
Head count for acid heads, I'm just keeping tabs
At shows I feel like I'm teaching class
Human cartoon when my eyes move, it sounds like a squeegee cleaning glass
I be in labs screaming like glycine mad
Cut out my own epinephrine for my neck to eat my gland
They call me Abram Hoffer
You ate a blotter? A plain basin washer
Taking poppers examination late
Burner turn your face to solder
Flows like Ogdru Jahad, awaken monsters
Neighbors watch me come out of my house and look like an elderly shaking conjure
Block burnt, make cake and cobbler
My mom's crazy like Sarah Connor
Go to Hell I'm waiting proper
Kicking rocks stain my Converse
My storm cloud coloring black and brown
Hovering Hades wrapped in clouds
Burglarize you and trap your house
I don't write songs I drag them out
Make rappers drag it out
Bag 'em and drag them out
I don't want a mansion, I want a town
Like Jones bowl put half em down
I sleep in piles of newspapers in the trash and mounds
At my shows fans camp on grounds
Crows feet below Anton's crown
I'll shoot speed with a turkey baster, I can't stop now
All work no play, I can't clock out
My shit's dark, dead body blood-clot brown

(It's medication time...)


Yeah. The little angel with the pentagram on her pink dress said it's okay.

I'll pull down the attic by the stairs
Of everybody so deep they won't find the hairs
I don't care, something foul lives in my gut alive in there
Priests exorcise me scared
When I spit they put me before a panel of twelve psychics tied in chairs
I murder Christian twins died in pairs
Dismis windpipes of air
Strangled them under water paralyzing their eyes to stare
I promise you, I'll go Charles Brown on a prostitute
Motels turn melting meat locker fumes
Nylons knotting noose around her throat popped her roof
3 Quarter House got the boot
Forgotten two
Cops looking in the swamps for shoes
Devil locks and doctor tools
I'll swap with you, red tops and blues, gel caps, blots and cubes
Huffing air plane model glue
My kitchen got more drugs than Bonnaroo
Spit til my lung's saggy like condoms used
My pocket white chunks and powder like crushed up Aspirin
Fans run up asking if I want a ton of acid
Groupies getting fucked up asses
Her face sucked up plastic
Underground I'll flood up caskets
No need to define what a fucked up past is
Fuck my psyche record, I'll crunch up transcript
Give me two minute verses to fuck up tracks with
Each song is like being stabbed 168 times in a Russian passion


Fucking cunts

Hello kids, it's story time listen to me
You don't matter like piss in the sea
This planet looks different to me
Acid head licking a sheet
I go to bars to pick up girls literally
I'm centuries old
Underground like centipede holes
Practitioner, anarchic recipe wrote
No empathy shown
Soon Hell will be home
I speak in six tongues like Emily Rose
This shit's ridiculous as a psych hospital sending me home
Why you wearing those stupid human suits
And who is who?
Let's dance in fire circles like burning hula hoops
You can boo me too
Guys I'm really sad, I'm Whitney Houston blue
In the bathroom I'm rolling bones
On more acid right now than the Rolling Stones
I made a pipe bomb with PVC as exposed at home
I don't think anybody should worry about going home
And yeah fuck a rap show
Give me three Percocets and a Paxil I'll scatter into black crows
I'm deeper than Blacko
Where's the pills? I'll pass those
Everyone drink and pack bowls
My eyes are black holes
I'm up in the party strapped like Columbine in a black coat
I'm black circle like castle
I'm an asshole, my dick's like a flag pole
My semen bigger than tadpoles
Dead prostitutes in baths float like the goldfish belly up in a glass bowl
I'll drive a backhoe, chewing tobacco, through a cemetery til dead bodies grind my axle
In a hospital I rant and babble
Nurses putting fluorescein in my apple
Drawing sketches of inverted crosses and burning chapels
Turning latch closed
Fascinated with hurting mammals


Snow outside, snow day kids (wheelchair raps) I hope you guys are on uppers and downers, taking your quote on quote mandatory (yeah judge this shit) pills. All the takers (if I was uh you I would judge my shit) doers, smokers, sniffers and poppers, and stupid gum pink teenyboppers. (killer) I told them:

We're gonna be getting into some Gorey stuff
Went to the show so fucking wasted somebody had to walk me up
I'm shooting morphine up
I put on my bunny suit, let's all make love fucking on all these drugs
I go to parties in drag looking like Courtney Love
Commercial rap, and yours corny stuff
'Cause I'm a dickhead
Leak piss you spit pre-scripted
Every line you think of I can predict it
I kill rappers in ciphers and leave families grief stricken
I'm a creep, at bars grilling chicks like I got beef with them
In a circle of stones I pledge the O rite
Incinerate basements and all who dwell under its old pipes
Fuck my whole life (FML)
Head to the stove light
You've never seen a life form on Earth like me 'cause I hatched under grow lights
Rock the body, body rock body dead
Garroting vintage internet chicks in bobby socks on a chopping block
Vomit green is super monkey spleen, bean's split
Sentence his string if he beat it
I beast it, and two piece wigs
Before and after of the deceased pics, whore then meat fridge
Bury her fetus, put its head where its feet is
Dump-sites are close to the precinct scene, I fleeted
I keep groupie on six leashes and go downstairs every night to feed it
This song is uncompleted like the rest of my scene is
Quit switching scenes kid


(You find that consciousness does alter, and then you find the universe alters. Which of course is inevitable because the only universe you know is the universe in your consciousness. So this is kind of confusing for some people.)

Viles smash, then trails splash smocks
I got Koolaid to test for the lamb flock
Ancient astronaut in a plant pod
My planet lacking water sources like I was landlocked
Perform rituals on virgins like letting the fans watch
I start a church like Anton
I pop skittles and let the jam rock
Jam's hot, but all the other chumps in stash spots
My eyes are like two dying suns
King of this empire
With plague villages smiling and flies on gums
I'm in the hut like a wasp impaled on mud
A cygon blunt
Python touch mics, icons crushed
Getting high on drugs, cut lines on slits
Fuck right party, line on love

(We studied most of the schools of consciousness alteration. The difference is time, tradition, they used drugs to alter consciousness. He knew more about that than anybody.)

Well bottom cold flow, I'm basking
I'm in that crab bin
You ain't in the circle and I'm not drafting
Resuscitating fetuses dumped in trash bins
Raising and army up in Manhattan
And bringing them back
And look I haven't made it
With serial killer fascinations cause I'm manic
With death I'm fascinated
Scars in my palm, squeezing glass into my fist aggravated
Mom and Dad won't hate it
The fact they leaped from 50 stories left the closed casket vacant
I leave stages looking like aliens crashed the spaceship
Ork nak ak nor eek
Yeah the vans Bundy
Ted buggy
Insult the stands til the fans rush me
Making music to touch the youth like Sandusky
I knew she was the one, I watched her from a car window crack
Went in her crib and sat
On her bed and watched her take a nap
I didn't touch, but later I've been detached
They don't understand how much I loved them enough to stuff them under my back porch with no strings attached
The car ride is awkward
When it's a corpse I'm trying to talk to her
She's just staring through me, I feel like I'm forcing her


You should rhyme loud Jak. (excuse me sir, could you rhyme louder?) I like when you were on Melodies, you use to rhyme real loud, when you're screaming.. But right now it's cold and early for that, yeah and I'm an older gentlemen distinguished (it's sad man)

I'll eat you with the horse you came with
I'm orderly aided
My brain is as big as a grape is, or a grape's pit
My life sucks like inhalation
A fat reduction liposuction vacuum stuffed to the intestinal track tubes of obese patients
Teens baited, catch 'em while they raving
Half full house hated
I snap like handcuffs on dust heads and weak anklets
I leave stages on wheelchairs and lean faded
Keep a clean basement, habitually clean
I keep sanitize sheets and clean aprons
Wrist smile cleave glided
Hospital patron cannot be rehabilitated
Move your guts like instinct tied to missing rim and distinct odors and lip prints, fridge stinks
Limbs sink into lake bottoms, bleach chicks in bathtubs with Clorox and stringents
Soaking a stringents
Torn dress slips, hair strains braided in it
I'm wigging, underprivileged
Amputate fixings
Vaccinate symptoms
My village heroin heads and speed amphetamine witches
Use lipstick
Chainsaws leaning on cardboard boxes to put wigs in
Mason jars that remove limb bit
Dark have been my dreams of late
I can't blink these skin lids or I bare witness to Hell's six volcanic ring lids
Chapter one, change the page

(The other time I was in corridors such as these was in the Verdun mental hospital, in Montreal. I was visiting..) [Leonard Cohen speaking]


I'm doing a new way of fertilization. I'm doing it like fish, I will rip out ovaries and scatter them on the floor and then cum on them and fertilize them. Yes

