[DISCOG] Eminem (1988-2013)

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Re: [DISCOG] Eminem (1988-2013)

Post by Wiifan420 on Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:56 am

Nightmare wrote:
Fext wrote:it's the one with eminem in the guillotine on the front cover isn't it? If so the eminem songs on that disc is: bump heads, invasion part 1, doe ray me and stimulate I think.
yes, its the one with the guillotine on the front.


1. "international invasion - intro"
2. eminem, 50 cent, tony yayo & lloyd banks "bump heads"
3. eminem, d12 & obie trice "doe ray me"
4. tony yayo freestyle
5. eminem & d12 "keep talking"
6. obie trice "synopsis"
7. 50 cent and eminem "patiently waiting" - live from the state theatre in detroit
8. 50 cent and eminem "in da club" - live from the state theatre in detroit

mixed by dj green lantern  2003

Well the one I have is the Doe Ray Me EP from 2005. I wouldnt mind a link so I can add it to my collection if possible.


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Re: [DISCOG] Eminem (1988-2013)

Post by Fext on Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:23 pm

There is no Doe Ray Me EP. that's probebly a bootleg.

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