*** RULES FOR POSTING (Please Read) ***

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*** RULES FOR POSTING (Please Read) *** Empty *** RULES FOR POSTING (Please Read) ***

Post by amatoxin on Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:11 pm

(as of dec. 15, 2013... subject to change...)

- full album links should NOT be posted in these forums. established users will be invited to our SLSK room, after 200 posts. however, please feel free to post unofficial/official mixtapes, self-made compilations, single tracks, and hip hop videos. please type "[DOWNLOAD]" at the end of a topic's title, if there is a link included in your topic. if you came here for the discography threads, sorry.. those are old news.

- members with over 100 posts can make requests, in the request section. ALL requests should be posted in the requests section. if you want to fufill a request, this should be done in private message only. the more helpful the member, the more likely that member's requests will be answered in return.

- posts should be relevant to topic. members who spam their 200 posts, to get invited to SLSK, will have their posts removed and will NOT be invited. obvious spamming will result in a temporary ban, and in some cases permanent ban, from the entire forum and slsk channel.

- zero tolerance for trolling/shit talking/e-thuggin ... there are plenty of other forums out there. go find one.

- finally, no one here owes you anything. if you contribute to the forum, answer questions, take part in discussions, and be helpful when possible, it will be noticed and others will be more likely to help answer your questions/requests. this is not a warez site, it is a hip hop discussion forum, please treat it as such.

- members who break the rules written (and obvious rules that may have been looked over..) will be banned. rules are subject to change, and most likely will, due to the infancy of this site. this site is going through its "trial and error" period, but we are doing our best to smooth things out. thank you for your cooperation.
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