Most neighborhoods hate Jak cause I stay shacked
With the lights on all night injecting tranquilizers to the strayed cats
Transfused to the arteries of decayed rats, slept with a ?? rash
Blinded by a fog contact stuck to my iris with staple tacks
I'll bludgeon this cutting board with a cleaver til the table cracks
When I start kicking like kidnapped children in potato sacks
I'll skin wrap your meridian service map and extract neurons so electric currents is what your nervous lacks
And your heart will be the first to lapse once you breathe the hazardous gas
Inhaling into a full mouth guard of a surgeon's mask
Deform fetal abortion patient
Electromagnetic fields intrude preempt and underdevelopment back to the Earth's stages
Rednecks stalking thru irrigation with a camouflage hunting vest spitting chewing tobacco kerosene basics
Fingertip band-aid, armor smash slash castaway
Swinging my two pig-tails like helicopter fan blades
Stirring up the classmates
Teacher assistant close enough to castrate
Blood froze to cascade
At summer clubs and beach resorts I resort back to serial assaults on life guards wearing high shorts
With a nine iron hunting for the sport
That's why do not disturb is hanging off of my cabana door
Striped colored tight top labeled "Eyes on"
Tennis racket and a tripod, hair dyed blonde
Lipstick tried on and rubs the lotion into his dried palms then squeeze his hairy legs into nylons
After work I spy on your little sister's bedroom from my house naked with the blinds drawn
I blueprinted my body for weapon designs to be implanted
Broke my arms and used the protruding bones as blades after they were standing
My hand is a mouth on the palm that only digests salt foods due to the lack of stomach acids
No use of batteries
When my legs contract backwards to leap like a grasshopper's anatomy
And two eyes on face are sewn shut because they're now blinking on my chest cavity
I'll burn down this world of penis plants and vagina forehead debris
With an anarchist cookbook degree and ?? bi-pedigrees, bitch

(Eli: What'd you say? Richie: Hmm? Eli: What? Richie: I didn't say anything. Eli: When? Right now? Eli: I'm sorry, don't listen to me. I'm on mescaline. I've been spaced out all day. Richie: Did you say you're on mescaline? Eli: I did, indeed. Very much so. Richie: How often do you a..) [from The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)]

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
satanic alliance
satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:34 am


Clang, bang, clang went the big iron door
They put me in a cell with a concrete floor

Heavy dope, my veins closed
Waco shit, yeah, farmhouse cult
Barricaded in, cables rigged
Trenches dug, grenades, 806
Behead the basilisks, flame closed fist
Two tecs, red tee, denim, bayo tip
I'll burn your crib down and take both kids
Heavy dismemberment, gruesome DeFeo hits
That shit in your girl's face, that's Dago spit
I'll go and get merks like colonial Troutman
Burning ounces, stomach turning, I'm hurling mushroom sprouts
Off of cow shit, holy mountain
Some fans caught the hanging fever quick
Sheets are skins, bleached and dipped into ether bins
Keep her sick, choke the fear out of her and then beat it in
Every one of my ex's haven't been seen since
My whole steez smell like Scott Peterson

Clang, bang, clang went the big iron door
They put me in a cell with a concrete floor

My femicide patients, potential serial rapists
Dequarter house vagrants with restraining orders
Sexual harassment cases, ditching outpatient
On heavy neuroleptics on food markets, sedated
Come outta your place and it's red laces pulling ya eyes like lasix
Brain sick like Jane's hicks, dissect every bitch I dated
I shove stones in their ribcages to weight it down
Under the mud and lake beds, we breaking, home invasions
Barbital in mason jars, liquid cases, dish gloves and aprons
Lucifer cape, symbols of Satan, shotgun cases
Bodies bent outta shape like double-jointed placement
Left them naked, but kept the girls anklet
My work colder than Anchorage
Can't stop creation, I mostly create when
I sleep, I awaken to exploded pens and filled pages
I'll climb up on you like a caveman
With a piece of cyborg and cave your face in

Clang, bang, clang went the big iron door
They put me in a cell with a concrete floor


(Sooner or later children we be born, the first true Martians. They will grow up to see Mars as their home.)

None of my writtens is matched
I start hearing whispers before I finish the rap
They pay me to clean cribs out
I flipped head first into the black like Clapton's kid
Took half the scripts, caught the twitches and spazzed
Old fashion in the kitchen wearing plastic bags gripping the ax
So much blood I had to slip into a vinegar bath
Cult ?? visiting mass
Our shooters are so young the gun doesn't even fit in the hands
Promethazine fizzing trash strength piss for the bands
I made her dance, I grape ape cunts
Once the stabbing and rape's done
Kissing their faces smearing the make-up
In tears petting their heads, hoping they'll wake up
She's planking under the lake mud
While I wrote this they found the glass rose with pocket mirror in my whip caked up with cocaine crust
Knife to my throat, I steady gave up
You looking at a man whose already stood over his grave dug

(One very important aspect of art is that it makes people aware of what they know and don't know what they know. Now this ?? not only ??, all creative thinking.)
(Sooner or later children we be born, the first true Martians.)

Apaches out, choppers upside down hacking scalps
Trying to keep a straight conversation going with Jak is out
I use to keep dead cats under my bed in a shoe box raised in a Catholic house
I'll pack the cows
My closet's like a guns and ammo mag; bags of rounds, black flags, mags and pounds
If I'm strapped on that acid I'm blacking out
I'll make two gats sound like a clapping crowd
Drag them down from upstairs wrapped in blankets like dragging a matress out
I can't even talk about this, I can't chat right now
What I did to those girls had me passing out
You want to know where the rest are sleeping? I can draw or map it out
6AM cops at my door like Schoolly D
A B-movie geek
Test tube terror, super beast
Methamphetamine sea creature from the gloomy deep
Cloud of flies above me
Looking manky, lanky, goofy feet

(Sooner or later children we be born, the first true Martians. They will grow up to see Mars as their home.)


(Officers there discovered what appeared to be a grizzly work of art. The remains of a badly decomposed body wired to a large monument. A second body was found in a ditch near the perimeter of the cemetary.) [excerpt from James Rose's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre]

I'll click til the spring break like Daytona bitches with ease
Grip split your wig to the meat
I'll bury you in the ground shallow six inches deep
Your stiffening limbs and finger tips breach
Found by kids poking at it with sticks getting police
My cliques digging more holes in the sand than kids at the beach
Body a verse? Sure, I work for a murk's pay
I work late, good neighbor, predator in the worst way
I'm a strangler of women, I bring them to second birthdays
I scatter vessels across Earth lakes
I feel like King Triton, all my bitches are mermaids
Your lines don't go deep like mine go
My style dolphins, sonar guidance honing, chest collapsible
Dive so deep I evolve
Have bigger eyes from low light absorption and can reserve oxygen in my muscle like myoglobin
I'm going geek like Ed Terry, test tubes and vials broken
Too much idle time and hydro smoking
I think hard like monkeys strapped to electrodes where wires go in
Pop like Mike, I pop the bag like the basil
Fuck a signing label
Snatch Stepford Wives, I'm knifing navels
Lines drop like rock climbing cables
I'm suppose to be scared well I'm not
I can tell you're frogs
Talk that shit dwelling robbed
Black trench coat, red rubber mask of the devil on, I brought Hell along
These punches will knock your melon off
Spaz out like psych wards and retards with their helmets off
Strap long distance, 45 inches, belt is long
Hacksawed off, pellets torched, medics called
Picking shells out of your waves
I'm flowing your just these hermit crabs but the shells is tossed

(Subsequent investigation has revealed at least a dozen empty crypts, and it's clear more will turn up as the probe continues. Deputies report that in some instances, only parts of the corpses have been removed. The head, or in some cases, the extremities removed, and the remainder of the corpse left intact.) [more excerpts from James Rose's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre]


Make him collapse like a chair folds
Pick somebody you think I sound like, and chances are they scared yo
Go against me you fail yo
T-top his roof like Camaros, I'm arrow
Mask, coat, bodybags, euthanasia like a whale load
Give their heads a whale's hole
I run trains on twerk teens and turn 'em to railroads
I wasn't born my paps shot a pale load in a garbage pail and watched eyes, teeth, hair and nails grow
Birds not seen, walking doe
36 birds on me like a scarecrow
That's that stale smoke, smoke from tainted trees
Ringaround like wreaths
Decorations, murder scenes, seasonal
Red and green shell cases
Bodies ?? under lake beds
You want to be flamboyant, coming out your studios blazing
You got shot in your faces, Flamboyant Entertainment
I'll butcher op, go ham like butcher shops and chef aprons
Yo time to chop the ham
Rainbow tops, blotter splashed
I'll serve them like [??Aquaman??] on the block with copper tans
Stock and stash, rocks and grams, bronze and stash
Black leather pop collar, ox and slash
Blades pulled out pockets, stabbed
Rocks, tops and slabs
Oxy's in ziplocks, knots on bags
Fiends lean ??, knots dropped on smash
Popping cans, needles skin popping the tops of hands
Blood drops, collapse clots, track pox and scabs
Car thief, robbing rack tops to vans
If you home, you getting opened up like frogs in labs
It's not that bad
I'm broke and will be


***[intro only on the J23 Phreak Power Records compilation]
(“Oh, Jesus!” he moaned. “Did you see what God just did to us?” “God didn’t do that!” I shouted. “You did it. You’re a narcotics agent!” “You better be careful” he said. And suddenly he was waving a black .357 magnum at me. One of those snubnosed Colt Python with the beveled cylinder. “Plenty of vultures out
here,” he said. “They’ll pick your bones clean before morning.”) [excerpt from Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson]

You got bars that deadlift
I bet this shit will rip my own faucet
He's headless when me and this Wesson get into talking
Sending the hawks in
These punches will dent in his forehead
Fuck around I go in the shed, getting the saw
His fam wept when they saw him
At his funeral was just his head in a coffin
A coffin measured for small kids
I'm 730, patient bracelet, medical caution
Fuck meds I went off it
Schizo, I run a train on your girl's body while the head wasn't on it
Serial rapist, you and your girl's friends that's just talking
Threaten and talk shit
Go ahead I love when it's tension and awkward
After battles I take head's as collectibles and sell 'em at auctions
You get spread out, put a hole in his head like a dolphin
Hung, dissected and tortured
I grind a graveyard shift
I'm a smaller ape, but this eight will make gorillas take chains off wrists
Wait, I take chains off after they off stiff
You get robbed for your ice, haze or bricks
That's why I wore a hockey mask so I could skate off quick
I'll cut your face off, pick up your face off, and put your face on him
Upside down so now he can see out of his mouth hole
'Cause you all sound clone
I want to fire bomb every city with all these factories pumping out clones
I'll smoke an ounce whole and kill your family
Move in the household and live with all of the corpses while they still out cold

06 2:13 AM

(Twice from out of nowhere whether I'm on medication or not. Sometimes they come ?? ??, sometimes they don't come at all. It's just once in awhile and when they come they sound ?? ??)

LSD tabs
Lines in my head like '93 hair
I got the creep stare
A winner, reading dating for beginners in a beach chair
Abducting brunette teens from pseudo punk scenes with bleached hair
Pulled out the crowbar from under the jeep spare
Right of driver side modified, no passenger seat there
Book me I'll be there
I'll show up as two eyeballs, teeth and a shirt made of throw up
Don't wait I won't blow up
Got psychedelic rap sonar
Still froze, my clique all on cold drugs like Bone Thugs
Smoke a dust bone up
Now my skin is feeling like foam stuffed
Rest in peace Manzera, I'm trailing close son
If he speaks against the church I expose guns
Heat up his gear like clothes done
I stay early 90's like Razor Ramon vs. Goldust
Fonzarelli Black, Jak gat
Left coursed knuckle from letting TEC off
Explode your meatball to red sauce
An unfed dog
I deal in death and a fetish for killing escorts

(Confess unto me that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and the voices would say, they vaguely confess it or wouldn't.)

I'm down to go
Black vested ninja'd head down to toe
I'm like the Orkin Man, I'll smoke out his home
We break down the half ounce and roll
Crime scenes that smelt like gun powder and sour smoke
Gucci down I'm fresh out the hospital gown and robe
I'm Cheech Marin in Cali around them clones
Puff so much when I'm outside the clouds look low
In bouts I'm stoned, like Nick Diaz coming in swinging fist out clouds of smoke
I'm so acid in surround I make sound look dope
I'm down with cult
Buick Riviera '83 black ragtop down, paint job brown and gold
I'm prowling with a bag of downers looking around for hope
Investigated my house was probed
No feds found the dope, they did find the hidden down below, but found the hole
Drugs, cold chills and death
Sid flashbacks, sex, violence, get high and dive off the building ledge
Kill the rest, can't chill I'm stressed
Guilt compressed from cutting gills and necks


****[intro only on the Supercoven Decomposition Compilation]

Yo what's going on? This is Jak Tripper. Esquire. This is the Decomposition Compilation. Supercoven Records. 2014.

I got more scripts than a psych nurse
Pills, crack caps, tabs, wax bags, black rags and icebergs
White served, fiends in line, pipes blast with lighters
Hotels in plastic black bags when pipes burst
This shit is light work
Scope guided laser light works
I'm robbing him and what's in his wife's purse
Right after I turn off, what's on is mine first
Brunette coming out of class, she's mine, followed
I blow lines off eyelids
Wired with snakes, Diego Delgado
Peace to my bloodline in the Gado
I'll rip your soul apart on the microphone like Greg Giraldo
My back lawn discolored from the fossils
Runway models are easier to transport with no heads and hollow
My head pulled out of stove I hold buzz
White whiskers of throw up
Stacked signs, throw banners from the cult up
The goat's in his black robe, show is over
They'll suck your soul up into chemtrails with ?? and Ebola
Supercoven, I smoke up murch that smell like pneumonia

(In terms of the corpses we have uncovered six. We believe that there may be as many as 15 or 20 more yet to be uncovered.)

Incense and peppermint
Percocets and wet pepper stench
Crush the sour carpet to L with the lemon piff
Crumble the pills down to powder and pepper it
Purple water, pink springs, bubbling white horses like Pegasus
I got plenty spit
You know I just popped the mesc pellets in now I hold more water in the mouth than a pelican
How can I be around the rest, I'm someone I can't take to be
I'll put the field work in, shaving sheep
Crystal ship fleet in a lake of leak
My blunt so laced I can't even taste the weed


Jacket lining like a tool kit
I pull grip in sun temples
I'm Demagro from the pulpit
Zoo station kid
Pull switch blade stick you like bull ribs
You already know I'm on that retarded bullshit
Fully grown in kindergarten, hair parted
My flow's in the helmet with a drool bib
Rap lines I can spool spit
I don't care what hood is
I'll use every last bullet
Your face can get the soot from the bottom of the full clip
Cop my box set, fund my trunk
Garbage bags, Clorox and mop heads
Pull out the ox lead
I splatter eyeballs like dropped eggs
Glock's lead, no tops
They're meant to pop heads off cop necks
The mach wedged, off lock
I pop off canoe out ox head
My verse a threat like circle pit with an infant under the mosh

Stomped dead
I drive black caddys with red velvet coffin lining inside
Stomped dead
I'm like a horder, stuck in my house armed, just waiting to die
Stomped dead
I've got a girl in my house, two weeks old, covered in flies
Stomped dead
I just overdosed and came back, I came back to life

My hoodie smells like kush and Rain Don Triple too off the moon's crust
Gooned up, in cyphers I'm Scrooge (fuck you)
Bacteria chewed most of my brain food, I'm screwed up
My head's missing marbles, screws and loose lugs
I'm the illest, who's what
Still deep in the cut like shank wounds with spoon rust
I'm burnt dude, I eat trees like a June bug
Fuck crack lids, I sell psychoactives off the blue bus
Wrist wrapped in rave bracelets handing out cactus and shrooms plucked
Medical Buddha
Chemical shell, the wet will melt through bud
I'm catching Jesse Helm's dementia off two puffs
Flowing juiced, holding breath control between glue huffs
One night I pulled two stunts
VW Bug trunk, stuff in the front like fupa
Innocent faces choked to fuchsia



(You should be coming on pretty soon dude. How much did you smoke? "This will be a little demonstration of that. Listen, listen up." {clonking noises} What was that? "That was my skull, I'm so wasted!) [excerpt from Fast Times At Ridgemont High]

Fiends hardballing my stuff
Rap dust on liquid like Terence
Spit air in
Rip like wax envelopes tearing
Lines don't murder 8, oxy bakes
My H take kids from parents
Studio smell like ketamine dipped cigs and inhalants
Bags stuffed of the white
Can't get sleep, bags under my eyes, agents after me
Work horse, oil rag, ax and tree
I got my space pack and leap
I'm like Les Claypool on a raft of cheese
Hospital psychward, wicker basket weave
I kill chicks, dirty pill bins, them birds is jays
These besserk bars of burning blame
No verse is sane, first explained
I don't serve the H I'm here looking for work, I'm a murk for pay
A weirdo, I'm not on the curb for cake
Troll curbs for bait
In a Sky Lodge sun coop work the brakes
Working late, snatch birds
First to date but can't seem to converse words to ??
I murk 'em, back yard got a murder rate
Unearthing graves
I'm inside ?? caine
Burn a flame, blow your roof off like hurricanes
Got dope dick and syrup ??
I'm coming out that K-hole, swam in a purple lake
This is my turf to take
If we exchanging words to face
You'll die on my atmosphere, you're like a bird in space
I'm not nervous, I'm trying to shake the worms on my shirt away
I got nervous shakes, I'm on anything the nurses gave
Forearms slashed to the nerves in spurts of rage
I snap, close your studio like Birdman and burn the stage


(Oh no my dear, I'm really a very good man, but I'm a very bad wizard I must admit.) [an excerpt from The Wizard of Oz]

7:30 midnight load arms
Spook mask, cones on
Bypass home alarms and car sonars
Fire spit
I sling slack out the stone heart
Hit the boat's ark, sink his head
Put a hole in his dome's heart
Off the grid, mountain man of the Ozarks
I'll bronco buck these straps over your back, you get rolled on
My house an armament, weapons buried around my whole yard
Like I'm the old guard
Two devil horns on my dome sawed
If I'm walking around breathing that's proof enough there's no god
I want to kill you but if your boys are really down I'll shoot each then get your whole roof beated
Turn your whole front line to a World War II beach head
I'm a thief, I boost jeep decks
Fuck a crew street trend
Heat to his shallow pool give him two deep ends
I'm sick, I drop shit, I need to depend
You got kids? I'll kill you in front of each them
I'm hearing shoes creeping, by myself cause I refuse treatment
Who needs friends, most work takes no more than two weekends
I kill hope and shoot regret
Beach, dirt, loop, shoe, fleas
Shoes needed
Still Cambodian, Tiger Land, J23 platoon reject
I'm coming down the roof scenes with little blue green men

(Even the fierce beasts stopped short and looked at him in surprise.) [more from The Wizard of Oz]

I'm Elvis, die on the toilet
I spoiled this coke line to boil it
Tin foil hit, oil drip crystal met me the night in the form of glass chards
Engulfed my snake body and coiled it
I gotta piss, shit
Handcuffs on night fans, cognac boxes
Grim, Ben, Veto boxed in
Memoir journal crumb man
Standing around blindfold dumb man
Standing around blindfold dumb man
Fingers on the monkey face dumb man

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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satanic alliance

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Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics - Page 4 Empty Re: Jak Tripper fan page / lyrics

Post by satanic alliance on Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:46 am



I'm in this bitch odd as fuck, still feeling what I took in the car
Driver side fall out, embalmed like what I put in cigars
You getting bombed like Bush and Islam
You looking at Nam, I'm in the bush like the Cong
Rush cells like turtle shells when I pull in the arms (they don't get it, Valhalla man)
Yeah, I'm in a world of fire, hot bars like curling irons
Cocked arms like a juice head
Squat bars, curling iron
Pop off so much heat, curl the iron
Heat to his brim, curl his visor
Watch his brain hurl on sideburns
Dolo home invasions, forensics are saying the girl had died first
Slit throat cold, with your world beside her
Found the pride deep in her eyes and cut out the pearl inside her
Then go listen to Burl Ives by myself in a new Berlin Diner
More faces than Chris Hagan, turtleneck, shades, close shave and with curls like Wilder
I stay fat and corrupt behind these bars spitting that Lou Pearlman fire

(There are over 7 million mentally ill and emotionally disturbed children in America. This program is about some of those children and the insitutions they live in. Children of darkness.) [the intro of Children of Darkness an Oscar nominated 1983 documentary by Richard Kotuk]

Still Cambodian, canned the heat fire
Cantonese tiger, window panes, tabs and sheets
Hand 'em these
The flow is straight Saint Anthony's fire
I strangle teens, bash in teeth wires
Opium champ, fans rush in, in a trance
You know how damp the dust is
My head's a box a claustrophobic couldn't stand up in
I pull the van up, hand's clutch clips
My whole band bust zigs
Using your head as a cabinet to throw cans up in
These groupies run their mouth til the tan touch limbs
Forensics pulling that missing girl's hair strands tucked in


By now if I'm not seeing rap blue
After this track I'll shoot myself in the chest like tattoo
Fuck a rap group
I came with so many drugs it looks like I'm wearing a fat suit
I spit fire, and burn rappers to ash statues
I'll beat your face in, I'll Billy Bat you
I flow so much, my jawline got a busted axel
?? from glass tubes
I blow dirt in your face, reverse vacuum
Flash back, no grad school
Bad pupil, bashful, I'm closing a cats wound
On my street, knives defend castles
Pull lines from black poles
You'll get fished out and gutted
I brought lines and tackle
I don't care I'm an asshole
I'll run and star kick you in the chest with both feet
Pulling both me and you in the back row
This beat got computer intelligence like macro
Catch me upstate hat low

Devilish, heretic, gremlin
African spitting cobra, venomous
Dipping cigs in ketamine
Rip the cig, rest the end of it on his brim
Spread his wig
Disrespect my shit
I'm shooting up wherever the school, church, reverend or wedding is
Don't want to spoil the end of this
But they'll be wheeling out body bags as big as Webster is
I "Glide" rockets from trailblazers since '95 like Drexler did
Blade runner, I go around hunting Nexus 6
Cloned biters and replicates
Who want to see this motherfucker beheaded say I
(I) I second it
Dissecting kids, til I'm standing mid-section deep in mid-sections and intestines shit
Codeine stain that soda green with percocets in it
Puffing vanilla skins, Jak's skeleton
With the 8-70 Remington
This that cult shit
Jak Tripper, American terrorist
Wretched brids
Tighter than rope fetishes
Choke feminist
I'll close both melons in
I just killed your girl don't mention it


(Follow the wind song, follow the thunder. Follow the neon in young lovers' eyes - 2x) [sampled from Hair - Where Do I Go]

[Jak Tripper]

Word to DeMambro I built a town in one week
The modern Aldous Huxley with crystalline dreams
I build brave new worlds with powdered dust drink
We room service we get down and dusting
Put a smoke circle around scalps like Saturn, crown of dust rings
If the flock is proud choke their spout
I'm trying to down the cuff links
Bodies drowning in doubles found in cup links
My inner child still bubble pounds of dust flakes
I'm from the mountains upstate
I get down on one ways
In hotels I get busy like Charles Brown with cut cake
Black gowns on Sunday, black clouds will sun raise
Drop that well magic back down the tongue cave
I react like luminol splash back at blood stains
Duel afterburners take off, turn backs to run ways
I've always been deaf just ?? more paranoia flashbacks and gun play
Anybody in the church get mass on with
Put a body in the hearse or body in the verse, we get anarchic
Anybody in the church get mass on with
Put a body in the hearse or body in the verse, we get anarchic


Bible of degrees, do this for me, family, the ladies and my legacy
What you think of as hibernation
I know of salvation beyond the point of getting high
I dwell in the oblivion, wish that I didn't
Crucified Chemist, til my ashes in dust
They pass me around to all you fucks
I'm that creepazoid permanently run to avoid
Enjoy my voice, this no longer feels any void
You all past the point of paranoid
Life time future sickness
So I guess I better start to enjoy this
Or slit my wrist at the dinner table at your grandmother's crib
Speech slurred so what
Buy my product you fuck
I'm really recorded like a gentleman fighting off the urge to bash your head in
And begin to blaming
She leaped head first out the window connecting full force with the pavement
Explaining she had been drinking, talking all night about some ending
The frustration of her dealing with someone whose emotions are so frozen
Can see my own breath in June like I'm some sort of mutant
Everyday her heart grows colder and I grow more bipolar
I'm out like the unborn child of fucking Amy Winehouse

(One of the major hallmark symptoms of chronic brain injury is personality changes, aggressive behavior, problems in someone's personal life.)


(that is certainly wonderful art...)

If I snap everything goes black
I wake up holding clapped heat
You get stabbed for disrespect
I'm not a rap geek
Buck shots blast these
Pellets spread and hit his face like acne
When you rap you look like seagulls circling over trash heaps
That means you trash weak
You get knocked out the ring like Jerry Hackney
Strapped, black T, Ronald Reagan mask
Black mag-e, tucked under black jeans
I go deep and spit black ash like a coal miner with black teeth
If you in the whip, I'll strangle you to death from out the shadows of the back seat
I'm a psychopath
Under eval' a psyche staff couldn't pass me
If I lose I'm in your crib quiet as a gas leak
Gas can and rag sparked I light the match streak
I'm locking us all inside, I don't care if the fire traps me
The sun is gone I think I'm just happy

Everyone focus in 3D
I'll make shows look like Saving Private Ryan
The opening beach scene
If you never peeped me, you're all sleepy
I'm a beast, I thrash the scene easy
I'll put a drumset through your TV
I'm on that dope shit, BG
Hot boy, under strobe lights like the Bee Gees
I'll spray aerial application in your faces
You get dusted off like DDT
Torch em like tiki
Close range, melt the whites of your eyeballs to hot cream cheese
And everybody strapped in jungle, wylin out with the contras
I'm mad bonkers, punches lean his craft, Labamba
Try to strong-arm this, I arm strong kids like Lisanda
My whole family tied mobsters, all hot and honor
On your girl's face I bust like a lobster
For life around bars, like I'm locked up


(I think the most important thing the devil can do is to sell fat, fat to coordinate the ?? law so pleasurably evened out.)

I'm clipping these pickets off this shit is all outdated
I'm cult like children shows and God loving all the ??
I'll scalp a judges wig off and braid it
Most of these new cults is Kids Incorporated
Fuck drawing pagan stars I brought the Anchorage
I'm off in space with black clothes as aprons
Selling sauce to [??bass hits??]
I got vaults of greatness
They busy throwing salt for Satan
I flow dirty like waterlog coffin drainage
Sniff pills, cough and drain drip
When I spit it come out sounding like dolphin language
My brain like an orphan stranded space probe lost on land strips
I'm stuck in a fucking work scene
I fuck anarchy, fuck click banging, I'll bang if anything on earth breathes
Only time I was red flagging was when my parents found the head of my neighbor's cat under my bed when I was 13
Ever since awareness I aim at anything the third sees
Elephant king, golden skin like Xerxes
Watch the birdie, the magic birdie

And I'm no thug, I sell no drugs I'm broke as fuck
But your whole face will get opened up
A beautiful red like a rose when it soak in sun
My window soaking sun
Lucy in the sky with diamonds
I'm slicing through nose stolen tongue
I'm a stolen smoking gun with bodies on me
Turn your whole block party project to an ocean front
At my crib open on the couch with a dead groupie
Her eyes open, I'm like "smoke this blunt"
Sparking bolts from snubs
When I open up fire on my peers, Virginia Tech senior gear wouldn't come close enough
My punches fold him up
Diamond belt holder, national golden gloves
You get a set throw it up

(Is there anyone on the air?...)



Jak Progresso. C-Plex. Bummy Fresh. Blak Church shit.

I'm rookie of the year, check the front page
Upgrade, I don't need The Roots for a big stage
My niggas got me, old style crew shit
Like in the 90's with a DJ behind me
They call us weirdos, 'cause we rap with weird flows
Well this here bro will still let it go
Fuck was you thinking?
Streets made this man gifted
I just took you somewhere a little different
Nigga should of taxed niggas shit
There's no room to grow, so now that's real nigga shit
Big pussy bitches I call them tolo
No zil in your bag, her nostrils is like an oreo
Send them photography, I show you art bitch
Call it "Some Wonder Thigh", you wrote the book shit
But I'll let you tell it
Pussy wet when my name's mentioned, I love it
Plex hot, I stay bubbling
Stomaching petty beef without the insurance
No room for Geico, Obama Care
Or whatever you trying to throw up in my air, smell the bullshit
I pack my shit, was out of there
Fuck the little gimpy bitch with the green hair

Who dares absolute team that want to send shots, I think no
Thanks for the clothes, music shit I guess the sneakers
Without it I'm still Bummy Fresh
I might not blow, but I'm still known
Known enough to still be in control
I write tracks of what I feel
I'm not trying to pay for no record deal
My skills is Ong Bak
I break beats nigga I'm Hip-Hop
You wish to be me
You's a clone causing static like TV
My skills be not enough for you to test
Even if you made a response I wouldn't respect
But you's a man and you got to hold your own
But this piece talks, I'm just in a different time zone
See you when I see you, maybe we can get a beer
No more cheap, what's up in the air
Care if you want, I run rap circles thru you
You see how that sounds difficult
Your stats is just pitiful
I'm the clean up man
Trying to see me on the mic is a miracle


(There has got to be some kind of explanations that have to do with another science, certainly nothing that we know about. And I think that other science is in the area of Parapsychology.)

He was the son of man, son in tan, son of a czar tar man
Bleeding arm bands with pulsating arm glands
Vegas showroom, opiate charm, Owl Farm fan
In an armed ranch, charge the heart, reboot
Not the phone, spores on 4G boost
Poppy pod, somniferum, morphine use
Opiate induced, florine tubes
Hand tied to mollies, we all jumped, died hyrdo roxy
Cut died on oxys
Rhino doc, I came back toxic in the form of a line of pox seeds
Wrinkles in my scalp from time on Cropsey
Typewriter by a window, disheveled fried on pot leaf
Blunt guts, replicant Persian rugs, blueprints and pot seeds
Cooked soda and stove top heat
I stash styles like vials and stone washed jeans
I'm in hoes, coke blondies
Surrounded by bitches higher than Hole's Blondie
Jak who cares? Nobody
Hell bat, I'm bat shit
Flushed out, nothing held back
Drugs spell Jak
My mouth microwave codones and gel caps
Cops came in my garage and smelled gats
Found me slumped over the belt strap
My body chalked in house
Heawatha walk about
See my fingertips through walls of molted mounds
Walk on clouds
Westchester psychiatric center govenor walk the grounds
My solo career about as successful as Walter Brown
Such dope shit, haters suck whole dick
Lines burn like cut coke, up dosage
Sniff crushed codones, even the ones coated
Grow plants in the same dirt the guns go in
I work like Japanese car factories on some Gung Ho shit


(This is the place you've been hearing so much about; the jungle. It's hot, it's sticky and uncomfortable. Full of insects as well as the enemy.) [excerpt from an official Army training film, Personal Health in the Jungle]

[The Buttress]

I put the belladonna in the eye drops for enhanced optix
I'm watching the pond fronds dance in the tropics
High off the trance inducement fumes arise from rocks
Singing songs with the frogs in the lagoon
Lost prophetess, who?
Monsoon is brewing to consume you and your entire platoon
When? Soon! Keep it moving
Surprise, the driest of our horizon
High sea rise in a bad moon
Hear the voice of raging ruin
Don't go back, it's a trap, she's waiting there with Jak
The patron saint of pain, the lady Macbeth of rap
They tried with all their might but they could not deliver
From out the heart of darkness, Buttress and Jak Tripper

(May you live forever.)
(It really isn't tough to stay on your feet in the jungle. You've got the best weapons in the world. You have that added insurance, your jungle kit; Iodine, band-aids and dressing, wound tablets, insect repellent, and water purification tablets.) [more from Personal Health in the Jungle]

[Jak Tripper]

I'm dope orcher and heroin
Me and the folk heroine Buttress
Like Joan of Arc yelling holy messages
Goat empress, cult heretics
We skin humans down to the ghosts and expose skeletons
I deadlift stone megaliths
My entrance like a Persian king robed elogant
My face pierced with the finest of gold rings and a throned elephant
I smoke Camels til my throat hemorrhages
Emphysema all in my chest like Joe Henderson
In front of a panel of psychics I watch my body from out of body jolt trembling
A thousand electric volts were sent through it
My burner slowly creep out from a trenchcoat like a land snail antenna tip
Cult leader, treacherous, stone genuine
I'm no Xenophon, freak power, up for election
Shooting that dope, we want the senate sick
I'll drive to your pregnant chick crib, shoot up the whole developement
You know shoot up the whole developement


The bodies of 48 members of the Doomsday cult were found in burned down buildings. Five more bodies were found in a burned house. Investigators say the cult was obsessed with death and considered it an illusion. Experts say cult leaders told their followers that fire would lead them to a new world on another planet. Deaths were thought to be timed astrologically. Officials say this weeks mass suicide could have happened on Thursday night. That's winter solstice the longest night of the year.


[War/combat in the background with a lady singing opera]

The left's attack on assault weapons is back. There is no doubt that it's a tragedy when anyone takes the life of another without cause, but to blame assault weapons for these tragedies would be like, well blaming airlplanes for the 9/11 attacks. The problem lies with the perpetrator, not the tool used to commit the crime.


(I was involved in building another base onto, inside of Dulce New Mexico which is Los Alamos Laboratory. It's a biological laboratory. In the southwest part of the Archuleta Mesa, we built an underground facility a better part of 3 cubic miles hollowed out underground.) [Phil Schneider speaking]

[Jak Tripper]

I'm at the Owl
About to throw in the towel like dryer bins
Limbs I hide 'em in barrels
Stiff disemboweled, remove your bowels
Smelling like moving bowels
VW Beetle on the prowl, Theodore Cowell
Rape kit, acidic mouthful
Puffing that foul
Escape mental health council
Murder a whole house then stay with the bodies in the household
Barrel in a feds mouth like a snorkel
Back from a Dead Show
Bracelet still on like I support troops
Lock horns I'll torch you
I'm spaced out like alien abductee support groups
Intense like Pakis and pipe bombs packed deep in airport rooms
Blak Church no hardcore group
Sign me I'm worth 4-2
So I can push Bundy's whip like Korn do

(Was sitting a seven foot tall alien grey. The stench was worse then the worst garbage can you can imagine. The the person was ab..entity was absolutely horrible, I didn't waste any time I reached for my pistol, at that time I was an engineer, I didn't have time to carry all the folderol of one of these big sub machine guns, that all the Sea Spray and the Yellow Fruit..) [more from Phil Schneider]

[Coal Cash]

You're smart to fear it, drinking spirits til my liver explodes
Decompose you wither while I'm pissing out a river of souls
I grow bitter so I spit a cloud of killer bees
Emcees get disemboweled, bug out filling mouths with millipedes
Gorilla steez with chimpanzees going ape shit
Quick as my ?? bleeds
Mother Nature shake your plate lips
We take trips on spaceships raping martian cunt
Pillage with Spartans, arson the village like I'm sparking blunts
Carving out lunch bloody chunks of cerebral gore
I tour through your people like Dessert Eagles and Medieval war
I more lethal than thinking measles when it's smallpox
I rock through your people, the reason people keep their doors locked
Sawed off the top of your melon, dug through your cerebellum
You're yelling while being true, feeding this brain food to felons
We're dwelling in the basement kept adjacent to torture rooms
Liquify your corpse yo why do you think I brought the spoons
We walk the room looking like Creatures from the Black Lagoon
Feeding on human snacks strapped to our backs in ?? cocoons
Contract a lunacy I'm a tribune with impunity
Inhumanly hungry consuming countries and communities
No immunity for epidemics that we orchestrate
The hate that we force through would make authors want to pull off their face
We'd straight torture any porp who thinks they offer more
We brought through causalities with battle sprees that never lost a war

(He kept saying I have lots of ?? I only scratched about one percent of it. He said I want to put it all on record. "Yeah it's too bad we don't have that.." It's too bad we never got to it. "Yeah.")



"Now I'm burning shit. 2014."

I keep it, beats to little bits, dust crackle rust shit, hard to stomach, it all started on the front of my steps blunted, I cluttered pages till my pen busted, commence to killing , i'm all pinches for the must awaken , but end discussions before mics register wave forms to paint your visions, these Goliath like.. algorithms riot at night, scalp to kill an urge, not into sports, ring bells , then dilingers put holes in doors , drop you like a bowlin ball , tip scales, kelms , Impale chest plates left fisted from a fixed realm The entire night where fires burn 6 feet over shoulder height. Stupid bitch , you shouldn't say that she could be your sister or your mother, yeah but it ain't mother fucker , This ain't nothing other than fate, curse to the collection of an eclectic murder maze , Yeah I'm talking to you, index out in the dead spin , Screaming like sirens on a fire engine, when I'm rhyming death I'm in heaven, high enough to find its entrance , enter, then cast judgment on the whole volume of camp fire diaries of the anteint madmen ,false profits and emperors , trust me I'd stop it ,but once I started I realized how hard it is to not spit, dope, easier to kick coke, it's all disco, show at the whiskey a go-go, i'm at an all-time low end of my rope push me and I'll fall, only to glide off yelling fuck you Holdin my balls!! There's no question i'm odd, I've been writing this stuff for the past 15 years of my life , So next to nuts there's a big check in the box.
Boosted, charged up, you get stupid off of Starbucks, bars of the lung , unlimited Larson, bare arms for fun , Not of dark skin but got this rap shit sewn to the carpet, heartless biters get garlic knots and sharp sticks to the heart till I suffer writers block and Where thumping with Martians, as if I'm at a standstill and the world stops spinning , I put you all behind me , it's all grimy , Death and I tied the knot in the 90s.

(And the court held out a good entry. They didn't have to knock and notice and explain why they were there. They had specific information on the guy, that he was probably armed, and liked to shoot when resisting arrest, but most importantly the employee had a weapon inside the house at the time of the arrest, and was likely to use it, and he was standing in a place where he had a right to be.)


A pervert like John Whiteside, I murder pride like hyenas
Burners buy
Hit off you and your girl then turn the 9 on myself
On gels fly my own tent like a circus ride
Worthless life
Berserker, I write about fire rounds
With that pen there's fire around like witches inside of fire rounds
Spit shit wicked, snatch wigs quick like retired clowns
Gonzoist, write some ill shit then throw my typewriter down
Am I just tired or is half of the population wired down
Side of town
They get brainwashed and pipe pipered out
If the body's a temple we sneaking inside and out
So many sparks light up your church organs, it'll look like a Bon Jovi crowd with the lighters out
Punches like the Wright brothers, first to let 'em fly in bouts
Richard Kiel iron mouth of steel
I skillet, pull out that steel skillet, pan fry his scalp
Fuck a card, I'm pulling black ops double agent files out
Ride the clouds like zephyrous, round trips messiest
Seat-belting headless chicks in and drive around
Heavy DMT hits lying down
Rappers get hung like I'm drying pounds
Blonde killer
Drop out co-eds, cut their hair and dye it brown
Arms sore from the five I drowned
Hatch back tied and bound
Larvae hatch that fly around
In the field, you in the ride catching entire rounds

(In a state of renewing his cult battle with Father Divine, Prophet Jones said God had told him to lead Detroit and make his headquarters in New York or Philadelphia or else. He declared that he would go to New York one weekend and take the curse off the city that Father Divine put on it.)

In a verse I'm awfully sad
Back off me man, yeah you and your off beat band
Those edibles stretching like toffee strands
Peel lids off like coffee cans
I'm torching strawberry cough in a slide rock with Aussie fans
I dumb out like I got a helmet with chin straps
They screaming "You don't really trip Jak"
Their faces looking glossy in shrink wrap
When they come to my crib they leave in three different zipped gym bags
My back porch unearthing upper torsos with rib tats
Cross space be looking like a rib shack
I hope you try to rap then go out like Freddy E over some cocaine and push your own wig back


That is what we've been living on, between those two rackles we just had oh not a lot. But that's part of this business, not a lot of groups got paid. So uh, but we never really made our money back. And um, old friends and come to about west. Server management. Anything keeps you going, publishers who pay you when they shouldn't. That sort of thing. Some how you get thru like everyone else does.


"I can sit in my house just piling all the narcotics into my body that I possibly can.  Mainly ketamine, nitrous oxide, PCP, cocaine, haha you know.  And I just get all kinds of results." [Steve-O]

Fans pissed, I'm the rap Bobby Liebling, no show
Punch mainlines, shooting that oaka dope like Joey CoCo
I'm ogopogo, in a San Walton hyper market looking awkward waiting to pick up disposable cam photos
Not doing too good on my own though
My career like Jermaine Jackson after he went solo
2-0-0-0 peyote on stage
Lizard king at whiskey a go-go, fumbling codones
So much mescaline in my mouth look like I'm eating a snowcone
Roasting Moroccan gold
Blood of Sinatra, savant moron, rock your dome
Fuck the machine like Ed Harris
That's why I got the chrome
Not to pop for show
Safe you are not, you are not alone
Gnarcs knock, pop talks and flanks swat at homes
So we swamp narcons and odes
Staying under radar and over satellites with blocking codes

[Hook - 2x]
Fuck this ethosphere I got a journal I wrote on gin
Gary Coleman grin, Charlie Sheen bars, I'm too old for this
I'm anti-earth, everything's boring, I'm too stoned for this
I'm actually happy when they hate, I'm over it

Grimy as a coal worker, smoke Park Davis till miners lung
Lucille diamonds, I'm flying up
Seen that body of Christ with head of a lion, dried in clutch
In the kitchen I got Jesse Camp frying up, violent flush
Trails of latesism, tiles front
Next bolts of nitrous plugs
I'm my last pill, vile done
I'm about to crash like Ryan Dunn
In Mount Harmal I burn 76 like Waco
Narcotics scapegoat, through my black cancerous vein holes
Right winger, hysteria got me shooting neighbors through my left of a lake home
Pushing cakes old, stay low, til J23 got lysergic lawn chairs on Turks and ??
I dumb out, kick shit like Kado
Smoke DMT on Coney Island by the boardwalk end up in a crane post
Me and Box, Cubensis, rainforest drugs
Crushing up opiate pulperies in the clay bowl


[Yugen Blakrok]

I live where the absurd is, cry over spilt milk until it curdles
Put black in the wings of ravens, toxic thoughts like creeping myrtle
Tend to spiral round the locks – I write colourful, cursive, curses
When I’m irked, autonomy’s virtue in the face of social hurdles
While otherselves are basket-case-dependent, I carry my own burdens
Clingy – I’ll bring them back from the dead like hearses reversing
Subversive, I sit beside my deepest thoughts and burn spliffs
Submerge in a pool of doubt and question Hermes
With eyes wide, our stories told to generations like folklore
In my right hand’s a mic stand and I’m hammering thunderbolts like Thor
Piss off Norse gods when I can’t speak – my voice hoarse
Tongue – caught in the middle because both halves of my brain are war-torn
I nurse ideas like cold sores, barefoot on Akasha’s shore
Shut-eyes like closed doors, tilt my chalice and let it pour
Till I’m high – wearing the same wings the law soars on
My squad – underdogs like kennel floors, there’s a function behind the form
Evolve upwards, that’s why the pyramid is underscored
Now watch us pierce thru the veil like laser beams thru iron doors

[Jak Tripper]

Behold I fallen angel to brimstone paragraph
Psychopathic pastor, hell fire, paranoid messiah
Nursing a paraphernalia platter
Mad as hatter
Get dissected backwards
Splash your bladder
Trying to pick apart your brain thru a skull fracture
Hacking at it sporadic with a tack hammer
If I spaz it's like when chimpanzees attack masters
Tongue of a black adder
My family running traps haphazard like the Mansons for that stacked work
Fuck your tracks, nerds, backpackers
Fuck fake crack rappers
When I write it's like handing on stair flights
For God sake I air pipes
Spit evil drug rap bars and air mics
I'll bury rappers head first up to the air night
Fists of steel, I'm all punches like wheelchair fights
Lines like high voltage eels, you try to steal it you get your hair spiked


Face in the earth my palms outward breathing chest rise
I banish Judas
With a six point star in virial on my left side
Electric wizard, Belial, tacky horror
I'll hang you from hooks while boiling fat on your back meat like cacky horror
Deep's and Ziggy's and a black DeVille Cadillac hardware store in my trunk space
Seats hanging tools like a hammer rack
Black Norman Roger shades like they're for my cataracts
The new Osley corduroy jacket, sweating through hagged slacks
I'm an animal, my face behind a cage like a catcher's mask
Fuck giving dap to Jak
My punches spiked like peyote cactus patch
Smoking those Cali dabs, toking that Cali wax
I'm an alley cat
Lost in the dust, my head a hump with water in it like a camel back
Never grounded with the pounds I'm submerged in smoke like I sauna in ganja
I'm not with the drama
36 anchored heads will send lead out 36 chambers of death like llamas with llamas
Bars either you don't got 'em or got 'em, and you don't got 'em
I'm on my way to the weed house while you getting spotted a Mexican seed ounce
I brought the AZs with the loose plugs to breeze out
Squares in each room pushing the heat out
Squeeze and hit you where you breathing your last cloud of weed out
My studio floor Beverly Hilton bathtub fiends down
In Pencil Lane and a has-been garbage head like raccoons digging through trash lids
My team trying to reach Pennsylvania Ave and trap it
Blak Church B.L.A.K. strapped in...


(So the wizard unfastened his head and emptied out the straw...You will be a great man, for I have giving you a lot of bran-new brains.) [excerpt from The Wizard of Oz]

[Jak Tripper]

My vibe on some duck flow
Belly of boat stuck won't row
Dumb yo, handicap bus load trip
He clutch toast quick
I get my arms waiving like jump rope tricks
It's like a bus load of kids dumped off on your block and dump whole clips
So much gun smoke sit in the air the sun goes dim
I mean the sun glows dim
My clothes smelling like cabbage or skunk broke in
Pill bottles bust open
I bust methadone lids
Hype man, hyper, meth and coke kids
For the art my skin coming off like feathers molting
On ledges of molten lava
Magma bars from Mount Helens flowing
Lanternfish links, my neck is glowing
Flex on Hogan
Weight move like Ferrigno
Punchlines like you in the ring with both of the Klitschkos
My mental state a shit show
Label on Skid Row
Slip ropes
Lynch congressmen off Washington state cliffs thrown
That handed down drip load, old school
That open up on the side of your face like a flip phone


Fuck trying to talk to you
Lift my foot up then walk through you
Kicking rhymes in my stomping boots and lost a shoe
Flash spit glided when I hawk a loog
Daring Deringer tearing paratrooper not cockatoos
Dropping bombs through Mumatopia's platoons
Soldiers smoke that, tripping off a cloud from shrooms
Potent dro flows trying to hold crews
Now it's time to go and down some booze
I start on you and your boys
'Cause you're all herbs and you're wack
Worse than that these suckatoids really think they be murdering tracks
I just serve 'em the gas and burn 'em when I furnace the match
Turtles I catch and turn 'em into Chernobyl fat
Sickos got those nutty bars like Snickers and Whatchamacallits
Coughing sickles and stars
My hot phlegm waves will wash over faces and keep cutting off y'alls limbs
(Run that shit back)

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[Coal Cash]

Yo Jak what do we do with this bitch's body? (Cut her up.) Hand me a hacksaw. (Chop her up. Chop her up.) Throwing your bitch at Jak and she's like "I don't wanna die". (I want a piece of the breast. I want her eyes.) (Don't go Gilgo.)

The cause of unlimited spillage kill it
I'll pillage with an ax
Bitch slapped rap made it time travel back to a primitive village
I still kill it with Jak bringing it back to Muk and Hatchet
Let's chop these faggot's heads off and it attach it to our jackets
Like medals on mavericks, some death level madness
On some Travis Pastrana jumping lava to double backflip
Landed on melted plastic, graph my name while drifting pass it
While doing the floor routine never seen in elite gymnastics
Speak bombastic bitch on how I surpassed my last trick
Jump from a massive cliff and splash in a glass of acid
Some rebel smash shit don't ask if it's astronomical
Methodical cut, pulling your gut through your abdominal
Phenomenal ensemble blood smock rocking the monocle
Atomic common debris
Topple the top emcees like dominoes
If I'm a go fluid, I tear the head off a druid
Threw it in broth to stew it until it was soft to chew it
You could get forced to do it or rather get tossed into it
Made music in human sauce of the foolish who crossed my Buick (get out of my fucking way AHHHH)
The spewage of horse manure the sewer of thought minutia
The future of putrid talk bring the pork for my fork to skewer
The chewer of human
Born to crypt walk with a chalk stick
Talk with elephant tusk, impale your guts with a forklift
So forfeit or recognize the tracks by my paw prints
On all fours raw dog fucking your bitch's corpse stiff
We're morbid bitch my brain is out of orbit
But sound waves travel so don't babble or talk shit
We're caustic jaws fit for the feeding frenzy
Don't envy any meatling we eat 'em to bleed them empty
Don't even tempt me cause your mentally elementary
We the sum of all fears and all my peers have extra sensories

[Jak Tripper]

Crystalline pistol buck, barometer buster
An apple crusher
I'm into the rush before the jump like cut sucker
And give me your number
I'm a duster
Like Barbosa after the bar crawl put 26 under
My exes never call back, I wonder, I loved her
And dumped her wrapped in a hotel blanket off the Bruckner
And clipped fingertips, syringes and broken rubbers
And I'm 90's like Oakleys
Crows beak, hydro spices
Raven quill wrote flows on oak leaves
Manson goatee, grimier than Old Dirty's gold teeth
My followers hate hope and smoked leak
Hydrocephalus dome piece during hash plant and rollies
It felt better when she was rolling
I'm at the altar hype
I smell like tree huggers and water pipes
I pick up street walkers awkward
Bare hands drained her off first
Salt her hide, got off, saw her die
My face reflecting off her eyes
They said to use bleach, the corpse was white
I'm a weirdo, the modern rap's Toby Radloff
If you ain't Dead Rabbits crew you're a lapdog
If you rap of course you're probably like "I've already been with Coal and Jak son"
Yo keep the money stacks dawg
I'm like junk-heads who dip shit
Bite your filtered tips and pull their backs off
What medication? Jak's lost
I'm the dead baby joke, jack-off
I'm the unfed goldfish floating in the glass jar
On my dream boat like pop the trunk of the yellow Volkswagen dash board
Ropes, ski mask, nylon, shovel and hacksaw
And a woolen blanket and wrapped corpse to keep the cast warm
I think I'm happy and that's all
My parent's knew something with Jak's wrong
After the matches and the animal traps rigged
Neighborhood complaining of cats gone
I was a demon born from a tetrapod
Fetal sack torn, dropped to the asphalt
And flaps staggering like a baby calf born
Disintegrate other rappers to gas form
Top of the food chain, predator circling, watch the pilot fish latch on
I'm Hallmark like I was posted in a frost covered window Christmas Eve with a five foot studded strap-on
And I'm out

Yo son me and Coal, 800 bars. You know the deal. Yo peace to Tabs. Dead Rabbits man, you heard. (You're dead, you're all dead!) Yo peace to Coal we finally did it. One of us is gonna pass away soon, watch. It's not allowed, God forbid bro. Wait what forbid bro? Yo Tabs you alright man? Tabs, that's shock and awe campaign just now


[Jak Tripper]

I drop the Visine in my tea
On stage with my hands out squinting like I'm blind trying to see
In a wheelchair like Kirk trying to speak
I'm rolling like fashion models dining on E with pacifiers from grinding their teeth
I'll outdoor their insides so the flies they can breathe
Haters line up for me, trust me I'm dying to leave
I remember a blanket over my face when I was 3 like "Mom I can't breathe"
Let's play the overdose came, follow behind me
Do a line for a rhyme each
And God why me, what God? Don't mind me
I set fires to holy sites and hide priests under dead vines of poison ivy
Tied bundles of sticks, wood chips and dried leaves
Deluded highly
I'm trying to get Hostess to release this album and sign me
My market is selling to psychopathic sociopaths that are antisocial like me

[Yugen Blakrok]

There's no abyss where you can hide me
When I'm done the pens soars, magnetic arm
I know to stand ?? at the next card
Eye to eye still talk to you on all fours like centaurs
Give these puppets purpose like Geppetto
Underrated brain smash the test scores
Life start to test slow
My phlegm talks flow to turn heads and twist the neck cords
Dig inside the flesh and infest cause
Burn a biters tongue inside his clenched jaw then sky walk to a leg crawl
My flow moves in star waves, this is only just an echo
Stomach turns on visions of the horrors of the next war
Worry and depressed lords
Starring at the sky see reflections of my red arms
Against odds a dead draw 'cause I'm ?? and records
Connect to Earth like ten floors
Search the left path looking for the tenth door
It's the last symphony conductor that the pen sword
And a helix stands spirals anti clockwise like electrons


[Jak Tripper]

Faded man. Blue dream. Veto Mega.

Dead Hooker Rap, real I'm doing 'em hard
Dustwitch proved that I got two in the car
Proof that I'm odd, shoot guns in the street at the stars
Shoot at the stars
Dust pockets deep, juice at the bar
Gruesome with bars
Losing it, loosening yarn
My crew underground from the nukes and the narcs
I survived and took their blood to shoot at the arm
Incinerate me, put me in a cannon and shoot me to Mars
I'm not an addict, I shoot for the charge
Kids are biters they chew like a gar
I jump off the roof, you're in the booth like you're hard
Easy, crack with balloons boost by a mark
Let the dope usage crack this shit
It's dope music, speedball and overdose to it
If I can't clip a life let the coke do it
I push the dope spike into my arm til the bone bruises
I'm tripping oddly, in the living room with brother dad and mommy
Watching a watery liquid water worm grow from my chest like Donny
Smashing body clones, build like HH Homes
Let gallons of rubbing alcohol flow
I'll point like Mizrachi scope
They'll have to lock me old
First one was sloppy, sweating Bianchi
Trying to copy those
I'm in your veins, I'm pocket smoke
Pop a dose, watch him take the Koolaid from the toxin bowl

[Yugen Blakrok]

I'm Artemis with poisoned arrows
My aura cast shadows in a vacuum
Blaze like the second star, wreck like a typhoon
I ate God's flesh and punched holes in his face from a ?? stands
High in my hour glass house watching time contract and expand
I'm like my mass Sasanian grant
See the future from the cut
Read between the twisted lines in the entrails
Squeeze my lungs when I exhale
Chasing dreams of giant cacti hits until I'm weary
Drop petals, pupils ?? than Timothy Leary
Deaf to health warnings
Early bird on vodka mornings
Scheming on tequila worms at sun rise when the night house starts yawning
Cursed to surf these desert scapes with a bag of Fear and Loathing
Elevated and super holy like ragajeans unclothing
When that peace pipe hits I stand light like mass candles
Counting 5 trillion digits of pot backwards
On blue stems and dancing druid organisms
Lunar pagan rituals circling gateways
Tracing H's sacred algorithms
Having thoughts, don't desert ship
I'll roam the abyss pushed by solar winds
Cruise the River Styx on Veto Mega's strings
Cosmic navigator slash blunt fiend
Volcanic spit burns like roast masters
Thought's fade, the void's canvas
Implode like supernovas when I'm blasted
If you're fast enough might see some traces
Catch a couple flows like Aquadox

[Puppet The Grimey]

Real violence, sneak inside load the clip with pill vials
In a piece of tin foil then clamps to share piles with
I don't mind if she dies, she's mine to become fine with it
Alright she dips and hides I find her I'm still following
Suicide, squeeze the trigger lose my mind
It's been 8 hours lose my iris, pin holes it's 'bout that time again
I need at least 3 when I rise, 6 more just to wind
Burn bridges get home sniff coke with my moms
Nose black, clothes ashy, soot stuck under my nails
My life entails lies while my arms looks like a bike trails
Fuck with this blonde, said she fed me what was stuffed in her palm
Drain her of ??, have fun, get 'em hooked and move on
If I'm social at a show then I'm spun
Told you I'm good, mainline, clothes soaking in blood
I'm the one that got you stuck after I sold you my subs
Stole from everyone I know and they still showing me love
I'm a creep, sunshine in my tongue
Perform with the gods on every drug known under the sun
Knotting out in the car, needle stuck in my arm
She suck up the blood, kiss me nose let it dry up her gauze


Off the hook like dinner with a hole in it
Look what's not on a chain now, anchor broke away from ship
Graze the cliffs, boats sinking in waves I spit
Spraying sick as liquid shit
Filleting scripts, listen they say they can taste the fish
Taking trips yo don't waste a hit
Dipped in a mermaid's lake and I ate the bitch
Pale chunks on my plate getting scaled and skinned
Flailing fins and entrails in bins
The tail the phlegm with gems to the rail of trails of chems
Tales that drench, it's raining razor blades and pins
Run outside and try not to feel that pain or flinch
Faces mist, an alien rinse
'Bout to drain the Earth of sapiens since first slurping from craniums


I can't explain the damage done to my brain
Wondering what happened to family fun with the games
Addiction must of did it, I planned it, nothing will change
Picture my family tree standing under the rain
Candy cane hands from the branches under my name
Heroin for Christmas, Santa comes with a bang
Shining like Doc, damn these colorful dreams
Take a shot but be patient, don't panic 'cause of your aim
You don't want to miss so find the right spot
Tie the knot, dry the rock and slam it up in your veins
The second coming of Charlie Sheen
Forcing Harley teens to withstand the suffer and pain
Got the bitch on all fours panting stuck to a chain
While I spoon feed her dog food, jam it under her fangs
I like my bitch branded, slutty and tamed
A real firecracker dancing under a flame
Came a long way from last in line
Starring at her ass behind a dozen others just for a chance to jump in the train
Gang banged til we left her bloody and crippled
The bitch blew 20 of my cousins and switched crews
Popped for five homies, sodomize holy shit
Baptize, dry your eyes only if I say do so
I will rape you slow, well not really
I'm just trying to make you know the level of the power I withhold
The power to control, just think about it with that powder in your nose
You don't want to see a seed get deflowered when it grows
Lighting up, wanna ??, how about it bros
I suppose now you know how it goes
When you fucking with a mothafucking creep, type to fuck you while you sleep
You wonder why I keep a couple bundles of the D
I have you slumbering for weeks, I'm just summing up the least


(You're either a real Satanist, a true Satanist or not, and if you are you are born that way.)

[Jak Tripper]

I bring 'em to the fire witch
Bring forth the goat horned head of the lioness
Black hands left pentagrams and hired hits
On the side for spare time, I kill them in their homes silent
In one night, I took my time with it
I'll canoe out your insides and bathe in your vitamins
Bring back ax murders and drownings like 1945 and shit
The voices earthquake until my psyche splits
Took my shrink's scripts but they're still there a tiny bit
I got around killing palm readers and psychic chicks
Hoping they'll subside a bit
Clusters in dumpsites legit
You don't seem to understand I pillow talk and lie by stiffs
I love her, I want to be inside her skin
I want to get to know her body and how to open it up and lay inside of it
Serial kill pageant queens and finalists
Rap's turned American Idol
My loved ones like "Jak, you'll never get signed like this"
Blood on my face with a chainsaw looking like Based Out
Based out, along came a spider creeping up the train spout
Rock an ill show, then leave on the stretcher laid out
Still trying to shoot up on the way out
I'm ashamed now that I praised how
I got so many stay blood stained towels
You'd think hospitals gave downs
You want the way out?
Let's hold hands, jump and take the cave down
Lion heart writes get their main scalped
In the deep dark basement of Roger Graves house

(You have to die. Everybody has to die. There can be happiness beyond death.)

[Coal Cash]

"Oh I like her"

Inquisition to sick thoughts
Saw through your bitch when I cut her tits off
Chrysene with straw and pitch, a wicked witch circle with pitchforks
Put a lit torch to her clit singe to a crisp burning her lips off
Another corpse for the pit, what you think we're digging this ditch for
Stick a jigsaw to your ribs, it's Coal and Jak back on that wacko shit
Jaws of a dragulage, spitting shrapnel melting the castle brick
Supernaturally sick, a basilisk so don't insult me
And it's mostly because I'm nuts I'll spray your guts under your poultry
A ghostly apparition, unzipping your flesh when I undress the living
Ripping out chunks of chest, a zombie vet doing our best renditions
So listen there isn't death, I like your flesh and want to rock that
Chopping your bitch for days and made her face into a jockstrap
Who got Jak or trouble with double shovel it turns me crazy
But maybe I shouldn't guzzle before I juggle these burning babies
They pay me in bourbon lately, when off the gravy I got a lazy jaw
So I bore through your whore's melon, sip cerebellum out of a crazy straw
Drunk on ?? or bodies that sank when I shank 'em
Into the deprivation tank and the blood bank of my inner sanctum

"They all float down here."


(They're dead, they're finished! There was a time in this business when they had the eyes of the whole wide world. But that wasn't good enough for them. Oh, no. They had to have the ears of the world, too. So they opened their big mouths, and out came talk. Talk! Talk!) [taken from Sunset Boulevard (1950)]

[The Buttress]

My words don't work
My mouth is tripping, trippy, dripping spitting dirt
I'm not verbal and I never will
This pharaoh was obsessed the images and the visions committed to the second void
That's my one and only true joy
I'm sitting porch lit starring at the floor man
Patient as I'm waiting for the Wes Craven torrent
It's raining, it's pouring, forehead glistening
I never did get that invite to The Christening
But that's okay I'm watching movies
I'm sitting moody and uncertain playing chess with death
Shout out to Emar Birdman
Yo I'm dead close curtain
Shit, an ambitious investor
Dexter in the spotlight, the Limelight is lit bright
I sit tight despite the itch from insect bites
Shout out to 1982, I wasn't even in the womb yet bitch

(Wait a minute, haven't I seen you before? You used to be in silent pi.. you used to be big. "I am, it's the picture that got small.") [more from Sunset Boulevard]

[Jak Tripper]

Uh I get dumb, retarded son
Dunce like duh
The yellow one's the sun
Dumb like Harry Crumb
Carry drugs
I would've went to prom with Carrie cuffed
I'm a yuppie, khakis cuffed
By the tennis court in a VW Bug backing up
Nurse ratchet back of trunk
Happy buzz, you get hung from hooks with the mapache ones
It's that batty shit, critics oblivious to how mad he is
I fuck the issues and sluts with their daddy's dicks
Stoned like witch trials, I smoke like Trinidadians
Me and my hell hounds loitering like psych patients in a court yard with El's out
Hung from a belt now, come find me
My crib deep like possession, a Hell house
My mouth a dropping well where gels melt down
If I don't show I'm in a motel having a meltdown
With a despondent slut playing doctor like Gregory Peck in Spellbound
Get the hell out

(You see this is my life, it always will be. There's nothing else, just us, and the cameras. And those wonderful people out there in the dark.) [more from Sunset Boulevard]

“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
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